3D printable hands-free door opener by Vladimír Kovařík October 23 2020

Vladimír Kovařík, head of the product design studio of FMK UTB in Zlín, came up with a handy tool - a 3D printable hands-free door opener. We have since printed it with PETG and are using it in our office in Bratislava.

This plastic extension is a simple solution to reducing of touching the high traffic surfaces with our bare hands. Doors are an unavoidable part of our daily lives, especially doors that others came in contact with. With this handy solution, you can avoid touching these high traffic surfaces and decrease the spread of germs and viruses. The hands-free door opener can be easily attached to the door handle with cable ties.

The hands-free door opener is easy to use and makes our offices safer places. This is why we have decided to print it with PETG Yellow and Blue with Mosaic Palettes' random mode because function things can be pretty too! PETG is perfect cost efficient material for functional prints that are in frequent use. 

"When the information that the second most common method of transmission of the virus is by touch, people began to eliminate the touch of handles in various ways. Some pull their sleeves over their palms. Others opened the door with their forearms." Vladimír Kovařík explains the initial idea.

This is what led the designers to create a plastic extension using 3D technology. "We had to find the right wall thicknesses and the right type of material to print with. Despite the initial problems, when the handle cracked, we managed to fine-tune everything in a relatively short time, and today we have a fully functional product in two versions for horizontal and vertical handle", says Mr. Kovařík.

In the instruction video, you will find instructions on easily attaching the extension to the door handle. You can find the free models here and PDF instructions for use here.

Printed with:
PETG Yellow 

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