Audrey II by Tom Quach June 19 2020

Everybody knows that nostalgic feeling of the movies that we loved as kids. This is one of the main influences on Tom Quach's work that connects all of his projects. "Little Shop of Horrors was one of my favorite movies. I loved the design of Audrey II and wanted to have it on my desk," says Tom.

While he works as a VFX artist by the day, he makes cool 3D models as a hobby. "I started 3D printing around two years ago. I saw an amazing model of ED209 from the Robocop movie for sale that I couldn't afford, so I decided to make my own," Tom explains.

While working in the Visual Effects field helped a little, he had to learn a brand new 3D modeling software in order to make Audrey II. "This is my 3D rendering of Audrey II, I modeled in Zbrush and Rendered in Substance Painter. It's also the same model I used for 3D printing," he tells us.

The Audrey II model consists of 15 individual pieces that make the printing easier and also allow for scaling up the model so it can be printed bigger on a smaller bed. It's flawlessly printed with PLA Extrafill "Gold Happens" and the model can be found in Tom's store along with many other amazing models. The head can be easily attached to the body with magnets. This interesting detail was purposely designed so that it can be freely detached while painting the model. "I can just remove it for painting and snap it back when I'm done," Tom says.

Every project has it's own challenges, but it's also a learning experience. "I get more familiar with my printer's settings and tolerances each time I make a new model," he says, "I know what works and what doesn't. After many completed projects, I feel more confident in my skills now than two years ago." 

"I've learned over the years that not all filaments are made equal. I've been using dozens of different brands, and my favorite by far is Fillamentum. Unlike other brands, I get amazing layer consistency and smoothness. I use other brands for testing and for painted models. I never paint over my Fillamentum because they look beautiful as is. I've been saving my PLA Gold Happens filament for a special project. I finally used it on Audrey II, and I think it looks amazing." Tom tells us.


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Printed with:
PLA Extrafill "Gold Happnes"

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