Fillamentum presents new PETG! June 11 2020

Fillamentum welcomes another widely popular material to our family. PETG is a filament made of polyethylene terephthalate glycol and used for 3D printing mainly for its specific properties and easy processing. This material is currently exclusive for our USA based online store, 

PETG is certified for food contact applications, which creates many options on how to utilize the material. Low warping and shrinkage are some of PETG's main features alongside with great layer adhesion. The high strength & good hardness makes it perfect for technical and mechanical prints. PETG is very moisture sensitive; it's recommended to keep it in a protective sachet and re-dying it before use. If the stringing, oozing, and brittleness occur, re-dry the filament.

Furthermore, PETG has a low release of fumes, making it ideal to use at home or office environments. Chemical resistance to water, acids, alkalis, and alcohols and temperature resistance up to 70 °C creates many potential practical applications. 

The recommended printing temperature is in the range of 235-255 °C, and the heated bed temperature is in the range of 65-75 °C. The ease of printing is achieved thanks to a very low shrinkage and great bed adhesion. We recommend always using Magigoo for ideal bed adhesion. The adhesion is so great that it can damage your bed without a separating layer of adhesive. It adheres well to other materials such as plastics, composites, and glass. 

This material is recyclable & BPA free.

This is the complete list of all seven PETG colors:

  • PETG Black
  • PETG Blue
  • PETG Natural
  • PETG Orange
  • PETG Red
  • PETG White
  • PETG Yellow

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