Fillamentum was at Film Festival for Children and Youth June 28 2019

The last week of May traditionally belongs to the International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Zlin, city near our production. This year has been 59th annual of this event and Fillamentum was involved!

The tradition of recent years is the festival program, which focuses not only on film screenings, but also on workshops designed for creative hands of schoolchildren and the young. Workshops are located in various areas. The most popular area among children is the Castle Zone, which was located in the Zlín Park. 

We supported these workshops by donating 3D printing filaments.

Our filaments are suitable for 3D printers and also 3D pens. With the help of local TBU students, all kids had the opportunity to try out their own spatial drawing. “We appreciate we could be a part of this event; we like to support kids to have a clue about this absolutely incredible technology, “says Josef Doleček, founder and CEO of Fillamentum.

The perfect sample was the display of 3D printer, which continuously printed with the Fillamentum strings. It was obvious that not only children were amazed by this technology. “It is amazing to watch maybe future makers discovering the magic of 3D printing at one of the most popular film festivals for children.” adds Mr. Doleček.


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