Electric Guitar body by COLOR3D April 30 2020

Chiara Vannicola is a graphic designer and founder of COLOR3D, an Italian graphic studio based on an idea of integrating 3D printing technology into traditional graphics. Together with her partner Mauro who is also a graphic designer, they create a well-coordinated duo.

The COVID-19 emergency and quarantine measures have taken a huge toll on the event industry COLO3D included. While they offer a wide variety of services, the most requested products are for events and ceremonies like cake toppers, wedding favors, personalized placeholders, etc. As unpleasant as this is, there's one good thing about all of this. 

"The electric Guitar is a personal project, an idea we had in mind for a long time but hard to combine with work and personal demands. Due to the COVID-19 emergency, many of our orders have been canceled or postponed. As a result, we had plenty of time to dedicate to our ideas and experiment with new projects," she tells us.

Creating any successful project takes time, dedication, and of course, essential research. As Chiara says, "Every new project is a learning opportunity." Printing a body for a musical instrument required them to learn about music fundamentals. This knowledge is also critical to being able to make future modifications to design without compromising the proper functioning of the Guitar. They have decided to use PLA Vertigo Starlight and Rapunzel Silver to make their guitar stand out.

Their goal was very clear from the beginning to be able to 3D print the entire body of the Guitar with the possibility to customize every aspect of it. "We achieved a great result which is also suitable for additional improvements with more versatility," says Chiara.

In the end, they were delighted with the result of their work. "It is the first time we attempt to design a musical instrument. We definitely are very satisfied with the final result," she says with excitement. 

"This model continues to inspire us with many new ideas. We consider this Guitar just the first of many to come," Chiara tells us.

To create consistent quality for their product Chiara and Mauro were looking for a reliable filament. "We tried many brands, but then I got my hands on Fillamentum's products, and it was love at first sight. Today the majority of our production is made with Fillamentum's materials, and I personally consider it one the best brands of filaments on the market," Chiara explains.


Printed with: 
PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Starlight"
PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver"

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