Usage of Nylon CF15 Carbon for 3D printing
of planetary external gear

Stepanek3D designs, manufactures and advises on 3D printing. This company believes that additive technologies (3D printing) are increasingly used for end-use production parts, – which is also proved by evaluation studies, e.g. from Wohlers Report, Researchgate, or Sculpteo.

The planetary external gear was produced as a spare part delivered within 24 hours based on a physical model. An accurate digital 3D model was made by reverse engineering. The appropriate material and technology were chosen.

During the production, an FDM technology, and a composite material Filamentum Nylon CF15 with an addition of 15% carbon particles was used. This filament provides additional rigidity and strength to the planet wheel. This is a 100% functional replacement of the original machined aluminum wheel.

Due to a low density composite the material of 1.08 g / cm3 vs. 2.7 g / cm3 of aluminum density and choosing just the optimal infill percentage, this technology is able to save over 60% of the original weight, while maintaining functional strength and rigidity.

In cooperation with clients, Stepanek3D designs similar parts, which are favorable for production via additive manufacturing taking into consideration potentially unfavorable production costs for the lead-time of conventional production technologies. In conclusion, the benefits that the clients are looking for are cost savings, shorter delivery time, and weight reduction.



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