Fillamentum Halloween with #SpookyFella2020 October 28 2020

Halloween is upon us, and thanks to all of our amazing fans, Filla Fella has so many spooky costumes to choose from! Congratulations Pepo AliagaIt sure was hard to choose the best one! But luckily, we had the best judge on our side Agustin Flowalistik, the original designer of our dear Filla Fella.

"I chose this remix because of how well designed it is and also due to the add-on approach. Being able to have a regular Filla Fella and suddenly transform it into a vampire, ghost or pumpkin is simply too funny," says Agustin. "Also, the approach sparks new costume ideas, which can be made with a wide range of filaments. It's a great way to make, inspire and have fun, all together."


You can find 15 of the best #SpookyFella costumes in no particular order below. Print them for your Halloween decor or gift them to your precious ones because the best treat for all the Trick or Treaters out there is, unquestionably, #SpookyFella. 






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