ASA Extrafill in Ultimaker Cura Marketplace April 14 2020

ASA Extrafill by Filalmentum joins a famous Dutch brand of 3D printers Ultimaker in their Ultimaker Cura Marketplace. This platform gives access to software integrations including one-click printing from CAD and exclusive profiles for leading material brands.

ASA Extrafill is known for its excellent UV stability and weather resistance which makes it the ideal choice for outdoor applications. This unique material has also low moisture absorption, good impact resistance, and high dimensional stability under demanding conditions. ASA has a rigidity higher than ABS and therefore is suitable for demanding applications, manufacturing tools and for the production of items for everyday use. Thanks to its UV stability the yellowing levels are very low therefore is ideal for outdoor use. Moreover, ASA Extrafill is a recyclable material. 

In comparison to ABS, ASA has emissions of styrene and warps less while maintaining a strong interlayer adhesion. Fillamentum offers ASA Extrafill in two variations the 750g spool and 2,5 kg spool. We also offer ten different color variations: Natural, Traffic White, White Aluminium, Metallic Grey, Anthracite Grey, Traffic Black, Grey Blue, Green Grass, Sky Blue, Traffic Red and Traffic Yellow. ASA Extrafill is the first material by Fillamentum that became an integral part of this unique project by Ultimaker.

It is great to be a partner of Ultimaker and with this Material Alliance Program we can add much value to both brands, Fillamentum and Ultimaker,” says Josef Doleček, CEO of Fillamentum.


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