FLOLA Design Lamp by 3lobit October 18 2019

Czech design and maker studio 3lobit is focusing on the practical possibilities of 3D printing — things, which are usable in everyday life.
The studio created a lamp with advanced functions inspired by life principles of a flower, FLOLA Lamp is possible to make on your own. The light comes from the inner flower petals, which are possible to regulate using a controller setting the light intensity and position of the blossoms.

"I have always dreamed of designing and creating sophisticated products for people. For this project, I found inspiration in the blossom design - which is an embodiment of gracefulness and perfection to me.
I applied the flower life principles and shapes into the FLOLA Lamp. The intensity of the light is easy to set up to create an atmosphere, which you want" says Vít Rychlý.

The author invented a sophisticated leverage system that allows the flower to be opened or closed made of 21 3D printed parts.

Source of light is cleverly installed LED strips located on the inside of the petals.

The controller located in the base of the FLOLA lamp allows you to regulate the position of the petals and intensity of the light.

The whole story about Project FLOLA and instruction on how to construct the lamp you can find on 3lobit Webpage

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Printed with:
PLA Extrafill "Traffic White"

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