Fillamentum Stickers 2019


Complete pack with all types of Fillamentum Stickers in the year 2019.
Last chance to buy. There will be no reprint. 

  • 10 pieces 
    • Watching printing is my meditation
    • Proud Fillamentun user
    • Show me your layers and I will tell you who you are
    • Keep calm and print it
    • No I'm not addicted! (Yes, I am)
    • We made this filament. Now it's your turn.
    • I love my layers
    • Your nozzle will thank you
    • Fillamentum, quality you can trust.
    • Eat Drink Print
  • PVC material with color print
  • Tested on printers, looking very stlylish! 
  • Tested on notebooks and accessorize, absolutely cool!


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