What to print | Mobile phone accessories July 07 2017

Hello : )

This week we bring you the mobile phone accessories selection. So pick your favourite and let's print it! 

As usual, if you print something nice from our materials, don't forget to tag us or send us photos.


Have a nice printing day!






Smartphone Photo Studio

Smartphone Photo Studio for #3DBenchy and tiny stuff from CreativeTools on Thingiverse


One Plus X - Car Holder

One Plus X - Car Holder from Helder L. Santos on MyMinifactory 









KIWI BIRD from BS3 on Cults3D



SMARTPHONE HUGGER from Shira on Cults3D


Camera Phone Stand

Camera Phone Stand from blincoln on Thingiverse 


Keychain / Smartphone Stand

Keychain / Smartphone Stand from Sonia Verdu on MyMiniFactory


Phone Stand Foldable

Phone Stand Foldable from makerslabcz on Thingiverse



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What to print | Sand castles June 30 2017

Weekend printing time is here!

Ready? Extruders clean, filaments ready and now you are thinking what to print? We are here to help you : ). What about having some fun on the beach? Holiday season is starting, so its time to become king of the beach with the best sand castles or to print something nice for children.

Enjoy and have a nice printing days ☀️


Btw. if you print something nice from our materials, don't hesitate to send us photos, we would share them : )








Customizable Sand Sundial

Customizable Sand Sundial - (easy & accurate) from Neon22 on Thingiverse 





Sand castle molds

Sand castle molds from luciaBG on Thingiverse



MARVIN MOLD from 3DHUBS on Cults 3D


Sand Castle Mold

Sand Castle Mold from bbalogh on Thingiverse


Nautilus Shell Castle

Nautilus Shell Castle (Fabonacci/Logarithmic Spiral) from cstarrman on Thingiverse


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What to print | Multi material indeas June 23 2017


We received photos from Roman Tyrs work of some multi-color prints and they are so awesome, we made this selection for you : ).

There are also many others, so if you would like to contribute, please, send us a link, and we will add them to the collection. You can also find interesting multi-color prints on the Thingiverse group Multi-Filament Prints.

If your printer doesn't have dual or multi-color possibilities, there are many which you can print by parts and glue them together. Just search for multi-material, multi-color, dual etc. 


Let the color printing weekend begin! 



Clownfish (multi-color) from Roman Tyr on Thingiverse 


Water Dragon

Material: PLA Extrafill "Metallic Grey”, PLA Extrafill "Green Blue”, PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey”, PLA Extrafill "Gold Happens"

Water Dragon (multi-color) from Roman Tyr on Thingiverse


Demon Girl

Demon Girl 4 color (dressed) from Jin Be on Thingiverse


Multi-color Sioux Falls Cathedral

Multi-color Sioux Falls Cathedral from Mosaic Manufacturing on Thingiverse 


Multi-color Citrus Coaster

Multi-color Citrus Coaster from Mosaic Manufacturing on Thingiverse


Multi-Color Clover

Multi-Color Clover from Mosaic Manufacturing on Thingiverse


Knight of Egypt

Knight of Egypt - Anubis 4 color from Jin Be on Thingiverse


Aztec Chief

Aztec Chief (multi-color version) from Roman Tyr on Thingiverse


Bender Bust

Bender Bust (multi-color) from Roman Tyr on Thingiverse


Multi-Color World

Multi-Color World with Stand Mosaic Manufacturing on Thingiverse



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Real rapid prototyping story of design lighting "13" June 21 2017

It's so nice to find through hashtags and tagging our product in use. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, we are all the time happy to see, that our work make sense and it's useful. Once we found Mimokolektiv and here is a interview of their latest project, using our PLA Crystal Clear on great design lamp with a real rapid prototyping story.


Hello Mimokoletiv, was so nice to find you via Instagram! Please, can you introduce yourself?  

Mimokolektiv is a group of an architect, product designer and a garden architect. It's an unlimited creative platform that connects us. Each of us come from a different field thus it  brings a new perspectives to our individual and collective projects.

We mostly work within the field of architecture, interior design and product design, but every time we keep an extra space for something „mimo“, (outside our daily praxis), like the lighting project or the spatial interaction in the city.

We find you through the hashtag #crystalclear. Tell us more about the project.

People from Vault 42 asked us to prepare lighting for their new coworking centrum in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Our collective had to think in such a short time period what technology and filament we will use. At the end we are so proud, how amazing the outcome of our work is!

Normally it is very hard, long lasting and very expensive to make a product from transparent materials, especially when you want to create a special shape. All of this was possible using crystal clear and 3D printing in just 13 days, during which we designed lighting  „13“ - a collection of 13 different lights.

Only 13 days from brief to installation? WOW! Why the shape of bricks? Every one is unique...

Yes, just 13!!! As I mentioned before, the lighting was specially designed for the opening of a new space and the brick is a symbol that is repeating here. We used the shape of a brick because it holds the traditional symbol creating a new idea. On the other hand, the lighting design is a combination of something what is traditional while using “new“ technology. There was a broader concept involved as well. A new lighting should be created for that space every year and the previous one will go for an auction. Half of the final price will be granted to charity and the other half to author. So if you have a spare money go for it!

To the technical part - we know, you used our PLA Crystal Clear to create it. Which instruments did you used for modeling, slicing and printing?

Normally, we use Rhinoceros for 3D modelling and Slic3r or Cura for slicing. We have Prusa i3 mk2 for printing in our studio, so we used it for the lighting. We had a time shortage, so we asked 3D Print Station, a company based in Brno, to print the rest.


How much material did you get throug?

For the lighting it was about 5 packagings.

Do you have any other printing plans?

Our studio is preparing a brand new series of products, so now we are using the printer mostly for prototyping. Except printing on demand we print products to sell in our design shop that we run in Olomouc, so there is always something printing on.



Author of photos: Jakub Sratil


Follow up Mimokolektiv:


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How to get a perfect Groot with Rachael code10100 Broughton June 11 2017

We get in touch online, because she tag us in post. We talked about her wonderful work on Groot model, so you can now read, how she get this nice result.


Is printing your hobby or is it a full time job? Because we checked your Instagram and it looks pretty good there.
3D printing is a hobby at the moment although it takes up most of my free time..... but I totally love it. I bought my first printer in May 2016 and it just went from there. I've learned tons in the last year and there is such a great 3Dprinting community out there. I can honestly say I've met some great people on forums and especially on instagram. If I've had a problem I need help with, I've never been stuck for long, theres always someone there ready to jump in and help. And people are out there posting some great content, its really inspiring. So many great ideas and designs being brought to life, meaning that its one of the most exciting communities out there.

So where to go for those people? Give us please any tips for groups, webs etc 
A lot of the help I’ve received is from others on instagram. If I post a pic about a particular problem, people are really quick to jump in and offer advice - it’s great. @print_itsolid really helped me out when I was struggling to get through my first prints on the Wanhao, helped me dial it in until i got the quality I was looking for.
I also joined the facebook group ‘Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus’ which has also been really helpful. Not only with troubleshooting but also being able to see what upgrades people are doing to their machines and which are worthwhile. Thingiverse also has a lot of useful groups focused on specific printers or areas. These can be really great too. I used youtube videos to help me upgrade the hotend on my printer. At the end of it you come away feeling like you’ve learnt alot more and it builds confidence. You can then go on and share knowledge with others needing advice.

There was a big “Groot boom” in the beginning of this year. This one is one of the best and complex we have seen. Have you seen the film/films?
Thank you. I'd finally gotten around to watching the first film a few weeks back. No idea why I hadn’t watched it sooner as I loved it! Sadly by this point I missed the chance to catch the second film at the cinema. So now I can’t wait to watch it when it’s released!


Which printer did you used for Timberfill, which is the print made of? In which settings?
I printed the Baby Groot (from thingiverse - thing number 2014307) on my Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus, using Fillamentum Timberfill in the light wood colour. The model prints in two parts - the head and the body. I actually scaled both parts down to 90% - mainly due to the time it was going to take to print them. I used 20% infill and 0.20mm layer height. The first print of the body failed as I;d forgotten to amend my retraction settings. But this kinda worked out well as it meant I had a piece to test painting on later. After I amended my retraction settings - reduced retraction distance and speed a little, it had no further issues and came out great. I printed the first 2 layers at 190 degrees and the rest at 185 degrees.

Which tools are you using to post process?
The only sanding I did to the model was around the neck where it had to slot into the body. I left the rest of the model as it was because it came out so well. I didn’t want to lose any of the wood feel, or any of the detail on the design. Other than that, I had a little bit of string to clear up and for this I used a sharp hobby knife. This helps keep the print clean and defined. But honestly I didn’t have a lot to do before I painted it.

We do see also some post process with coloring and moss addition. Which type of color did you used? Any sanding? How did you make the moss?
To finish the model I wanted to fully paint it. I used a combination of airbrushing and hand painting. I've always had success using Tamiya Acrylic model paints, so I went with those again for this. I started with black and hand painted all the crevices and lines with this colour. I then airbrushed the entire model in brown. This gave it some depth in the lines where the black made it look darker. Once it was dry I mixed up a lighter brown and dry brushed the over the surface. This gave the wood effect I was looking for, and because I used wood timberfill it looked and felt realistic. Once it was dry I applied an olive green to parts of the model to give it a living feel. I then added in a few more shades of green to try and add more depth and then sprayed the entire model with a clear matt varnish coat to protect the paint. Finally I used some coarse light turf I picked up from a craft shop to add the moss effect. I used a hobby tool to apply some poly cement and then carefully add in tiny bits of the moss and that was it finished. It was a really fun project, and this little guy is just too cute :).



Thank you Rachael to share your skills with us!
You are very welcome. Thanks for having me!


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What to print | Dota 2 June 09 2017

Hello : )

Weekend is here and we get this printing idea with Dota 2 characters and accessories. Because we do have friends, who play it almost every evening.

If you like it, let's print it!


Dota 2 keychain

Dota 2 keychain from ytsejam06 on Thingiverse


Phantom Assassin

Dota 2 Phantom Assassin posed from Faster on Thingiverse 



Meepo from dota2 from raidboss89 on Thingiverse 



Dota 2 Doom from Daniel Schunemann on MyMinifactory



Dota 2 Bristleback with Cosmetics from Gabriel Seltzer on Thingiverse



Luna Model (from Dota 2) from thonghh_910 on Thingiverse



Dota 2 Ursa from Daniel Schunemann on MyMinifactory



DOTA 2 PUDGE Bust from Fabio Bautista on MyMinifactory


Crystal Maiden

Dota 2 Crystal Maiden from rado907 on Thingiverse



Dota 2 Tiny from rado907 on Thingiverse



Dota 2 Weaver With Cosmetics from Gabriel Seltzer on Thingiverse


iPhone 6 Case

DOTA 2 iPhone 6 Case from Mark Ledwold on MyMinifactory



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What to print | Headphones holders June 02 2017

Hello there!

We do love What to print blogs, because it means the weekend printing time is here. Last week we get photo of this elegant designers headphones holder printed by Tomáš Vít for Yes, everything looks better in Vertigo grey and we are amazed how this stand from Holger Cederberg looks like.


Here are some more ideas for headphone holders.

So long and have a nice printing weekend!


Headphone Stand

Headphone Stand from Bruno M. on Youmagine


Headphones holder

Headphones holder from Nick Rimmer on Pinshape



STAND BY ME: HEADPHONE HANGER from Eumakers on Cults3D


Headphone Holder

Headphone Holder from Raied Hasan on Thingiverse


Headphone Holder

Headphone Holder 1 (Wall mounted) from Kayle-Ann Lee Chee on Youmagine


Desktop Headphones Stand

Desktop Headphones Stand from Chris Milnes on Pinshape





Headphone Stand

Headphone Stand from MakerBot on Thingiverse


Headphones holder

Headphones holder from Nadar on Youmagine


Tantō Headphone Stand

Tantō Headphone Stand from Adam Molnar on Pinshape


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Spin & vape - ultimate geek relaxing combo by Staal June 01 2017

The man who introduce to us like one of the best printer in Denmark. And like we see from his work, he really is. He tried basically all of our materials and print it great. Peter Staal Hansen is working in his free time on many projects from drones to some nice gifts for friends. The man who smiles all the time, especially with emoticons.


Hello Staal, how are you?
Hello I'm fine. How are you?

Awesome! Which printers do you use for your work?
Ultimaker 2+, Ultimaker Original +, Afinibot A31 and Prusa i3 MK2.

We send you some materials for testing and like a joke one special PLA color for you. Was it a great choice?: )
I don't really know if it was a "good" color but everything looks good in PINK I guess?

That’s the sentence for Vertigo Grey. But Everybody's Magenta is pretty intense pink. What do you print out of it? It is a little challenge to send a man real pink PLA : )
I have made some fidget spinners and some tray holders for my vape juices and batteries.


Which printer did you used?
The Prusa i3 MK2
Hotend : 212 °C
Bed: 55 °C
Layer 0.3
Simplify3D for slicer.

You also did those models.... Why not just download something? Do you like to make your own models?
It's more fun to make you own models, and when you own 3D printers then why not? You will always learn something new when modelling. It should in my personal opinion be something every 3D printer owner should do.

What did you learn on this project?
To keep it simple and don't over do it when there is no need to do that.

What do you use for modeling?
I use Fusion 360. It’s a very powerful CAD program when you get to know it, and it's somewhat free to use. You can get a one year free license. I highly recommend it for anyone.

The stand for juices looks pretty easy to do, just some basic shapes boolean. But how to make the spinner shape, are there any recommendation you will give us?
For the spinners, get the basic shape down first (bearings) and then have fun with the other shape on it, and try to make one that don't look like all the other spinners. Make some patterns and see what happens. If you want to go discount on them use nuts on the arms instead of bearings. But keep in mind the heavier the arms are the faster and longer it will spin. Use a good bearing for the center.

Where is the central bearing from? Everybody are asking for where to get those...
They are from Aliexpress just search for Ceramic Bearings.

Did you use any special tricks to get nice prints from PLA? Its maybe the easiest material for printing, but do you have any tips for it?
I prefer to print in PLA. There really is no need to print in other type of filament for things that only have no other function than to stand still. PLA gives the best print result in my opinion, and is really easy to print with. If you have a good brand that is, and Fillamentum is a good PLA brand. I haven't had any issues with it yet.

Thank you, that's nice to hear. So any tips for beginners?
That's a tough question, since no printer is the same . A good first layer and speed is key to a good print. Keep first layer slow. If you want the good looking print don't print too fast with a Prusa styled printer even if it can.

How many vape juices do you have?
Way too many, or not enough I don't know, haven't counted them . ATM I like the Bubble Trouble from Big Mouth the most. I'm still "new" at vaping and need to test more flavours.

Are you the person who loves to make tricks with the smoke?
Not yet, but I do like big clouds.

And what the hell is this?:D
I know you have big hands so I printed a oversized spinner for 2 hands for you . Model made by Adriansm and almost scaled to max (270mm).

How much material did you used?
Over 300 gram.

Model of the big spinner:
Info: The big one is printed on Afinibot A31 (cr-10) the white one on Ultimaker 2+

So..... spin & vape. Ultimate geek relaxing combo.


Thank you, have a nice printing day and say hello to your boys (french bulldogs) : )
Your welcome and have a nice one.


Staal's Facebook page and Instagram

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What to print | We love Simpsons! May 26 2017


Weekend is here and we wont let your printer be "alone and hungry". So here, like every Friday, printing inspiration.
Who loves Simpsons? No this is a joke to asking, there aren't people who doesn't like them : ).

So check this ideas and have a nice printing weekend! 







Marge with integrated support from Udo Graf on MyMiniFactory



Donut from timrbsnow on Thingiverse 






Pieman from jose antonio dominguez on MyMiniFactory


Homer Simpson multicolor

Homer Simpson multicolor from Jonas Hansen on Thingiverse






Homer with integrated support from Udo Graf on MyMiniFactory



KANG AND KODOS from MAJS84 on Cults3D


Homer Grim Reaper

Homer Grim Reaper from jose antonio dominguez on MyMiniFactory 





Octopus + Maggie Simpson

Octopus + Maggie Simpson from Aurore DUDU on MyMiniFactory


If you printed some nice from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!


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Webberen vs Prototypum pad (review) May 24 2017

Niels Oestbjerg aka Webberen is a 3D printing and design enthusiast from Denmark. He loves to test materials and everything new. So we send him Prototypum adhesive pad and this is an interview about it.


Hello Niels, thank you for your time how are you? : )
Hello, no problem, I'll gladly assist you with your questions.

What kind of printer/s do you have?
Currently I have a Wanhao Duplicator i3, the first version. It is heavily modded, and I am glad to see, that Wanhao have made a lot of the changes on their newest models.

I am working on getting the final pieces together on my own 3d printer. A 30x30cm diy-beast. I have designed it from scratch, but it's still a work in progress.

I hope to have a real Prusa i3 machine in my printroom real soon, also I think that I need some more, and different machines overall, to be able to make some better tests of filaments and other 3D-print stuff. Also I run into prints queuing up with just the one working printer.

What were the first impressions about the Prototypum pad?
First unboxing, you get this amazing packaging, and working in the packaging industry every day, I was very pleased to see that Prototypum knows, that this is the first way to interact with your customers. In the package I then found this cool pad that looked like it was made from very high quality materials, and I then realized that it was with a magnetic slipmat making it easy to remove after each print. This feature is fantastic, I know I lot of printers where it's not easy to access prints when they sit on the printbed, and this takes care of that. They also include a cool scraper and a meassure-piece for bed leveling.

On which material types did you try the pad?
I started with the Fillamentum Timberfill which is a PLA-like filament of which I know makes some great looking prints, also I just made the exact same model on my kapton-tape fitted heated bed, so that made it easy to compare the two types of print surfaces. It went very good, and the first layer had a bottom finish that was matte and looked like the rest of the print, where as the kapton tape makes it all glossy on the bottom.

However, I do a lot of prints in ABS-filament, and I really wanted to see how it would work with this, the higher temperature, and ABS-filament being a very lively material. First impressions was poor, I tried to print with no help on the printed piece and it came of halfway in the print. But I jumped on the horse again and gave it a little brim, and this made the world of difference, now I could have a nice stable print, but still I have the ability to remove the entire pad after printing, and by the way, wait until it has cooled down, I print ABS with a bed temperature of 100°C which is extremely hot for your fingers. ;)

We were watching you on your Instagram and it seems there was some problems with ABS…
Yes but as stated earlier, I found a good solution for the issue, and it is actually one I always used my self, I just wanted to put some pressure on the product, it was a test after all. ;)

Can you tell us how it goes to use it?
I am still going to be testing it with other filaments like some flexible filaments, but I am sure that it will be good for this too. Also I unfortunately have made some small burned markings in the pad from when I aborted a print with a nozzle temperature of 245°C, the nozzle was on first layer, and when it stood still it made a little mark, this should be taken into account with the pad, the surface is not rated for that high temperature when it stands still in the same spot.

What about PLA, did you try it too?
Yes in fact I did a fidget spinner in iceland blue PLA. And as I expected it worked very fine on the Prototypum Pad. But then again, PLA is, in my opinion, the easiest filament to lay down.

Is there anything what need to be said about the Prototypum pad?
I have a few things you need to know about the pad:

  • Make sure that when printing in ABS, not to make a too thin brim, or first layer that is. First of all, you should keep the nozzle at least 0.2mm away from the pad when it's hot, otherwise it will burn a line or hole in the Pad. Also it’s a pain to remove leftover on the pad if it’s not thick enough.
  • Never use acetone on the pad. When using for instance, kapton tape or just a glass surface, you can gain a good grip by rubbing some acetone on the build plate, but you should NEVER do that to your Prototypum Pad, it will dissolve the surface.
  • Take your time when placing the tape on your build plate. You don't want any bubbles to lift the pad, making for an uneven printbed. If you end up with bubbles, you can of course, use a very sharp knife to puncture them without making any issues afterwards.

    How many stars is the pad worth?
    I'll rate it with **** (4 stars), if the surface could withstand higher heat, like say, kapton tape, it would get 5. It’s is a very good product.


    Thank you Webberen for testing and your opinion!


    More about Webberen - Youtube & Instagram
    More about the Prototypum 3D printing adhesive pad.

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    3D Expo 2017 May 21 2017


    Hello there!

    This will be a long one, but we need to show you everything what we like on 3D Expo 2017 which took place in Prague, Czech republic.

    We are producing filaments, so our photographic skills need some improvement, but we take all the photos with love : ).


      • Our super handsome crew 

      Four really heavy days with great people. And here are heroes who survived it with a smile!


      • We get gifts ❤️

      This is a Knight printed by Roman Týr from PLA Rapunzel Silver. Model from Andreas B is on Thingiverse, printed on Original Prusa i3 MK2

      Mothers Day from N3DS on Thingiverse printed by our friend from PLA Vertigo Grey

      This is from MakersLab, printed during Expo. We gave him name Stepan : ). Printed on Prusa with PLA Crystal Clear Iceland Blue. Model White Bear at The Middelheim Museum, Antwerp from Scan The World on MyMiniFactory

      • How looks some nice multicolour prints from Prusa


      This is two news - a box for your printer with HEPA filter and a box for spool for staying dry

      Those printers doesn't print, they are dancing! : )

      • You should know about TriLab!

      Why? Because they won 1. place at 3D printers competition with their Kossel!

      They have also the biggest Pikachu from whole expo (from our PLA Melon Yellow). Model is from A. Flowalistic at Thingiverse

      And this awesome print of Wireframe skull from Ch. Nelson (PLA Vertigo Grey)

      • Mr. Doleček with awesome airplane

      "To be a part of 3D Expo in our homeland was a great opportunity for meeting our friends, collaborators and customers. Seeing all those cheerful users makes for us a commitment to work even harder on our products. This is what give us energy to look in the future and make the best what we can."

      Josef Doleček
      Founder of Fillamentum


      On the photo is wonderful model from Stepan Dokoupil from 3D LabPrint



      • And photos of nice people we met : )

       3D Station


      Prusa research

      Kryal cube


      Thank you for visiting or just going through photos.

      See you next time!


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      What to print | Frogs May 19 2017

      Weeeeeekend! : )

      Hello everyone, this time we are bringing some printing ideas with this cute little creature - frog 🐸

      If you know of any great one, that we are missing, please let us know and we can add it. Similarly, if you manage to print out of Fillamentum some nice prints, send photos, we share them on the web and social networks! 




      Made by: Morena Protti
      Link: Treefrog on Thingiverse


      Polygon Frog on Pinshape

      Made by: bchan
      Link: Polygon Frog on Pinshape


      The Frog Dissection Kit

      Made by: MakerBot
      Link: The Frog Dissection Kit on Thingiverse


      Lily Pad Leap: An Altoid Tin Game

      Made by: Chad Ruble
      Link: Lily Pad Leap: An Altoid Tin Game on Thingiverse


      Musical Frog

      Made by: pmoews
      Link: Musical Frog on Thingiverse


      Coffee Stencils


      Made by: id. arts
      Link: Coffee Stencils Latte Art Template - Frog & Rose on Thingiverse



      Made by: SHIGE
      Link: FROG PENDANT on Cults3D


      2-color tree frog

      Made by: Nervous System
      Link: 2-color tree frog on Thingiverse


      Flippy Frog Finger Game

      Made by: Conor Devine
      Link: Flippy Frog Finger Game on MyMiniFactory


      Garden Toad

      Made by: Bernie Solo
      Link: Garden Toad on Thingiverse


      Frog Riding Gnome

      Made by: Tony Buser
      Link: Frog Riding Gnome on Thingiverse




      If you printed some nice frogs from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!

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      What to print | Mother's Day May 11 2017

      Hello there!

      Mother's Day it's here, so heat your extruders and make something nice for those we love : ).


      if you print out of Fillamentum some nice prints, send us photos, we share them on the web and social networks! 







      Earring Tree

      Earring Tree on Thingiverse from Alex G Mendoza





      Purple set

      Purple set on Thingiverse from Tetiana Bulgakova


      Love my mom keychain

      Love my mom keychain (mothers day) on Thingiverse from Natty De Paepe


      Parrot brooch

      Parrot brooch on MyMiniFactory from Vít Rychlý






      Mother and Child

      Mother and Child on Thingiverse from Brian Weston


      Wave Lemon Slayer

      Wave Lemon Slayer on MyMiniFactory from Cemal Cetinkaya



      Flower on Thingiverse from Vladimir Mariano


      Mothers Day


      Mothers Day on Thingiverse from Nilssen 3D Service

      This one we get like a gift from our fan on 3D Expo. It's from Vertigo grey. But we forgot to ask for some contact, so we hope we get in touch somehow and write him here with this wonderful print!


      If you printed some nice gifts from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!


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      What to print | Dinosaurs May 06 2017

      Weekend printing time is here!

      You ask us for some more inspiration, so here you go. This weekend it will be about dinosaurs.

      If you know of any great model, that we are missing, please let us know and we can add it. Similarly, if you print out of Fillamentum some nice prints, send us photos, we share them on the web and social networks! 







      ROBBER REX on Cults3D from ZHENG3


      Dinosaur Planter

      Dinosaur Planter on MyMiniFactory from Marco Villa


      Low Poly T-Rex Skull

      Low Poly T-Rex Skull on Thingiverse from Anthony 3P3D


      Dino Claws

      Dino Claws on MyMiniFactory from Evavooo



      CUTE TYRANNOSAURUS REX on Cults3D from BS3


      T-Rex of Iron Sky

      T-Rex of Iron Sky on MyMiniFactory from Corey Boland



      ANKYLOSAURUS on Cults3D from BS3


      Dinosaurs Skulls

      Dinosaurs Skulls on MyMiniFactory from Alicia Keizer






      Uni-rex on Thingiverse from Peter Hjorth Olsen



      If you printed some nice voxels from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!


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      What to print | Voxel mania April 27 2017

      Hello there!

      Do you have plans for weekend printing? No?! What about something from voxels

      If you know of any great model, that we are missing, please let us know and we can add it. Similarly, if you print out of Fillamentum some nice prints, send us photos, we share them on the web and social networks! 




      VOXEL TURTLE on Cults3D from PJ_

      David in 16bits

      David in 16bits on MyMyniFactory from MoggBomber


      Pixel Octopus

      Pixel Octopus - Minimal Voxel Octopus Tutorial on Thingiverse from Agustin Flowalistik

      A Discretized Hyperbolic Paraboloid

      A Discretized Hyperbolic Paraboloid on Thingiverse from cody18


      VOXEL SHARK on Cults3D from PJ_

      Low-Voxel Stanford Bunny

      Low-Voxel Stanford Bunny + Voxelization/Minecraft Tutorial on MyMyniFactory from mathgrrl

      Minecraft castle

      Minecraft castle on MyMyniFactory from athgrr

      Voxel Moai

      Voxel Moai on Thingiverse from Johann Joe


      VOXEL WHALE on Cults3D from PJ_

      Voxel Elephant V2

      Voxel Elephant V2 on Thingiverse from PJ_

      Don't forget these cute pokemons!


      BulbasaurPikachuCyndaquilCharmanderTotodileSquirtle, all on Thingiverse from Johann Joe


      If you printed some nice voxels from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!


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      What to print | Gears April 21 2017

      Hello there!

      What will you print during this weekend? 
      If you don't know, here are some ideas for gears in things.

      If you know of any great model, that we are missing, please let us know and we can add it. Similarly, if you print out of Fillamentum some nice prints, send us photos, we share them on the web and social networks! 



      Functional Differential Gear System

      Made by: Thing-O-Fun
      Model: Functional Differential Gear System on Thingiverse (on the picture printed by Bernie Solo)



      Made by: 3DP_PARK
      Model: SAKURA GEAR RING on Cults3D


      Math Gear(s)

      Made by: Bernie Solo 
      Model: Math Gear(s) on Thingiverse



      Made by: BUBOLZ
      Model: KINECT GEAR TOY on Cults3D



      Made by: 86DUINO
      Model: PLANETARY GEAR MODULE PART 1 on Cults3D



      Made by: Cults
      Model: TRIPLE GEAR on Cults3D



      Made by: SHOOKIDEAS



      Made by: WOODENCLOCKS
      Model: METRONOME ENGINE on Cults3D



      Made by: VLADIMIR310873
      Model: HAND SPINNER FOUR GEARS on Cults3D


      If you printed some nice gears from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!


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      New material - Nylon CF15 Carbon April 12 2017

      We introduce the latest product in the portfolio of cutting-edge filaments for 3D printing from Fillamentum company.

      Nylon CF15 Carbon is enriched with additional ingredients to improve physical properties of the filament. The new composition gives the material a new aesthetic quality.


      • With addition of carbon particles into the fibre, we achieved an increased prints impact resistance, which will be appreciated by serious printers. We tested this property on prints and no destruction occurred even at 20 °C bellow zero, so the material does not become brittle when cold as other plastics.
      • Resistance to abrasion increased and therefore the fibre Nylon CF15 is a great choice, for example, to print the gears and other machine parts, which require a functionality, durability and strength.

      • It is known that nylons readily absorb moisture from the environment, which can cause print defects. Carbon Fibre CF15 has a much lower moisture absorption than regular nylon.
      • Other no less interesting properties of the filaments are its thermal and chemical resistance.
      • This nylon has not only interesting physical properties, but also its aesthetic matte black finish of carbon. It is therefore also suitable for use in architecture and design.

      • This maerial is due to the adition of carbon abrasive. Therefore use them only with nozzle suitable for this purpose - hardened steel or ceramic.



      Nylon CF15 Carbon is a technical material with easy processing in printers and reinforcement physical features. I am glad that I can introduce it to you.

      Josef Doleček
      Founder of Fillamentum

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      8 best prints from Fillamentum (February) April 11 2017

      Hello there!

      Thank you for sending us photos of your wonderful prints. We are so happy here to see you like our materials and appreciate the effort we give to theirs quality. 

      Continuously we publish them on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you want to send us yours, do not hesitate and do it here : ).


      We chose the top 8 prints of March.

      Here they are!


      Alien Jockey printed by Roman Týr

      Printed by: Roman Týr
      Printer: Prusa i3 MK2
      Model: Geoff.W /Hex3D on Thingiverse
      Material: PLA Extrafill Rapunzel Silver


      Ship by Šimon Doubek

      Printed by: Šimon Doubek
      Printer:  Y Soft be3D Red a eDee
      Model: Šimon Doubek
      Material: PLA Extrafill Traffic White & Metallic Grey


      Wireframe Skull by Maurizio Chiarotto

      Printed by: Maurizio Chiarotto
      Printer: Anet A8
      Model: Wireframe Skull on Thingiverse
      Material: PLA Extrafill "Traffic Black"


      Volkswagen Golf GTI printed by Tomáš Vít

      Printed by: Tomáš Vít for
      Printer: Prusa i3 MK2
      Model: A. Flowalistik on Thingiverse
      Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"


      Golem Grip by David Davvyk Kidd

      Printed by: David Davvyk Kidd
      Model: David Davvyk Kidd on Thingiverse
      Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"


      Fidget spinner by Peter Staal Hansen

      Printed by: Peter Staal Hansen
      Printer: Ultimaker Original Plus
      Model: Peter Staal Hansen
      Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"


      The Belvedere Torso by 3D Maker Noob

      Printed by: 3D Maker Noob
      Printer: EnerVision EV160
      Model: Scan The World on Myminifactory
      Material: PLA Extrafill "Concrete Grey"


      Holder for PlayStation by Niels webberen Østbjerg

      Printed by: Niels webberen Østbjerg
      Printer: wanhao duplicator i3
      Material: PLA Extrafill "Purple Red"


      We would like to see your prints from Fillamentum!
      Send us photos to with your name, used printer and material, add model maker and we would love to share it with community.


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      What to print | Easter bunny April 07 2017

      Ready for Easter? No?! Here, take some inspiration and be ready on the end of the weekend.

      Let's print some bunnies : )

      If you know of any great one, that we are missing, please let us know and we can add it. Similarly, if you manage to print out of Fillamentum some nice prints, send photos, we share them on the web and social networks! 



      Made by: OogiMe


      Stanford Bunny


      Made by: Adam phooky Mayer
      Link: Stanford Bunny on Thingiverse


      Bunny with a Attitude

      Made by: Tanya Wiesner
      Link: Bunny with a Attitude on MyMiniFactory



      Made by: TOOLMOON


      Flatpack Bunny

      Made by: Bre
      Link: Flatpack Bunny on Thingiverse


      Eggy Easter Bunny

      Made by: Mario de Baseggio
      Link: Eggy Easter Bunny on Thingiverse



      Made by: UGLY
      Link: BUNNY on Cults3D



      Made by: BS3
      Link: MYTHICAL BUNNY on Cults3D


      Beefy Bunny

      Made by: Angelo Tartanian
      Link: Beefy Bunny on Thingiverse


      If you printed some nice bunnies from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!


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      What to print | Dragons March 31 2017

      This time we would like to offer as a weekend inspiration What to print a projects with dragons.

      They are often more difficult to print, but take it as a challenge! Accepted?! : )

      If you know of any great one, that we are missing, please let us know and we can add it. Similarly, if you manage to print out of Fillamentum some nice prints, send photos, we share them on the web and social networks! 



      Made by: SOLID_ALEXEI
      Link: SMITE KUKULKAN BUST on Cults



      Made by: 3DP_PARK


      "Braq" jointed dragon

      Made by: bqLabs 
      Link: "Braq" jointed dragon on MyMiniFactory



      Made by: Guich
      Link: DRAGON AILÉ on Cults


      Dragon Head - With Glowing eyes and mouth

      Made by: Arif Sethi
      Link: Dragon Head - With Glowing eyes and mouth on Pinshape


      Chinese New Year Dragon Incense Holder

      Made by: Antonio Erb
      Link: Chinese New Year Dragon Incense Holder on MyMiniFactory



      Made by: imlab
      Link: Dragon on Pinshape



      Made by: Oliver Laric
      Link: Dragon on MyMiniFactory


      Teacup Dragon Puppet 

      Made by: T. Shawn Johnson aka Whystler
      Link: Teacup Dragon Puppet on Thingiverse


      Dragon by Artec - Printable

      Made by: Luke Chilson / Artec
      Link: Dragon by Artec - Printable



      Made by: Sonia Shira Verdu
      Link: DRAGON KNOCKER on Cults


      If you printed some nice spinners from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!


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      What to print | Fidget spinners March 24 2017

      We are often asked what you have to print. So we decided to give you a little inspiration. Today special edition fidget spinners.

      If you know of any great one, that we are missing, please let us know and we can add it.

      Similarly, if you manage to print out of Fillamentum some nice prints, send photos, we share them on the web and social networks! 


      Customizable Yin-Yang Fidget Spinner

      Made by: Lucina M
      Link: Customizable Yin-Yang Fidget Spinner on Myminifactory


      Crown spinner

      Made by: erik
      Link: crown spinner on Pinshape


      Twist Fidget Spinner

      Made by: Daniel Parker
      Link: Twist Fidget Spinner on Pinshape


      Knurled Tri-Spinner EDC Fidget Widget

      Made by: 3D Central
      Link: Knurled Tri-Spinner EDC Fidget Widget on Myminifactory


      Marble Spinner

      Made by: tiaka
      Link: Marble Spinner on Youmagine


      Triple Hex Nut Cat Spinner

      Made by: Lucina M
      Link: Triple Hex Nut Cat Spinner on Myminifactory


      Sun Spinner

      Made by: Brentox
      Link: Sun Spinner on Thingiverse


      Fidget Tri-Spinner with Themed Bearing Caps

      Made by: Spiraldox
      Link: Fidget Tri-Spinner with Themed Bearing Caps on Thingiverse


      Pick-a-weight Fidget Spinner

      Made by: Lucina M
      Link: Pick-a-weight Fidget Spinner on Myminifactory


      Dragon Fidget Spinner 

      Made by: James Robison
      Link: Dragon Fidget Spinner on Myminifactory


      If you printed some nice spinners from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!


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      Quick and clean 3D printout removal! March 18 2017

      We all know it, your printout is finally done - and firmly stuck. You are forced to use brute force to remove your object from the pad. Knives, spatulas, and other various metal tools are used that destroy your base. That’s history now!

      Prototypum has developed a special press pad composed of two parts, ​a fixed lower layer and a flexible magnetic top.
      After printing, the upper part held by magnets can easily be removed and the upper and lower part of the printer can be immediately separated.





      The pad consists of two parts, the lower fixed part and upper removable holding magnet. The gentle tread design of the pad leaves a matte surface on the models


       The Prototypum pad package includes:

      ● A removable top section
      ● A fixed lower part
      ● Cleaning wipes
      ● Feeler gauge
      ● Flexible scraper


      "We do collaborate with people from Prototypum a long time. Working with creative and technologically savvy partners is always a great joy."

      Josef Doleček
      Founder of Fillamentum


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      What to print | Vases March 17 2017

      We are often asked what you have to print. So we decided to give you a little inspiration. Today special edition beautiful vases.

      If you know of any beauty, that we are missing, please let us know and we can add it.

      Similarly, if you manage to print out of Fillamentum some nice prints, send photos, we share them on the web and social networks!


      Vase III

      Made by: Ricardo Salomao
      Link: Vase III on Myminifactory


      TWIRL VASE 6

      Made by: David Mussaffi
      Link: TWIRL VASE 6 on Cults3D


      Twisted Vase

      Made by: Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi
      Link: Twisted Vase on Myminifactory


      RED VASE

      Made by: Tanya Akinora
      Link: RED VASE on Cults3D



      Made by: Gregoire Simonnet
      Link: VASE CHIFFONNÉ on Cults3D



      Made by: YSoft_be3D
      Link: CACTUS VASE on Thingiverse



      Made by: Martin Žampach for be3D
      Link: SPIRAL VASE on Cults3D


      Honeycomb vase

      Made by: Alexander
      Link: Honeycomb vase on Thingiverse


      Twisted style Vase 1

      Made by: James Alday 
      Link: Twisted style Vase 1 on Myminifactory


      Julia Vase #011

      Made by: Stijn van der Linden 
      Link: Julia Vase #011 on Thingiverse


      Spiralized hex-sected vase

      Made by: Roman Broda
      Link: Spiralized hex-sected vase on Myminifactory


      Parametric Vase & Bowl

      Made by: Rod Laird
      Link: Parametric Vase & Bowl designer


      Arrayed Vase 8

      Made by: David Mussaffi
      Link: Arrayed Vase 8 on Myminifactory


      Small Vase

      Made by: Bastien Bruy
      Link: Small Vase on Thingiverse


      Yoda Vase

      Made by: yay
      Link: Yoda Vase on Thingiverse


      If you printed some nice vases from Fillamentum materials and want to share it by us, you are welcome here!


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      What to print | Hairy edition March 09 2017

      We are often asked - what should I print? So we bring you the first part of the selection that we like and can inspire you for what to do through the weekend. Enjoy our hairy selection.

      Let us know the results!

      If you do want show your prints from Fillamentum, tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or just send us photos to and we share it.


      Good luck & be blessed your extruder!



      Made by: Alberto Arribas 
      Link: HAIRY FREERAPTOR on Cults 



      Made by: Print That Thing
      Link: HAIRY EINSTEIN on Cults


      Hairy Unicorn

      Made by: Geoffro
      Link: Hairy Unicorn on Thingiverse


      Cousin Itt

      Made by: _primoz_
      Link: Cousin Itt on Thingiverse


      Hairy textured vase

      Made by: kempton
      Link: Hairy textured vase on Thingiverse



      Made by: Geoffro
      Link: THE WALRUS on Cults


      Hairy Chewbacca

      Made by: Migfue
      Link: Hairy Chewbacca on Thingiverse


      Hairy Troll

      Made by: Ben Fowler
      Link: Hairy Troll on Thingiverse


      3D Printed PomPom ring

      Made by: Joseph cymon Larson
      Link: 3D Printed PomPom ring on Thingiverse


      And no, we don't forget : )
      The king who started it all!


      Hairy Lion

      Made by: _primoz_
      Link: Hairy Lion on Thingiverse

      Btw this is one made by 3D Maker Noob from our Vertigo Grey : )


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      10 best prints from Fillamentum (February) March 06 2017

      Hello there!

      Thank you for sending us photos of your wonderful prints. We are so happy here to see you like out materials and appreciate the effort we give to theirs quality. 

      Continuously we publish them on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We chose the top 10 prints of February.

      Here they are!


      Marwari Horse Head sculpture by 3D Maker Noob

      Printed by: 3D Maker Noob
      Printer: Tronxy P802MA at 200 degrees in 0.20mm layer height
      Model: Marwari Horse Head Sculpture at Marble Arch, London from Scan the world project at My Mini Factory
      Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"


      SpannerHands Spool System by SpannerHands

      Printed by: SpannerHands
      Printer: The main parts - Original Prusa MK2, flexable parts - Printrbot Plus with E3D Titan Extruder + E3D V6 Mod
      Model: SPANNERHANDS Spool System Wall Mounted Spool Holder & Dust Cover V2.0 on Thingiverse
      Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey",  Flexfill 92A & 98A


      Tatra 607 by David Cwx37 Řehoř 

      Printed by: David Cwx37 Řehoř
      Printer: Felix
      Model: David Cwx37 Řehoř
      Material: Timberfill "Cinnamon"


      Sea Lion by 3D FilaPrint

      Printed by: 3D FilaPrint
      Printer: Upgraded Wanhao 4
      Model: Sea Lion inspired by two sculptures from Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires from Bankito on Thingiverse
      Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"


      Akiko by Roman Týr

      Printed by: Roman Týr
      Printer: Original Prusa i3 MK2
      Model: Akiko Remix by colonel89 on Thingiverse
      Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver"


      Pirates coin by Tom Vít

      Printed by: Tom Vít for
      Printer: Ultimaker 3
      Model: Pirates of the Caribbean Coin 1 piece by cyclone on Thingiverse
      Material: PLA Extrafill "Gold Happens" & PVA supports from Ultimaker


      Wreck it Ralph by iDevelo

      Printed by: iDevelo
      Printer: Custom built printer
      Model: Wreck-It Ralph Print & Paint Toy - Support Free from Evavooo on Myminifactory
      Material: PLA Extrafill "Light Ivory"


      Darth Vader by D

      Printed by: D
      Model: Low-Poly Darth Vader by Agustin Flowalistik on Myminifactory
      Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"


      Steampunk Lady: Lenora by Dustin the JAT.MN

      Printed by: Dustin the JAT.MN
      Printer: Ultimaker 2 Clone
      Model: Steampunk Lady: Lenora by fantasygraph on Pinshape
      Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"


      Bust of Eleonora Duse by 3D Maker noob

      Printed by: 3D Maker Noob 
      Printer: Emotiontech Microdelta at 0.20mm layer height
      Model: Model by Scan the World on My Mini Factory
      Material: PLA Extrafill "Green Grass"


      We would like to see your prints from Fillamentum!
      Send us photos to with your name, used printer and material, add model maker and we would love to share it with community.


      *NEW* PLA Vertigo Grey February 03 2017

      Do you love Rapunzel silver? Fillamentum now introduces a new
      shade PLA Vertigo gray.

      This new member to our range of PLA materials can depose the
      iconic color of the top of popularity.

      This new filament is interested not only in his physical characteristics but also
      "galactic" dark gray metallic color. Luxury finish of this material is therefore
      perfectly suited not only to futuristic models, but also for designers and automotive
      industrie. It is intended for all those who appreciate quality and detail.

      Printed by Miroslav Mihálik on modified Zortrax. The Impulse model was designed
      by Devin Montes, during making a VR sculpturing video. This video and whole
      Youtube channel from Make Anything is here.

      A good choice for PLA
      PLA is a great material for novice and experienced printers. Working with him
      does not require a heating bed and is suitable for more demanding printing details.
      Compared with ABS he can be printed in larger angles and his composition ensures
      greater flexibility. And bonus, it is biodegradable


      Print of a lion from 3D maker Noob, printed on Original Prusa i3 Mk2 with layer
      hight 0.20mm


      "At Fillamentum we believe in the knowledge of our experts. We are bringing 
      the highest quality filaments to the market. It is important for us to prepare
      for printers stable technical characteristics of our products. I am glad that
      I can introduce our new product - PLA Vertigo gray."

      Josef Doleček
      Founder of Fillamentum