Mechanical Fingers by Gary Fay April 24 2020

Gary Fay is a self-taught artist based in Western Australia. While he started 3D printing only in November 2018, he has created an impressive portfolio of mechanical hands that take the wearers look to another level thanks to practical effects.

With no formal education in art, Gary has always been interested in creating something out of nothing. With this creative thinking, he has taught himself how to design in Fusion 360 and how to use a 3D printer. Two weeks later he had made a full set of fingers mainly just using the basic functions.

As 3D printers are fairly affordable these days, more and more people find this medium for small scale manufacturing increasingly accessible. "I had wanted one for a few years because I had been designing articulated fingers out of icy pole sticks and fencing wire, but I was unable to make an item worth selling," Garry tells us.

Soon his mechanical hands have become a sensation. This set of fingers was printed in PLA Wizard's Voodoo and Rapunzel Silver. "I found the Fillamentum filaments very nice to work with, resulting in a very smooth finish and easy removal of rafts and supports," Gary tells us. Due to printing at home, his material of choice is PLA Extrafill. Even though this isn't the strongest material, he usually post-processes the prints to compensate for the weaknesses. "I do like experimenting with flexible and stronger materials, well with everything really. I learn by trying everything."

Earlier this year Gary was approached by Lady Gaga’s stylist del Rio. “She thought that what I was making was perfect for what they had in mind,” he says. This is how this particular set of mechanical hands ended up in promotional pictures of this famous musician. 

"After creating multiple designs, I have now realized that human-driven mechanics is an entirely new medium that I can work with, the fingers are just the beginning of what is possible," he explains with excitement. 

Printed with: 
PLA Extrafill Wizard's Voodoo"
PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver"

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