Mostly Printed CNC Machine Johan Gude September 25 2020

Johan Gude is a father of three, a professional design engineer that's crazy about 3D printing, tinkering, and pizza, as he says. 

Johan was planning multiple home decoration projects that combine woodworking and 3D printing. For this purpose, he has decided to create a new tool, a CNC machine for softwoods. With this knowledge of 3D printing and his maker personality, choosing to build his own Mostly printed CNC machine was a given. With the useful documentation and engaging community that v1engineering build, Johan was excited to start the project. 

Johan said that 3D printing was not a challenge because the parts were well designed; however, aligning the frame was a bit of a hassle, but this is expected with any new project. The material choice for this project was CPE CF112 Carbon for any parts that would be exposed to heat from the motors, and the router and PLA Extrafill which has a very high tensile modulus that helps to get a rigid frame while keeping printing easy. 

"I love Fillamentum filaments. Fillamentum offers great colors and high quality at a decent price point. Printing is just a breeze with these materials, especially the PLA Extrafill. To get a flawless print with the carbon-filled CPE, I used a bigger nozzle and bigger layers," Johan tells us. 

The finished CNC machine looks totally awesome and Johan is as excited as we are. "It turned out awesome! Now I need to learn a bit more about setting up the CAM software and about milling. So exciting times ahead!"

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Printed with:
PLA Extrafill "Traffic Red"
Nylon CF15 Carbon


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