NEW Fillamentum Smaragd Green April 18 2018

We are proud to announce our new shade in the favourite Crystal Clear series – Smaragd Green.

As its name says, the color comes from Smaragd – Emerald stone, and our designers developed it after many attempts to find just the perfect tone.

And here it comes: A magnificent transparent green color in the Fillamentum quality!

Honestly, it’s the best transparent PLA I have ever used in my opinion, and it can take some beating. The main thing is that likes heat and colour is best at 215 to 220 C”, Filament Frenzy.

The Crystal Clear series is highly recommended for its high quality of printing even in tricky details, and an excellent lamination of the printed object.

PLA Crystal Clear is made from a material with improved heat resistance in comparison with standard PLA filaments.

Thanks to its optical properties, objects printed from this filament have high clarity and gloss. In a thin layer, the product excels in its transparency.

PLA Crystal Clear filament is made of natural ingredients and is easily biodegradable by composting. It complies with food contact regulations.

Fillamentum guarantees the high precision of filament dimensions within the tolerance of +/- 0,05 mm strictly controlled throughout the production.




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