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Electric Motorcycle by František Dvořák March 20 2020

Creating functional design and a working prototype was never more accessible than now. For his graduation project at the Technical University of Zlin, František Dvořák has decided to create a new product concept of an electric motorcycle for Kuberg, a Czech company.

"The first time I got the idea to print the entire body on a 1: 1 scale on a 3D printer, it seemed like a utopia. But in the end, it was a success," František explains. With the freehand at designing, building the whole electric bike from the sketch to the final prototype took nine months. 

"Looking back after two years, this project was a unique challenge. It was a really brave decision to design and build the model of a new electric motorcycle from scratch in only nine months." František says. It took impressive 43 days of clean printing time to produce 66 printed sections and 2.5 km of CPE HG100.

The choice of the material was crucial in the making of a functional prototype. "After experimenting with ASA and ABS, I've decided to use the CPE material for printing, specifically the CPE HG100, because it seemed like the best fit," František explains. CPE is known for its high strength and heat resistance, which were essential for the construction and functionality. The ability to easily print this material at home is also a welcomed advantage.

František's design of the Kuberg's bike neatly combines the best qualities of a city scooter and a motocross motorcycle. Practical storage for a motocross helmet or a large backpack and the low seat that makes stopping at the lights in the city more comfortable. With an expected 55 kW motor that has 300 km range on one charge, you can go on quite a ride.

Like all projects, there is always space for improvement. We have asked František if he would change anything looking back at his project?

"As a designer, who must be self-critical, of course, I would design some details differently - for example the rear handle, or the stitching of the seat, etc. However, in the context of Kuberg's technical requirements and specifications, I still stand behind the overall concept."

This product concept of Kuberg electric motorcycle won an award for its design from the rector of Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Czech Republic. He was also awarded the National award for Student Design, Special prize ÚK VUT, awards in all categories at the level Good Design and a nomination for Czech Grand Design. This created many opportunities for František.

"I now work as a freelance designer. Thanks to the media and several design awards the motorcycle has received, it sometimes happens that an unknown person at the meeting tells me that he knows the bike. And it always pleases me as a creator." he tells us.

You can see the motorbike at the Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín. As a part of the exhibition of the 20th anniversary of the UTB Industrial Design department, where it will be until May 24, 2020. After that, it will be returned to the Kuberg showroom in Mankovice.


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