What to print | Fidget spinners March 24 2017

We are often asked what you have to print. So we decided to give you a little inspiration. Today special edition fidget spinners.

If you know of any great one, that we are missing, please let us know and we can add it.

Similarly, if you manage to print out of Fillamentum some nice prints, send photos, we share them on the web and social networks! 


Customizable Yin-Yang Fidget Spinner

Made by: Lucina M
Link: Customizable Yin-Yang Fidget Spinner on Myminifactory


Crown spinner

Made by: erik
Link: crown spinner on Pinshape


Twist Fidget Spinner

Made by: Daniel Parker
Link: Twist Fidget Spinner on Pinshape


Knurled Tri-Spinner EDC Fidget Widget

Made by: 3D Central
Link: Knurled Tri-Spinner EDC Fidget Widget on Myminifactory


Marble Spinner

Made by: tiaka
Link: Marble Spinner on Youmagine


Triple Hex Nut Cat Spinner

Made by: Lucina M
Link: Triple Hex Nut Cat Spinner on Myminifactory


Sun Spinner

Made by: Brentox
Link: Sun Spinner on Thingiverse


Fidget Tri-Spinner with Themed Bearing Caps

Made by: Spiraldox
Link: Fidget Tri-Spinner with Themed Bearing Caps on Thingiverse


Pick-a-weight Fidget Spinner

Made by: Lucina M
Link: Pick-a-weight Fidget Spinner on Myminifactory


Dragon Fidget Spinner 

Made by: James Robison
Link: Dragon Fidget Spinner on Myminifactory


If you printed some nice spinners from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!


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Quick and clean 3D printout removal! March 18 2017

We all know it, your printout is finally done - and firmly stuck. You are forced to use brute force to remove your object from the pad. Knives, spatulas, and other various metal tools are used that destroy your base. That’s history now!

Prototypum has developed a special press pad composed of two parts, ​a fixed lower layer and a flexible magnetic top.
After printing, the upper part held by magnets can easily be removed and the upper and lower part of the printer can be immediately separated.





The pad consists of two parts, the lower fixed part and upper removable holding magnet. The gentle tread design of the pad leaves a matte surface on the models


 The Prototypum pad package includes:

● A removable top section
● A fixed lower part
● Cleaning wipes
● Feeler gauge
● Flexible scraper


"We do collaborate with people from Prototypum a long time. Working with creative and technologically savvy partners is always a great joy."

Josef Doleček
Founder of Fillamentum


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What to print | Vases March 17 2017

We are often asked what you have to print. So we decided to give you a little inspiration. Today special edition beautiful vases.

If you know of any beauty, that we are missing, please let us know and we can add it.

Similarly, if you manage to print out of Fillamentum some nice prints, send photos, we share them on the web and social networks!


Vase III

Made by: Ricardo Salomao
Link: Vase III on Myminifactory



Made by: David Mussaffi
Link: TWIRL VASE 6 on Cults3D


Twisted Vase

Made by: Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi
Link: Twisted Vase on Myminifactory



Made by: Tanya Akinora
Link: RED VASE on Cults3D



Made by: Gregoire Simonnet



Made by: YSoft_be3D
Link: CACTUS VASE on Thingiverse



Made by: Martin Žampach for be3D
Link: SPIRAL VASE on Cults3D


Honeycomb vase

Made by: Alexander
Link: Honeycomb vase on Thingiverse


Twisted style Vase 1

Made by: James Alday 
Link: Twisted style Vase 1 on Myminifactory


Julia Vase #011

Made by: Stijn van der Linden 
Link: Julia Vase #011 on Thingiverse


Spiralized hex-sected vase

Made by: Roman Broda
Link: Spiralized hex-sected vase on Myminifactory


Parametric Vase & Bowl

Made by: Rod Laird
Link: Parametric Vase & Bowl designer


Arrayed Vase 8

Made by: David Mussaffi
Link: Arrayed Vase 8 on Myminifactory


Small Vase

Made by: Bastien Bruy
Link: Small Vase on Thingiverse


Yoda Vase

Made by: yay
Link: Yoda Vase on Thingiverse


If you printed some nice vases from Fillamentum materials and want to share it by us, you are welcome here!


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What to print | Hairy edition March 09 2017

We are often asked - what should I print? So we bring you the first part of the selection that we like and can inspire you for what to do through the weekend. Enjoy our hairy selection.

Let us know the results!

If you do want show your prints from Fillamentum, tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or just send us photos to and we share it.


Good luck & be blessed your extruder!



Made by: Alberto Arribas 



Made by: Print That Thing


Hairy Unicorn

Made by: Geoffro
Link: Hairy Unicorn on Thingiverse


Cousin Itt

Made by: _primoz_
Link: Cousin Itt on Thingiverse


Hairy textured vase

Made by: kempton
Link: Hairy textured vase on Thingiverse



Made by: Geoffro
Link: THE WALRUS on Cults


Hairy Chewbacca

Made by: Migfue
Link: Hairy Chewbacca on Thingiverse


Hairy Troll

Made by: Ben Fowler
Link: Hairy Troll on Thingiverse


3D Printed PomPom ring

Made by: Joseph cymon Larson
Link: 3D Printed PomPom ring on Thingiverse


And no, we don't forget : )
The king who started it all!


Hairy Lion

Made by: _primoz_
Link: Hairy Lion on Thingiverse

Btw this is one made by 3D Maker Noob from our Vertigo Grey : )


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10 best prints from Fillamentum (February) March 06 2017

Hello there!

Thank you for sending us photos of your wonderful prints. We are so happy here to see you like out materials and appreciate the effort we give to theirs quality. 

Continuously we publish them on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We chose the top 10 prints of February.

Here they are!


Marwari Horse Head sculpture by 3D Maker Noob

Printed by: 3D Maker Noob
Printer: Tronxy P802MA at 200 degrees in 0.20mm layer height
Model: Marwari Horse Head Sculpture at Marble Arch, London from Scan the world project at My Mini Factory
Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"


SpannerHands Spool System by SpannerHands

Printed by: SpannerHands
Printer: The main parts - Original Prusa MK2, flexable parts - Printrbot Plus with E3D Titan Extruder + E3D V6 Mod
Model: SPANNERHANDS Spool System Wall Mounted Spool Holder & Dust Cover V2.0 on Thingiverse
Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey",  Flexfill 92A & 98A


Tatra 607 by David Cwx37 Řehoř 

Printed by: David Cwx37 Řehoř
Printer: Felix
Model: David Cwx37 Řehoř
Material: Timberfill "Cinnamon"


Sea Lion by 3D FilaPrint

Printed by: 3D FilaPrint
Printer: Upgraded Wanhao 4
Model: Sea Lion inspired by two sculptures from Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires from Bankito on Thingiverse
Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"


Akiko by Roman Týr

Printed by: Roman Týr
Printer: Original Prusa i3 MK2
Model: Akiko Remix by colonel89 on Thingiverse
Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver"


Pirates coin by Tom Vít

Printed by: Tom Vít for
Printer: Ultimaker 3
Model: Pirates of the Caribbean Coin 1 piece by cyclone on Thingiverse
Material: PLA Extrafill "Gold Happens" & PVA supports from Ultimaker


Wreck it Ralph by iDevelo

Printed by: iDevelo
Printer: Custom built printer
Model: Wreck-It Ralph Print & Paint Toy - Support Free from Evavooo on Myminifactory
Material: PLA Extrafill "Light Ivory"


Darth Vader by D

Printed by: D
Model: Low-Poly Darth Vader by Agustin Flowalistik on Myminifactory
Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"


Steampunk Lady: Lenora by Dustin the JAT.MN

Printed by: Dustin the JAT.MN
Printer: Ultimaker 2 Clone
Model: Steampunk Lady: Lenora by fantasygraph on Pinshape
Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"


Bust of Eleonora Duse by 3D Maker noob

Printed by: 3D Maker Noob 
Printer: Emotiontech Microdelta at 0.20mm layer height
Model: Model by Scan the World on My Mini Factory
Material: PLA Extrafill "Green Grass"


We would like to see your prints from Fillamentum!
Send us photos to with your name, used printer and material, add model maker and we would love to share it with community.


*NEW* PLA Vertigo Grey February 03 2017

Do you love Rapunzel silver? Fillamentum now introduces a new
shade PLA Vertigo gray.

This new member to our range of PLA materials can depose the
iconic color of the top of popularity.

This new filament is interested not only in his physical characteristics but also
"galactic" dark gray metallic color. Luxury finish of this material is therefore
perfectly suited not only to futuristic models, but also for designers and automotive
industrie. It is intended for all those who appreciate quality and detail.

Printed by Miroslav Mihálik on modified Zortrax. The Impulse model was designed
by Devin Montes, during making a VR sculpturing video. This video and whole
Youtube channel from Make Anything is here.

A good choice for PLA
PLA is a great material for novice and experienced printers. Working with him
does not require a heating bed and is suitable for more demanding printing details.
Compared with ABS he can be printed in larger angles and his composition ensures
greater flexibility. And bonus, it is biodegradable


Print of a lion from 3D maker Noob, printed on Original Prusa i3 Mk2 with layer
hight 0.20mm


"At Fillamentum we believe in the knowledge of our experts. We are bringing 
the highest quality filaments to the market. It is important for us to prepare
for printers stable technical characteristics of our products. I am glad that
I can introduce our new product - PLA Vertigo gray."

Josef Doleček
Founder of Fillamentum