Pixel Folk earrings by Eva Kazikova October 09 2020

Eva Kazikova is a graphic designer based in Slovakia that discovered the charm of 3D printing by accident. Early on, she knew that 3D printed jewelry is the right thing for her.

(PLA Extrafill Traffic White, Traffic Purple, Traffic Black, Gold Happens, Traffic Red, Everybody's Magenta, Vertigo Grey and Rapunzel Silver)

It all started when she was visiting her friend at the office. There randomly, Eva stumbled upon a dusty old piece of electronics. When she questioned her friend about it turned out to be an old 3D printer. Not long after, she realised that this technology has immense potential. 

(PLA Extrafill Traffic White and Black, Gold Happens and Rapunzel Silver)

Even at the beginning of her journey, she knew that she wanted to design jewelry. Filaments with glitter particles, left a striking impression. With the background in graphic design, sketching ideas on paper were natural for her. However, with 3D printing, a new challenge and a learning opportunity were presented. In order to have full control of the designs, Eva had to learn to use 3D modeling software. Thanks to her husband, who already had some knowledge of 3D modeling and printing, she learned Fusion 360.

(PLA Extrafill Traffic White and Red)

"It would make me incredibly happy if every woman were able to print her own jewelry in a few years before tomorrow's celebration where she wants to shine with earrings designed by me," Eva talks about her motivation. These beautiful earrings can be found at Pinshape.

(PLA Extrafill Gold Happens and Traffic Black)

The inspiration for the Pixel folk series of earrings was a combination of the new and old. The motives on the traditional Slovak garbs where often cross-stitched geometrical patterns, which Eva uses in combination with the modern pixel art techniques translated into the 3D space. The PLA Extrafill Rapunzel Silver and Gold Happens were love at first sight for Eva. When she was buying her first printer from a renowned seller, and these materials were also in the seller's portfolio, she simply had to have them. 

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"For me, PLA Extrafill is still my primary choice of material, and Fillamentum offers precision, quality, market availability, and a wide range of beautiful colors, which for me, a graphic designer, are a huge advantage," says Eva. "Jewelry printing is perfect only when all the details are high quality. Therefore, I was forced to use a 0.25 mm nozzle to be satisfied with my work. That's when I understood that it is necessary to have a flawless filament in addition to a good design and a quality printer."

(PLA Extrafill Gold Happens, Traffic White and Red)


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