Prototypum 3D printing adhesive pad


Adhesive 3D print pad Prototypum is designed for easy preparation of print areas and for easy taking down of printed models. Due to the magnetic film, pad can be quickly taken down from the printer, and at the same time its flexibility makes it easier to peel the models without the risk of their damage or damage of the printer. The pad consists of two parts, a magnetic sheet adhered on the “bed” of the printer and detachable portion with the adhesive layer. Fine tread pattern of the press pad leaves a matte finish on the models.

Designed for materials:
- PLA Extrafill
- Timberfill
- Flexfill 92A, 98A

May be used for materials:
- ABS Extrafill*
- ASA Extrafill*

3mm thickness

* Materials such as ABS, ASA, etc. in principle hold on the mat, but open printers without heating chamber may cause lifting of the adhesive layer from the magnetic portion due to high stress and shrinkage of printed patterns.

** Adhesion may be increased for problematic printing by using water-based adhesives such as KORES. After application the pad can be simply washed with warm water.

! You can use an alcohol-based fluid for degreasing your pad

! Max. working temperature for the prototypum pad is 90°C
! Max. recommended speed for the first layer 20mm/s.

Developed by Prototypum. Graphic design by Kreatorium. Made in Czech Republic.
Printed 3D model courtesy of Martin Žampach.


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