Beautiful Custom Wedding Gifts by Dario Klepić September 04 2020

Dario Klepić is a self-taught 3D modeler based in Croatia, also better known as Saddex3D in the community. This digital skill later grew into 3D printing, where he makes parts from scratch and replicates existing objects and props.

When Dario designs something, he says that all he needs is a craft beer from a small brewery and his favorite old school rap. He mostly works in ZBrush and Solidworks modeling figures and movie replicas for his clients with 99.9% accuracy, as he says. Most of his designs can be found at Cults3D.  

As Dario decided to step into the married life, he decided to make his own small unique presents for the wedding guests. "Everyone can buy presents that were made exactly the same way for every wedding, and I didn't want that. I wanted something unique, and that's where the idea of the horses hearth as a present came from," he tells us.

Dario used Timberfill Cinnamon for one of his early designs, the flintlock pistol. "I was amazed by how easy it was to print with it and the quality of the printed parts. Really close to a real wood texture. When I was thinking about filament for this project, my first thought was Timberfill Cinnamon," Dario says. "I am more than happy how it turned out. As always, Fillamentum filament didn't fail me."

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