Faom dart lanchers with Drac Thalassa September 11 2020

Drac Thalassa is a Greek-American Engineer that as many makers, grew up taking things apart and putting them back together. When Drac started to play paintball tournaments he wanted to improve the existing blasters to be better at the game.

(Model by Captain Slug printed with PLA Exrafill "Luminous Green", "Wizard's Voodoo" & "Gold Happens")

"When I played Humans Vs. Zombies (a live-action game) back in university, I wanted my toys to be as fast and lean as possible. So I headed to my local hardware store and started replacing parts until things broke," he says. This lead to the first 3D printed parts and starting up his own online store.

(Model by Captain Slug printed with PLA Extrafill "Luminos Orange" & Crystal Clear)

Drac has initially only wanted to create refined blasters for him, but what started as a simple hobby quickly spiraled out of control. "I like to think I'm professionally 12 years old in that I've made my living making design and marketing consulting about toys. It would seem that growing up is indeed optional." Drac talks about his career focused on foam dart launchers.

(Model by Project FDL printed with PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Starlight", "Iceland Blue" & "Rapunzel Silver")

The background in playing tournaments was a huge motion behind the start of his personal store with foam blasters and a reason to organize his own competition. "Last year I founded the Foam Pro Tour, a cash-prize tournament of champions for blaster sports. It derives from a decade of experience getting to play semi-competitive Nerf all over the planet and bringing the best rules and players together to see our hobby become a sport. It's a privilege to get to watch others compete at the highest level, and I hope to have the event live-streamed someday and televised." he says fondly. 

(Model by Captain Slug printed with Timberfill "Rosewood" & PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey")

To start creating his blasters, there was a lot to learn at the beginning. "I learned a lot about thermoplastics and tolerances and also product development cycles. Both have been incredibly helpful in my personal tinkerings and builds, as well as the things I produce professionally," he says.

(Model by Captain Slug printed with Timberfill "Rosewood" & PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey")

For personal projects or professional micro productions, Fillamentum always delivers the best possible material. Drac also told us that the quality of the material has vast importance in the finished pieces. 

"You can't make the best things with second rate materials. If you want to make top-shelf blasters, you have to be using top-shelf filament. Fillamentums tolerances and color options are simply top-shelf. They run in all the different machines on my farm and consistently deliver the hits, whether on display or on the battlefield," he told us.

(Model by Project FDL printed with PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Starlight""Iceland Blue" & "Rapunzel Silver")

In a huge palette, like our PLA Extrafill, it's hard to choose a favorite color. "I mean... obviously everything looks better in Vertigo Grey, but I am a fan of the entire Extrafill series especially the PLA Wizard's Voodoo," he says. "The Flexfill TPU is very good for grips and stocks as well. I'm always excited to try out the new colors."


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