3D printed Dragon lamp by 3Demon May 30 2019

Hello Adam! Nice to have you here for a chat : ).
Hi, same here.

It was some time ago when you published your epic 3D-Printed Dragon Lamp on Instructables. Is there any story on how you came up with this idea?
Making 3D models for printing is my hobby and job at the same time, and I love the Game of Thrones since I read the first book. The Cat’s Paw Dagger and King’s Aide Buckle were the early models. The Dragon spitting fire came immediately after.

Books are always better than films/series. What do you think about the final season? A lot of people were seriously mad..
I never compare a film with a book -- it’s a different medium. I’m crazy about books because my fantasy is rich, and I see the worlds from all angles and in all colours. I admire films because I can take a rest from using fantasy :D. The end was fine, I even almost clapped. 

Awesome then! But back to the project : ). Is the model downloadable for free and if yes, where?
No, the model isn’t for free, but it comes at a nominal price to allow me to make more models and give people other designs. You can download the model here: https://3d-mon.com

What do you need to assemble the lamp?
To mount it, you indeed need a banana :-D. Let’s get serious now, apart from a 3D printer and a light, you don’t need almost anything else. You can find better instructions here.

The 3D printing takes a bit over 27 hours, because we wanted a high-quality product.

On the internet, people are selling your designs as printed objects. What do you think about that?
I’m happy when people like my designs; but I like it less when people forget to mention they aren’t designers but rather just 3D printers. I don’t ban anyone from printing my designs, I don’t even mind selling prints; as compensation, I’d like to see somewhere a link or acknowledgement. And I feel even sorrier when people use my photos.

It happens a lot in the 3D printing scene :(. Have you thought about a special licence price for commercial use (selling the prints) and special for makers in non-commercial printing?
We haven’t considered a special licence yet since we often get inspiration from film and the works of others. It wouldn’t be completely ok.

What are you planning to do next?
Ha-ha, there are many plans but I can probably leak that Mandalorian, and some other lamps are coming.

Why did you choose our materials?
I’ve been printing with Fillamentum since the early days when I was establishing the MakersLab in Prague (2015 - the 3Demon’s predecessor), and the quality and reliability of your materials proves me that I don’t need to look for anything else.


Adam Kure Jech (3Demon) & Laila (Fillamentum)

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