Seahorse Beast
by 3Dmon

We asked the 3Demon team to design something awesome for our magical PLA Wizard’s Voodoo filament. Their creativity truly knows no bounds. This is what they came up with!

After a bit of thinking about what we could do, we suggested that a seahorse could be nice. We decided to put a bit of a spin on it and make the seahorse a real beast. The idea was that you could use it like a beast in a game of Dungeons & Dragons,” they explained. Dungeons & Dragons, also known as D&D (or DND), is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game (RPG) derived from miniature tabletop wargames.

This seahorse is going to become part of a series of mythical beasts ready for 3D printing. The model was sculpted in ZBrush. It was printed with PLA Wizard’s Voodoo & Crystal Clear Iceland Blue by 3Demon on Prusa MK2s with a 0.2 mm layer height and no supports.

We were inspired by a trip to Vienna, where we saw this amazing sculpture at Hofburg by Rudolf Weyr. We started to think about how would we imagine traditional mythical beasts if we only heard the descriptions of them instead of seeing some already,” says the 3Demon team. The sculpture they speak of is a monumental wall fountain on the facade of the Hofburg called the Power to the Sea.

This is the concept art for other beasts that Raven made with that idea in mind. We’re making these into 3D printable models, and we hope we can make them by November.

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Printed with:

PLA Extrafill Wizard’s Voodoo
PLAExtrafill Crystal Clear Iceland Blue

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