Vertigo Starlight - A New Jewel from Fillamentum August 21 2018

Fillamentum is pleased to announce a brand new color shade from the very successful „Vertigo“ line. It’s got a deep-blue color and hint of sparkly passion - these are a few of the main ingredients we used when baking our new delicious shade. And the result!? Absolutely fantastic!

Whether you watched or not, there’s been the longest total lunar eclipse of the century last July. That’s how our new shade the Vertigo Starlight looks like; it’s a perfect dark deep-blue sky full of little stars like on the night.

Haven’t you heard of our best line, the Vertigo, yet? PLAs in TOP Fillamentum quality allows easy printing even with tricky details and excellent lamination of the printed object. The PLA filament is made of natural ingredients and is biodegradable. The entire Vertigo series is non-abrasive

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