New Wizard's Voodoo is here! May 03 2019

In our heads is looping Voodoo People from Prodigy and under our nozzles is printing the new epic PLA Wizard's Voodoo.

We are thrilled to introduced to you our new colour of our PLA filament - Wizard’s Voodoo. With even finer glitter as PLA Vertigo Grey achieving greater smooth finish. The glitter has two tones of the sheen depending on an angle of the light source, which makes this colour much more outstanding.

The “Wizard” part of the name is a little tribute to our best tester Tom Jackson also known as Filament Frenzy on social media, who’s also known as the  Filament Wizard on Twitter. 

PLA qualities include:

  • Easy printing
  • Good tensile strength
  • Great surface quality 
  • User-friendly for both home and office environments
  • Allows the creation of high-resolution parts
  • Ideal for models and prototypes that require aesthetic detail
  • A wide range of colour options available

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