Three NEW colors of PLA Crystal Clear! July 22 2020

Fillamentum is happy to announce the arrival of three new PLA Crystal Clear colors, the PLA Crystal Clear "Tangerine Orange""Kiwi Green" and "Amethyst Purple".

The three carefully picked new colors to complement the gorgeous PLA Crystal Clear palette fitting right beside the PLA Crystal Clear, "Iceland Blue" and "Samragd Green"

The PLA Crystal Clear "Kiwi Green" presents a lighter, more vivid color in comparison to PLA Crystal Clear "Smaragd Green". While the PLA Crystal Clear "Amethyst Purple" is a great addition to the gemstone name and color of the PLA Crystal Clear "Smaragd Green". PLA Crystal Clear "Tangerine Orange" is a bright, cheerful color that complements this palette.

The Crystal Clear series is highly regarded for its high quality of printing, even in tricky details, and an excellent lamination of the printed objects. In comparison to PLA Extrafill, it exhibits improved heat resistance. Thanks to its optical properties, objects printed from this filament have high clarity and gloss. Another great property is the easy biodegradability by composting as PLA Crystal Clear filament is made of natural ingredients. It also complies with the requirements for food contact.


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