Fan art LEGO Parrot in human scale by agepbiz August 28 2018

Hello agepbiz! We’ve just watched your newest project – the fan art LEGO Parrot in human scale. It’s amazing! How did you get to this idea?
I grew up in the eighties playing a lot with Lego bricks. Lego has always been my favourite toy, and I kept that fascination into adulthood. I guess this is why Lego has influenced many of my personal projects. Lately, I have wanted to learn basic soldering, doing a project that combines both my passion for 3D modelling and electronics became my goal.

To technical things: You did all the work on it, so please tell us more about it.
I usually do all the 3D modelling in Autodesk 3ds Max. I have several printers, but since the parrot is so tall and I did not want to print the body in parts, I printed it on my Tevo Tornado due to the Tornados’ large print-size capability, although I have published a split version of the parrot for those with smaller 3D printers. My biggest challenge with this project was fitting the electronics the most elegant way. It was a lot of trial and error, but I ended up with a solution where I attached the speaker and the battery-holder inside the back cover.

Any tips for people who will download this project from Thingiverse, MyMinifactory, Cults3D, or Pinshape?
If people don’t want to tinker with electronics, I have also made and uploaded a solid version of the parrot so that they can print just the Parrot. I suggest printing the parts in the orientation I uploaded them.

Why did you choose Fillamentum?
The first spool I bought of Fillamentum gave me such a nice finish on the print that it was an easy choice to select Fillamentum for my next projects.

Do you have plans for the next project?
I have designed a series of print-in-place Surprise Eggs toys that I want to expand upon. I also have another big lego project in my backlog. I have become fond of combining 3D printing and electronics so I might do more of that in the future.

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