Gingerbread Man painted with 3D pen

With Christmas, cookies always come to mind. Soft in the center, crisp on the edges, spiced just right for true holiday goodness. This is our favorite Gingerbread Man cookies recipe by Tonda Nosek on Myminifactory.

We know that everyone just loves decorating holiday cookies, especially the kids! There won’t be any mess with batter since we used the perfect filament for the job PLA Mukha. Heat up your oven to 210
°C bake for 8 minutes. Don’t forget to let them cool down! What’s better icing than some Fillamentum filament with a 3D pen by 3D Simo? With more than 40 colors in PLA, you can choose the perfect color for you or your kids to play with.

We know that you will end up making lovely-looking holiday cookies ready to decorate your Christmas tree or anything else.

Find the model here:

Printed with
PLA Extrafill Mukha
PLA Extrafill Traffic White
PLA Extrafill Lilac
PLA Extrafill Pearl Ruby Red
PLA Extrafill Mint
PLA Extrafill Green Grass

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