Two young founders, Zuzana Pacourková and Martina Tománková studied gardening together in Prague. They say that, “Back at school, we founded the Plantarium project so that we could use our knowledge of the field in our own way.”

(PLA Extrafill “Natural”, “Light Ivory” & Timberfill® “Light Wood Tone”)

“Our mission is to place the plants in everyday life as best as possible. We are looking for the most suitable setting for plants and the setting for the most appropriate plants. Since the places we work with are unique, it happens a lot that we have to create tailor-made products for these settings. This is how our 3D printed flower pots were created,” the pair of designers talks about their work.

(PLA Extrafill “Mukha” &
“Light Ivory”)

This designer duo started to explore the possibilities of 3D printing six years ago when Martina’s dad has brought his first 3D printer, and the curiosity has got their attention. The first planters were modeled and printed by Martina’s dad. Now the two of them model and print all of their merchandise themself in their studio. “We use 3D printing mainly for shapes that are difficult to achieve with another production method and also for the lightness of the material,” as they say.

(PLA Extrafill “Light Ivory”)

At the beginning of their experiences with 3D printing several years ago, it was hard to find any sophisticated shades of filaments. This is why Martina and Zuzana initially chose to work with Fillamentum materials. The quality of the materials and the ever-growing offer or attractive colors kept them coming back for more supplies. “We are always looking forward to the new colors. In addition, we are pleased that its local production,” they say. “We try to make our work as ecological as possible. Which natural as we work with plants. That’s why we only use PLA Extrafill or Timberfill.”

(PLA Extrafill “Mukha” & “Light Ivory”)

Printed with:
PLA Extrafill “Mukha”
PLA Extrafill “Light Ivory”
PLA Extrafill “Natural”
Timberfill® “Light Wood Tone”

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