Next generation of 3D printing materials is here - Welcome CPE by Fillamentum December 08 2017

We are proud to present you our brand new generation of high-performance co-polyesters - CPE.

CPE by Fillamentum is the best of the best! Engineered for quality and easy printing with features that will dwarf all PET based materials.


  • high impact strength (no break) and higher hardness
  • high tensile strength and thermal resistance
  • FDA approved and 100% recyclable material
  • BPA free and environmentally friendly
  • no warping, easy and clean printing
  • no odors or fumes while printing
  • stronger than PLA, durable as ABS
  • excellent layer to layer adhesion and adhesion to other materials with multi material printing
  • great transparency in thin layer
  • great chemical resistance
(comparison made by publically accessible informations from other producers)
  • medical version available per request


Available in 1.75 and 2.85 mm



Color spectrum:







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