Minecraft Torch Lights by Superperf September 18 2020

André Burkhardtsmaier, known as Superperf, is an IT-Network Specialist and a father of two with a passion for 3D printing. He loves creating new cool techy projects where the 3D printing and electronics are brought together. 

André and his daughter are huge fans of the popular sandbox video game, Minecraft. As they moved to a new house, André's daughter chooses the under roof attic as her room. "Since it looked like a cool Minecraft cave and we needed some new wall lamps, it was clear that we needed some Minecraft Torches there. So that's how the project was born," André says.


"I learned that if you have good materials, your project will look even better," he tells us. "I had zero problems with printing and assembling the Torches. Even the Installation on the Wall was quite easy." To bring a bit of realism to the Torch in Minecraft style, André has decided to use a darker wood filament, the Timberfill "Rosewood", for the base. A translucent filament was needed to be used for the "head" of the torch for the light. "Since I had tested out CPE HG100 before, it was the best material for this purpose. For a cool Torch effect, I decided to make it in two colors to give it a clean look when powered off," he says.

The simple light set up with just E14 Light Socket with an LED Bulb. "There was nearly zero post-processing for the print itself, cause the printed parts came out really nice. Just had to knock off some supports, and that's it," says André. 


The finished lights look just amazing like this game item was brought to life right from the videogame. "After I installed them, it was just like, WOW, that looks better than I thought. And my Daughter was clearly speechless as she came home and saw the new Lights in her room." say's Andre. The files for printing designed by Orubap these lights can be found on Thingiverse. With a little bit of 3D printing and some basic electronics, even your room can look like a videogame dungeon. 

Choosing Fillamentum was natural for Andre. "I had printed with Fillamentum Filaments before, and it got the best selection on Filaments (Colors and Material) for my project. The Diameter is really constant, so there are nearly zero extrusion artifacts on the prints."

Download here:

Printed with:
Timberfill "Rosewood"
CPE HG100 "Natural"
CPE HG100 "Morning Sun"

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