PALETTE 2 from Mosaic Manufacturing is an additional tool for your 3D multi-material printing. You can easily create beautiful, functional and end-use products.

PALETTE 2 takes up to 4 materials, cuts them and welds them into a single strand. Improved hardware design helps to create consistent and reliable bonds between filament.


  • Can combine 4 materials (not just colors)
  • Real-time feed directly to your printer
  • No modifications required
  • Color touchscreen 
  • Ready-made gradient and pattern modes


Approved Fillamentum materials:

  • Note, that Palette works only with 1.75 mm diameter. 
  • Does your printer work with PALETTE 2 from Mosaiq Manufacturing? Find it out here.
  • Preferred slicers: Cura, Slic3r, KISSlicer, Simplify3D, or CANVAS.
  • Connect your computer and Palette wireless through CANVAS Hub by Mosaiq manufacturing.
  • Find out more about products by Mosaic Manufacturing here.


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