Rollercoaster scale model by Tim M. November 20 2020

Tim is a 15 years old fan of roller coasters and amusement parks living in Germany. Wanting to have a Roller coaster scale model was a given. However, as he couldn't find anything like that on the market so he has decided to create his own.

The 1:12 scale model of Vekoma Coaster came out amazing. "This roller coaster type was the first in Germany with 4 inversions, and it is also a very historical and for it's time a very innovative train design," Tim says with excitement. "The first deliveries of this roller coaster were around 1980." At first, Tim wanted to build the complete train on a relatively small scale. He quickly discovered that he would either sacrifice the detail at a smaller scale or have a bigger model with accurate functioning aspects, eventually deciding on a larger more detailed model.

As Tim says, this project was a very fruitful learning experience. "I've never really drawn a model, just technical and dimensionally accurate things. The big challenge was to build everything realistically, but I didn't have any dimensions," he said to us. The final train was printed with an awesome combination of PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey""Wizard's Voodoo""Traffic Black" and "Noble Blue".

Choosing the right material also played a role. Tim told us that his choice was clear from the beginning. "Because your material is one of the best materials I've ever had, it's very easy to print, has very good adhesion. The colors are just awesome. Perfect material for such a project! I used PLA because it's very easy to print. And the train doesn't have to endure anything :)" 

Printed with:
PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"
PLA Extrafill "Wizard's Voodoo"
PLA Extrafill "Traffic Black"
PLA Extrafill "Noble Blue"


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