Foldable Laptop Stand by Pierre Trappe August 28 2020

Pierre Trappe is a mechanical engineer from Germany. He loves to work on a wide variety of projects and solving problems. Shortly after he learned basics of 3D modeling he got himself a 3D printer and the journey could start. One of the main advantages of additive manufacturing medium is that creating even everyday objects like this foldable laptop stand can be done almost effortlessly. 

For his studies, Pierre had to work daily with his laptop at various locations. After long hours of work, the laptop's standing height turned out to be quite uncomfortable as he had to always look down on the screen. Another point was to avoid the overheating issue, especially in the summer months. Important for Pierre was to be able to carry the stand around with the laptop without the need for assembly. To avoid a bulky design, the stand had to be foldable. "I've looked at some designs on the internet, but I couldn't find one that suited my needs. Therefore, I've created my own design," he says. 

In the end, this small project was a success. "I'm really happy how it turned out, although it does need some fine-tuning. I've learned that you can get really cool effects using transparent filament regarding print settings like infill, wall thickness, and layer height," Pierre tells us. 

Choosing the right material for the job was also an essential element. 
"For a project, I was once working on, I was looking for a more special color than just standard grey. While searching for options on the internet, I found a wide range of materials and colors from Fillamentum. Eventually, I went for PLA Rapunzel Silver, and the results I got where just amazing," Pierre tells us.

The best material for this project turned out to be a CPE HG100. The stand was printed with CPE HG100 "Army Green" and "Grey Mouse Transparent". The model can be found at Thingiverse and the assembling instructions are available as stylish video on Youtube. As Pierre says, "I chose CPE HG100 because of its flexible properties. This was crucial for the spring-like part of the laptop stand. Another point was the heat deflection temperature to ensure that the laptop stand will not deform under the direct sunlight. The materials from Fillamentum are one of my favorites because they are consistent, and the print results are very good." 


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Printed with:
CPE HG100 "Army Green"
CPE HG100 "Grey Mouse Transparent"

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