Polygon Chess by Frederik Dedík January 24 2020

Frederik Dedík created this Polygon Chess as a faculty project called "GAME " at the Tomas Bata University (UTB) in Zlin, Czech Republic. He decided to modify one of the most known strategy board games, The Chess, by redesigning the playing pieces and the gameboard.

With the emphasis on the traditional materials and with the possibilities of new technologies, he decided for 3D printing with Timberfill Rosewood and Light Wood Tone since Timberfill is a wood composite filament. The morphology of the pieces is based on the geometry of the Golden Ratio. Taking the human figure anatomy into account, he created unique shapes for the play pieces. In Chess, each of the figures is easily recognizable and has a clear role in the game and orientation on the game board.

"Authentic product Polygon Chess was created by playing with a rotation of polygons on a square base. 3D printing technology allowed me to transform these complex shapes closer to the real object," says Frederik. 

One of the most significant benefits of 3D printing here is that Polygon Chess can be printed anywhere around the world. Frederik made the model available on Myminifactory. You can print it with all the different colors for everybody to enjoy the game in their unique way. The chessboard was designed to be a puzzle system making it easy to assemble and transport. The author achieved a visual symbiosis by using the same materials for the figures and the chessboard. 

"I chose the material by Fillamentum because of the color range, quality, and because they are a local Czech producer of the 3D printing material," Frederik explains. 

Polygon Chess was chosen at the exhibition Design Blok 2018 as one of the most interesting products by Product Design Studio of UTB. Later, Frederik got an offer by the Department of Desing of the National Taipei University to participate at the International exhibition of Wooden Works in Taiwan.



Printed with:
Timberfill Light Wood Tone 
Timberfill Rosewood

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