Steampunk race car by Nacho 3D May 29 2020

Nacho Cayuela is an agricultural engineer, also know as Nacho3D, who has an undying love for 2D and 3D parametric industrial design. For the last three years, he has dedicated most of his free time to printing all the crazy things he could think of. This Steampunk race car was a little challenge to design something with his own personality instead of designing reproduction as he usually does.

A few months ago, he finished designing a Hot-Rod inspired II World War American fighter plane. With the intent to continue the series that he has taken a liking to, he wanted to try to make an unusual vehicle design with a certain steam-punk or post-apocalyptic aesthetic.

"My inspiration or starting point was the 1937 British Thunderbolt record speed car with a brutal look underneath its streamlined bodywork, two huge motors, three axles, eight wheels...I love it," Nacho says with excitement.

(Source: Wikipedia)

As he wanted to give a realistic look to his model with the details and colors, he ended up dividing the model into many different pieces instead of printing one complex object. He ended up creating outstanding 143 pieces.

To complete the race car, he has chosen his three "must-have" filaments. Namely, the PLA Extrafill Gold Happens, Vertigo Grey and Rapunzel Silver with Traffic Black. Seeing the complete result is always very pleasing as Nacho says, "it is very gratifying to see that the time that I have dedicated to the design has been worth it when you see the finished model." However, as he always strives to improve his work, he is sure that he'll revise the design and improve some details. You can find the design uploaded on Cults3D.

We have asked Nacho that how did he like working with Fillamentum materials. "The keyword is "easy." It's easy to select the right color because you have a large color palette, it is easy to get your filaments with the wide distribution network, it is easy to print with them because they have great behavior in a wide range of printing temperatures and it is easy to work with them because you get high-quality parts with great precision." 

Download here:

Printed with:
PLA Extrafill "Gold Happens"
PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"
PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver"
PLA Extrafill "Traffic Black"

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