Easter with CocoKarl March 28 2018

Tereza Janečková is a young, energetic designer from the Czech Republic who is collaborating with us on her project CocoKarl. It first started as a series of 3D printed objects; then she came up with a fashion show of accessories, later an expo with COK 3D printer, and finally, she brings new and novel ideas for her project - COCOKARL every day.

Hello Tereza, who is CocoKarl?
I am a hen farmer. CocoKarl is a cock that I’ve trained to snort his own name CocoKaaaarl :)

Why did you choose this particular chicken as your inspiration?
My show breed has fallen prey to a marten. It slayed seven of the beautiful Paduanek hens and ate them. I’m a designer, and that's why I printed my Paduanek hens on 3D printer CocoPrint. But of course, I still miss the real ones …

We googled, and this kind of hens have been bred for aesthetic purposes for many centuries. Their name comes from the Italian city of Padua. Why did you choose this breed?
Paduan is a luxurious design hen, in style, it resembles Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld. It’s been popular mostly in France where it was admired in posh royal gardens of Louvre. And there is also another part of my extensive project CocoKarl, which I presented at the renowned exhibition DesignBlock. In front of the historical building of Expo 58, I installed Porche luxurious coop for a city park.

More about it on Artmix - Czech television

Is this the only breed you farm, or you have some others, too?
My precious warrior rooster is my big inspiration for the jewellery collection Karfiol (cauliflower in Czech language). Thanks to him they get credits on Prague Fashion Week 2017.


How did a young woman from Prague (the capital of the Czech Republic) become a farmer in 2018?
I’m an Eco Urban Designer. We have been farming chickens from my childhood because eggs are the food of the future. There are people who come for my home-farmed eggs from the other side of Prague : ).

You have already mentioned the CocoPrint (from Trilab). So… have you solved the important question: What was first? The hen or the egg?: )
Ahahha :). The first was COSMOS. Then COCOPRINT and then Luxury EGGo Spiny Design :).

What are you planning next with CocoKarl?
We are all one universe. And my mission here is to deal with ecology. Thank you for sharing.

Tereza Janečková
Project CocoKarl


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Vertigo Grey Easter by Antonin Nosek March 23 2018

We are so happy when we can collaborate on projects with talented people. Take a look on the latest project from young Czech designer Antonin Nosek.

Vertigo Grey Easter - Holiday with elegance and style!
All twelve eggs are on Thingiverse for downloading and printing.

You know.. Everything is better in Vertigo grey : )

Antonin Nosek 



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NEW PLA Baby Blue, Mint & Lilac are here! March 20 2018

Spring is here and we thought will be great to have for you something special. 

Let us introduce you to our new pastel shades in PLA!

Our PLAs are popular by users worldwide because of high quality manufacturing with precision, fantastic printing results also in tricky details and wide range of more than 40 shades

PLA is a good choice for everybody who wants to print easily also larger parts with almost no warping and odorless printing time



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Best 3D prints #13 March 09 2018

 No long words. Best from the best!


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Electric Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Filament Frenzy 
▷ Printed on: Anycubic i3 Mega
▷ Design: Wavy bowl by Fernando Jerez on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Pearl Ruby Red" 
▷ Printed by: 3dprintjunkie 
▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 MK3 (0.15)
▷ Design: ieyo bust by Paul Braddock on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Metallic Grey" 
▷ Printed by: lazy_cad_factory 
▷ Printed on: Prusa MK2s
▷ Design: Samurai Sculpture by Jiten Rai on MyMiniFactory 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Traffic White" and "Rapunzel Silver"
▷ Printed by:  Leonardo Delgado 
▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 MK3 (200 microns, 96 pieces)
▷ Design: Stegosaurus Skeleton by MakerBot on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver", PVA supports by Esun filaments
▷ Printed by: FilamentFrenzy 
▷ Printed on: Formbot T-Rex 2+
▷ Design: Elf Archer Bust by margaret dost on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver" 
▷ Printed by: 3DPrintingTips! 
▷ Printed on: ANET E10
▷ Design: Albus Dumbledore Bust by Tanya Wiesner on MyMiniFactory 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill Vertigo Grey
▷ Printed by: Robothut 
▷ Printed on: Tevo
▷ Design: 4 servo walking robot base controled by servo tester by Robothut on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Kevin Anders aka Blender Koch 
▷ Printed on: Zonestar Z5F (0.14mm with 0.4mm nozzle)
▷ Design: Cheeky Monkey by Ben Dansie on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver" 
▷ Printed by: Ricardo Abreu
▷ Printed on: Creality CR-10 (resolution 0,2 mm)
▷ Design: Mildly Infuriated Porg by Ricardo Abreu on Thingiverse 



▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Pearl Ruby Red”, "Green Grass”, "Vertigo Galaxy"
▷ Printed by: Leonardo Delgado 
▷ Printed on: Prusa MK3
▷ Design: MURKAGON by 3dkitbash on their page





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Interview: Van Dragon’s fleet. From idea to 3D print February 27 2018

We just noticed you on Instagram thanks to your boats. Is that some bigger project?
I'll split that into two sections. The bathtub boats, i. e. small boats that can swim. And my 1:1000 collection. The 1:1000 series is definitely a bigger project and runs as long as I have fun with it. Also in this series my focus is on the ships.

You are not just author of great mini prints, but also a designer of all those models. What inspires you?
With the small boats it's just the fun of the simple form. I let myself be inspired by templates of different kinds. Comics, real models or a mix of both. There's only one requirement for me, it should be swimming.

In the 1:1000 series, logically real model and my son.
He was actually the reason why I started it. At first there were no real boats for the bathtub, so I just started with it. After that he discovered my Titanic books and since then he loves the ship. Since he always wanted to know how big one ship was compared to the other, I had the idea to make him understand it in real life. So my 1:1000 series was born.

Everybody would like to know also some info about what are you using for modeling, slicing and printing. So ...what are the best “helpers” for you?
I use Blender to construct the models. Because it is free software, it is accessible to everyone. As a slicer I use Slic3r from Prusa otherwise I could not use the multicolor function.

Simplfiy3D is also a great program, but costs a few Euros. I can also recommend the 3DBuilder for post-processing. It is pre-installed from Windows10. Simple but effective. Especially the repairing of objects makes it fast and quite reliable.

My main printer is a Prusa MK2s MMU. You don't have to say anything about that, almost everyone knows about it.

Could you please tell us more about the proces of preparing model? We mean the 1:1000 ones. You get some photo, place it as a background in modeling software and try to recreate it? Or you make some research how it looks like, make some scratch etc.?
Creating the scale models naturally requires much longer preparation. This starts as usual with the research. It can take a while to get all the documents together. With the Titanic it was still quite simple but already the RMS Mauretania has devoured more time here.
The basic requirement for each model is of course a suitable floor plan. If you don't have this, it is actually impossible to construct something neatly. As already suspected, this is then used in the construction program as a blueprint. Thus, 3D construction can be carried out directly on the drawing. Everything else is then created step by step from the pictures and drawings. This process is not really spectacular, just hard work.

Where did you get blueprints?
If you are lucky, you can find them on the internet (picture search), otherwise you would have to buy them. Unfortunately, good blueprints are not always easy to get.

Your Instagram profile is relatively new. Could we see your older works somewhere else?
Actually, all I have drawn in the short time is to see on Thingiverse and of course on Instagram.
What is next on your 3D printing to-do list?
In the 1:1000 series I am drawing the first four funnel liner. The "Emperor William the Great". After that I already have a list of the models my son would like to have. My limit is unfortunately only the size of the printer.
On the bathtub boats, I don't really plan, that comes from the belly.

Thank you for the great questions
Thank you for your time!


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NEW PLA Electric Grey is out! February 13 2018

White and black is basic colours for each printer. Also, to have a good grey is necessary to each modeler, designer and maker.

We thought about it and we are bringing the 5th gray shade to our fantastic PLA Extrafill collection - Electric Grey.
Because you know how, there is never enough grey!

This is the exact shade of grey you can found on electric devices, boxes and switch cabinets. 

Our PLAs are popular by users worldwide because of high quality manufacturing with precision, fantastic printing results also in tricky details and wide range of more than 40 shades.

PLA is a good choice for everybody who wants to print easily also larger parts with almost no warping and odorless printing time.


Fillamentum, quality you can trust.


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In love with spools -20% on Valentine "things" February 07 2018

Its here and every one maker know what is need to be done. You know where to find the best models, or how to start preparing your own. We will give a hand to your Valentines project by bringing prices down on everything you need for the best results. With a bonus of your favourites : ).

Use code: inlovewithspools 
End: 15. February 2018



List of products in love sale:

ABS Extrafill "Signal Red"
ABS Extrafill "Traffic Purple"
ABS Extrafill "Traffic Red"

ASA Extrafill "Traffic red"

CPE HG100 "Red Hood Transparent"
CPE HG100 "Pink Blush Transparent"

Flexfill 92A "Signal Red"
Flexfill 98A "Signal Red"

PLA Extrafill "Chocolate Brown"
PLA Extrafill "Traffic Red"
PLA Extrafill "Traffic Purple"
PLA Extrafill "Everybody's Magenta"
PLA Extrafill "Signal Red"
PLA Extrafill "Purple Red"
PLA Extrafill "Pearl Ruby Red"
PLA Extrafill "Pearl Violet"
PLA Extrafill "Luminous Red"

Timberfill "Rosewood"

Bonus for real lovers:

PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"
PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Galaxy"


❤️ Enjoy ❤️


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Best 3D prints #12 February 07 2018

Let's take a look on the best 3D prints for best printers. You can see models from fantastic
designer Jukka Seppänen aka Kijai, useful prints and a lot of pure layered beauty.

Get some inspiration and next time, show us what You can!

PS: Looks like the new trend is red : )


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver" 
▷ Printed by: Filament Frenzy 
▷ Printed on: Creality CR10
▷ Model: FORTRESS OF THE CRESCENT by Jukka Seppänen Kijai on Cults3D


▷ Material: PLA Crystal Clear "Iceland Blue"
▷ Printed by: John Corkery 
▷ Printed on: Ultimaker 2, 1 mm nozzle in spiral/vase mode
▷ Design: Scott Scollar


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Traffic White" 
▷ Printed by: 
▷ Printed on: Dooki3
▷ Design: Jupiter by Ryan W on Thingiverse


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Noble Blue" & "Signal Red"
▷ Printed by: Michal Fanta 
▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 MK2S
▷ Design: The Can Press by Michal Fanta on MyMiniFacotry 


▷ Material: PLA Crystal Clear "Iceland Blue" 
▷ Printed by: Filament Frenzy 
▷ Printed on: CR-10
▷ Design: Winter Wondertown by Jukka Seppänen Kijai on Cults 3D 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Matt Weber 
▷ Printed on: Creality ender 4
▷ Design: Medieval Castle by Bold Machines on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: CPE HG100 "Red Hood Transparent" 
▷ Printed by: Filament Frenzy 
▷ Design: Filament Frenzy  


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Michal Fanta 
▷ Printed on: Prusa i3
▷ Design: Darth Vader Recorder by Michal Fanta on MyMiniFactory 
▷ Design 2: Darth Vader Recorder multimaterial version by Michal Fanta on MyMinifactory


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Traffic Red" and "Gold Happens"
▷ Printed by: Filament Frenzy 
▷ Printed on: Creality CR10
▷ Design: The Cosmo Canyon by Jukka Seppänen on MyMiniFactory 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver" & "Vertigo Grey"
▷ Printed by: Chelsey Kearney 
▷ Printed on: Prusa MK3, 0.2 layer heigh  


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey”, "Purple Red" and "Rapunzel Silver"
▷ Printed by: Patrick Gourlet 
▷ Printed on: Prusa MK2S with MMU
▷ Design: Daniel Norée 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Traffic Red" 
▷ Printed by: chunkysteveo 
▷ Printed on: P3Steel Toolson Edition, 0.2mm layer height
▷ Design: A mesh of micro-vasculature obtained from confocal microscopy. Custom 3D scan of capillaries enlarged and printed for a customer. The mesh was obtained by Romina Plitman Mayo, University of Cambridge.



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Galactic British Empire - kids futuristic set from Ian B January 23 2018

If you are following our Twitter, you surely noticed him. Ian B is one of our favourite maker, who is relatively new in 3D printing, but the passion with which he is doing his project is amazing. Take a look on his biggest one - GBE - Galactic British Empire - a growing 3D printed playset for children. And older children : ).

It’s now some months we started collaborating. You told us about your project and from small one, now you are having pretty big playing set for kids. Please, tell us more about it.

The idea of making a playset is almost as old as I am (which is very old), as I used to make my own 2D playmats when I was a child, I hated being restricted by what was available or what my parents could afford to buy me so I used white card, pencil crayons/felt tip pens and my imagination.

I first got involved in 3D printing in 2015, having bought a printer for work. Using the printer there and learning more about the technology and 3D modelling convinced me that I should get one for home in early 2017. I went for the Creality CR10 and as soon as I had it and started printing less practical prints my thoughts immediately went back to the playset of my youth. Whilst my initial idea was a similar town playset as I had made in 2D all those years ago, very quickly the build volume of the CR10 made me think ROCKETS :-).

I should point out that I do have a 2 yr old son and a 1yr old daughter and so this playset is for them to play with when they’re older …….. Honest!

I probably spent 2 to 3 months working on the designs before releasing them, initially on Thingiverse, and then after the initial release I tasked myself with releasing a new model every week for the first few months. To date there are 15 designs in the collection on Thingiverse although a few of them have multiple models so I think a total of 39 models and some of them are multi-part.


What type of objects are there?

Currently in the playset are rockets, aircraft, vehicles, robots, landing pads and road sections, plus a couple of miscellaneous set dressing kind of items. In work for the future I have more of the same, along with buildings and people, although the playset is sized to allow for play with Lego Minifigures, who doesn’t like Lego after all.

Makers can find your set on Thingiverse. Is the set done or you will be adding more objects?

I have started releasing models on MyMiniFactory, Cults3D and Pinshape too, but I do like the structure of Thingiverse. I still have some unreleased models, both in work, and finished but not printed, but I’m taking a little break from the playset at the moment. However I will definitely be expanding the playset further in the future and already have a big list of model ideas.

You get from us the widest amount of materials in our history and prepared all these amazing models! If you need to pick up, which is you most favourite TOP 5 materials of them?

It really did help in an unexpected way when you very generously donated so much material. In addition to the obviously great fact that I didn’t need to buy all the plastic I was using, I did find that it helped boost my imagination, I actually wanted to find a way to use all off the PLA Extrafill colours. So the wide range of colours you have literally inspired me, although it was funny that most of the first batch I requested were different greys (Science Fiction will do that!). It’s hard to choose a top 5 but I’ll have a go (this can and will regularly change)

#1 Vertigo Grey - This is the easiest choice, it prints so well and looks great, and I find it is really versatile, I’ve used it for all sorts of things but it was initially the colour of the Shades

#2 Rapunzel Silver - Another great finish and looks amazing, no surprise that the original hero starfighters, the Whittle class, were printing in this colour

#3 Pearl Green - Looks so cool and my LandRover inspired trucks look so right in that colour

#4 Pearl Ruby Red - Another colour that I just want to print in, so far not much in the playset uses it but that may change in the future

#5 Gold Happens - I don’t normally like gold in real life but this is crazy nice, I really love my Brunel Class Rocket printed in this

Honourable mention to Metallic Grey, which the Trevithick class is printed in, and Vertigo Galaxy which I like more and more each time I use it, both colours I’ve grown to love.

That’s so great to hear. Thank you Ian 💛. This is why we love this job! Btw the colour combination of Rapunzel Silver and Iceland blue details on one of the rocket is really awesome.

Yes the Whittle StarFighter has the Iceland Blue cockpit, it really looks nice against Rapunzel Body I thought.


And, is there any special model in the set, which you like?

That is way too hard a question, I love the Brunel rocket as it was the development of my original style, the trucks definitely evoke the spirit of LandRover as I’d wanted, RoboTommy is my little dude, the Avenger heralded the shades and the Deathbringer as the ultimate progression of my aircraft designs.

You made not just models, but also some story about (you can find it here). You didn’t forget also to add there commander Tom Jackson : ).

Having a back story was something I liked when I saw the dragons made by Louise Driggers’, whether people printing the models wanted to read it or not I liked the idea and it also helped drive the style consistency and model ideas. Plus I am, amongst other things, a frustrated novel writer, I’d always wanted to write a SF story for my elder boys, who are now in their twenties, but life got in the way, so this is an outlet for me and I’ll definitely be writing more in the future.

Tom was always going to have to make an appearance in the story, he’s my 3D Printing brother from another mother :-) and any chance to gently take the mickey out of him couldn’t be passed up! It’s also my way of acknowledging all the encouragement and help that Tom gave me whilst I was dreaming up this playset, he has done a LOT of test printing along the way. He was also, and I’ve never told him this, the original inspiration when I named the robots, they were going to be called RoboToms but then the old wartime nickname for British soldiers seemed like a great fit.

You prepared also decorations for last Christmas. The snowman and also, you are designer of our first official Christmas tree which we love. What will be next? What are you working on now?

The Fillamentum Christmas Tree was a really interesting exercise for me, working to someone else’s guidelines like this was equal parts fun and frustrating :-D. Mr Snow was created in about 25 minutes on my lunch break but is one of my favourite models to date, I loved making the multipart model and printing in multiple materials.

I decided to take a short break from designing to re-energise myself, so I’ve mainly been concentrating on printing models from other designers and trying to improve my YouTube content. I do have a lot of ideas though so I will be back modelling very soon. And I also have a number of ideas for collaborations, mainly with Tom.

We know the struggle. Making real someones else visions is really a hard quest, but you survived : ). We are watching your Youtube updates and looking to hear about you more!


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Best 3D prints #11 January 16 2018

Let us present you a new compilation of the best 3D prints from Fillamentum materials!
Top printers from the whole world are here, to inspire you. 

We are super excited to receive all your makes,
so don't forget to tag us in your social media posts,
or just send us an email with photos of your prints.

Thank you and now... the best of the best #11 : )


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill Gold Happens, Rapunzel Silver, Vertigo Galaxy and Vertigo Grey
▷ Printed by: 3D Printing Lab 
▷ Printed on: Prusa MK2MM
▷ Model: Knight of Egypt - Anubis 4 color by Jin Be on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Werner TinkerCave3D 
▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 MK2S
▷ Model: T800 Smooth Terminator Endoskull by Machina on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: Flexfill 92A "Signal Yellow" and 98A "Traffic Black"
▷ Printed by: Michal Fanta 
▷ Printed on:
▷ Model: Flexible Watch Straps by M. Fanta on MyMiniFactory 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Galaxy" 
▷ Printed by: Innovaland 
▷ Printed on: Witbox2
▷ Model: Squishy Turtle by jakejake aka Jacob Stanton on Thingiverse

This amazing result gets Thomas Sanlanderer from ou PLA Extrafill Vertigo Galaxy with automotive clearcoat (spray can) which he used to fill the crevices between layers!


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Louise Driggers‏ 
▷ Design: Schrodinky designed by Louise D. on Thingiverse


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Traffic White”, "Light Ivory”, "Green Grass" and "Signal Red"
▷ Printed by: Big Nick Dimelow 
▷ Printed on: CR-10
▷ Design: Christmas Elf - Single Extruder by Big Nick Dimelow on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Gold Happens" 
▷ Printed by: FilaFlip3D 
▷ Design: HOMER BUDDHA by Prozer from Super Sculpting Bros on Cults 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Orange Orange"
▷ Printed by: Roman Týr
▷ Printed on: Prusa MK2 multi material
▷ Model: Race frog (multi-color) by Roman Týr on Thingiverse


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver" 
▷ Printed by: Sean Charlesworth 
▷ Printed on: Ultimaker 2+
▷ Design: The T-Rex Skull by MakerBot on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: CPE HG100 Iced Green Transparent
▷ Printed by: Trilab 
▷ Printed on: Trilab DeltiX
▷ Design: Tentacle generator by Fernando Jerez on Thingiverse


▷ Material: CPE HG100 "Deep Sea Transparent" 
▷ Printed by: Jukka Seppänen (Kijai) 
▷ Printed on: Flashforge Creator Pro, Microswiss all-metal MK10 hot end
▷ Design: Frozen Castle by Jukka Seppänen (Kijai) on MyMiniFactory 


▷ Material: CPE HG100 "Black Soul" 
▷ Printed by: Leonardo Delgado 
▷ Printed on: Modified BQ Hephestos
▷ Model: Knight by Andreas B on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Traffic Red, Sky Blue and Flexfill 98A Natural
▷ Printed by: Márcia Anaf 
▷ Printed on: FELIX Pro 2
▷ Design: Márcia Anaf - Research about development of flexible reconfigurable structures


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Nacho Escurra
▷ Printed on: CR-10
▷ Design: Star Wars - Darth Maul - full character from Printed Obsession on MyMiniFactory 


▷ Material: PLA Traffic Black 
▷ Printed by: Stanislav Katuš 
▷ Printed on: Prusa
▷ Design: Stanislav Katuš


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Sebastian Sester
▷ Design: Fire Giant by Miguel Zavala on Shapeways 


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Best selling filaments of 2017 January 11 2018

Without long words, here are TOP 5 best selling filaments of 2017. All PLAs, so we are curious, how it will look like in the end of this year, after CPEs came to offer. 

We are definitely looking forward!



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Thank you. We love you too! January 09 2018

Every time you send us messages or write something positive about us on social networks, it give us the passion we need to work harder to make the Fillamentum brand better. We are very excited to hear your feedback, so we started to collect your public words of positivity and here are some of them. Because you guys are so fantastic with your kind words, so it wasn't possible to put it all in one blog.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU for your love and support in 2017. We love 3D printing and it’s the commitment for us, that you guys enjoying working with our materials and making all these amazing models that give us the ability to create iconic and unique materials.

Thank you again ❤️



We love you too ❤️
Grab the spool and print something incredible!


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You should know him - Dario aka. FilaFlip3D December 20 2017

We saw your Alien rifle from District 9 film. Man, that’s amazing! Is it for somebody special?

Thx for kind words, actually I made 2 of those, one for a collector and director first-time filmmaker, City Impact Church pastor of a movie called Broken, also the second one went to set director of TV show called The Expanse, and because of messages like this “Yes I received the Blaster and it's spectacular. We love it and thank you for the “paint job” (printed in Your colors-not painted) Thank you again for the work and attention to detail.” I love to make stuff.

The gun is really stunning with all details. How many hours did you spend making it?

In total I don’t really know, cause there are some attempts till you have the quality of print as you want, but overall 100+ hours, also weathering and decals weren’t done by me so am not including that in making hours.

How does look like the process of making? You model it, print….

I was contacted, to make a rifle sturdy enough from District 9 and as reference images I used weta workshop model, it took me around 10 hours to model it and 5 days to print it. I have 2 Original Prusa MK2’s so it went faster, also I like to see layers, cause that’s the beauty of 3D printing, but some people don’t, so if I have time I’ll prime it and sand it, that’s the job that takes most of the time, if you use low-quality filaments, but I don’t use them and I like to print with high details and lowest layer heights depending on a model.

We know you are working on a lot of props for cosplayers and fans. What was the biggest challenge as a project for you?

As I am still learning, every project has up’s and down’s, every project has their own difficulties, as my wife used to say: “Every time you are moaning about something and you still manage to work it out”. For every maker that’s starting a project, just one thing to say, don’t stop believing that you can’t finish it. One of the first and biggest projects of mine was Chopper motorcycle nixie clock, it was the most difficult project to model and to make it printable, still don’t know how I did it… :).

Is this all a hobby or your “main work”?

This is a hobby, I always liked to make stuff. When I saw a 3D printer for the first time couple of years ago, I wanted to try it. The irony was that I didn’t have any experience with modeling software, but I found many sites with free 3d models, so I bought it and printed only one cookie cutter in 6 months cause I didn’t know what to print :). I wanted to sell it, until a fan of Star Wars contacted me to make him laser beam for  diorama. He didn’t have a model and I didn’t know how to make it. So I started to investigate modeling software and learning them. That was my start in the 3D printing world. I am fascinated with creating something with only one line or spline as a start and creating the whole model that is in my hands in a couple of hours. Can’t remember where I saw it, but one sentence is in my head: “3D Printer isn’t gonna make you a designer” and that’s 100% true. I should know, my first 3D printer was collecting dust for 6 months.

Someday I would love this to be my day job but I think that I need to learn more and more.

Why did you choose us for material suppliers?: )

I tried many filaments before, from many manufacturers, cheap and expensive, I don’t really remember but I think that I got a sample of your PLA Rapunzel Silver, I fell in love with it. It’s inexpensive, great colors of PLA that I use most, and details are what I was looking for, also easy to print with.

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Next generation of 3D printing materials is here - Welcome CPE by Fillamentum December 08 2017

We are proud to present you our brand new generation of high-performance co-polyesters - CPE.

CPE by Fillamentum is the best of the best! Engineered for quality and easy printing with features that will dwarf all PET based materials.


  • high impact strength (no break) and higher hardness
  • high tensile strength and thermal resistance
  • FDA approved and 100% recyclable material
  • BPA free and environmentally friendly
  • no warping, easy and clean printing
  • no odors or fumes while printing
  • stronger than PLA, durable as ABS
  • excellent layer to layer adhesion and adhesion to other materials with multi material printing
  • great transparency in thin layer
  • great chemical resistance
(comparison made by publically accessible informations from other producers)
  • medical version available per request


Available in 1.75 and 2.85 mm



Color spectrum:







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Best 3D prints from Fillamentum #10 November 13 2017

Hello there!

Another strong compilation of the best of the prints that you have sent us, or those where you tagged us in social media. All of course from Fillamentum top quality materials.

Inspiration, motivation, jealous place :D


Have a nice printing days 👍


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Purple Red"
▷ Printed by: Rachael Broughton 
▷ Printed on: Creality CR-10 (Hictop version)
▷ Model: Overwatch - Tracer Full Figure by Printed Obsession on MyMiniFactory 

“Looks like brushed stainless when slightly over extruded. Neat effect!”

▷ Material:  PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"
▷ Printed by: Chris Russell 
▷ Printed on: Blocks Zero 

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver" 
▷ Printed by: Neotko Sebas 
▷ Printed on: Ultimaker Original Plus with Zero gravity direct drive extruder

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"
▷ Printed by: Werner‏ @TinkerCave3D
▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 MK2
▷ Model: Fillenium Malcon by Alexander Thomas on Thingiverse 

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Galaxy" 
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson aka Filament Frenzy 
▷ Printed on: cr-10
▷ Model: BIRDHOUSE by Sonia Verdu on Cults3D 

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Galaxy" 
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson aka Filament Frenzy 
▷ Printed on: cr-10
▷ Model: GBE-RRFA by Ian Blinkhorn on MyMiniFactory 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Gold Happens" and "Vertigo Grey"
▷ Printed by: Roman Tyr 
▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 MK2 multimaterial upgrade
▷ Model: Low-Poly R2D2 and C3PO - Dual Extrusion version by Agustin Flowalistik on MyMiniFactory 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Galaxy" 
▷ Printed by: PlasticzNL 
▷ Printed on: Craftbot PLUS
▷ Model: Thanos From Guardians of the Galaxy by lost in Limbo on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Gold Happens”, "Rapunzel Silver”, "Vertigo Grey" and "Vertigo Galaxy"
▷ Printed by: Pavol Prochazka 
▷ Printed on: Rebel II ( REBEL 3D ), Rebelix X2, modified Poseidon Duo
▷ Model: Spiral Chess Set by Joey Muirhead on Thingiverse and Chess or Ornament Stand by Marlo Steed on Thingiverse

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Green Blue" 
▷ Printed by: 3DPrintingTips! 
▷ Printed on: TEVO Tornado
▷ Model: JoelBot by Travis Womack on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Traffic White”, "Traffic Black" and "Vertigo Grey"
▷ Printed by: Jean-Michel Ruiz
▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 MK2S
▷ Model: Nintendo NES - Raspberry Pi 3 Case by Jean-Michel Ruiz on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Galaxy" 
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson aka Filament Frenzy 
▷ Printed on: CR-10
▷ Model: Cutaway Rocket Single Perimeter for Seamless Spiral Printing by Greg Glenn on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: Flexfill 98A Natural
▷ Printed by: 3D station 
▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 MK2
▷ Model: Martina Sebkova


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3D printed Cement wagon for garden model railway by M. Neubauer November 08 2017

If you did not attend TCT in Birmingham you missed to see an unique printed model made by Michal Neubauer. He had prepared a special fully printed cement transport wagon with painted details. Let’s speak to him about more details of this project.

Hello Michal. We’ve been on TCT expo in Birmingham where you prepared something special for us...
Hello to everybody! I have a special surprise for you. It’s a freight wagon for a garden model railway to transport a cement. I draw a 3D model, it is not made from a scratch. I used the model on a smaller scale as a pattern. I’m glad I finished it before TCT start.

Which scale did you use?
The wagon will be on a garden scale. The default scale is 1:22,5. However, from time to time it is better to change the scale a little bit accordingly to the ratio of size between locomotive and wagon respectively.

This is not the first time you have printed something. How did you find this hobby?
I started with a garden model railway 5 years ago. I prepared for my dad a big gift for his 50’s. It was the garden railroad in our garden with one locomotive and one wagon. After dad’s 50’s birthday, I had an idea to create and print the wagon on the 3D printer. It is a service car. It can be partly used for mail transport too.

So do you expect that the project will grow in the future?
Yes. My idea is to become a manufacturer of unique small wagon series, which none of the garden railway manufacturers offer. In the coming winter time, I would like to design more new accessories, wagons and even a locomotive, and hopefully, a 4-wagon unit. So stay tuned.

Which kind of printer and material did you use for the project?
I use the custom-made 3D printer, it’s a big brother of DeltiX from Trilab. I called it DeltiX XXL, current DeltiX XXL is a unique model, no one has the same printer. It was developed with the aim to print wagons and locomotives for a garden railway. I chose PLA Extrafill Traffic White as material. PLA has the best printer parameters for printing larger components as wagons.

If used outside, would not be better to choose ASA? We know it’s a bit complicated to print than with PLA, but it’s the material made for outdoor use.
Yeah, I know that ASA is known as a material for outdoor use. I am going to use the ASA for accessories, which are intended for permanent placement outdoors. I tested that direct sunlight beams cause softening and deformation of the model after about 4 hours of sunlight. So when you use a wagon for about 1-2 hours on the railways, there is no need to be afraid of any damage of the wagon. The surface finish of cementing and painting helps the model to resist the sunlight beams.

Are there some special colors for printed parts like these?
As a finishing procedure, I use polyester putty and airbrush color to make the surface smooth and colored. Every color which is used for the real wagon is from RAL color system. I use the same RAL colors as used in the original one.

It can be pretty complicated to find the exact same colors which were used in a real life. Do you also combine shades you need sometimes?
Every real wagon has its own colors which were selected according to their technical standards. These standards were described in the technical documentation for each wagon. Nowadays, it is technically impossible to find more than 60-years old documentation for wagons. It is easier to find the real wagon, take the RAL sampler with and find the corresponding color with the real color on the wagon. Often the hardest thing is to find the wagon itself.

Thank you for the interview and we are looking forward to your next projects!

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Magigoo, trustworthy adhesion for perfect results November 06 2017

Do you know Magigoo? No? So let’s read this interview with nice guys from the company, which is producing this 3D printing adhesive. How they made products from their own needs and about the last upgrade for better usage.


Hello Magigoo! How are you?
Hi, we are excited to tell our story.

Your first product were born like two years ago. Everybody remember that time of creativity needed to fix prints to bed. Stick glue, super glue, hair spray etc. For those who don’t know you, why is Magigoo so effective print adhesive?
Initially as part of our offering we were providing 3D printing services.
This meant that we were printing constantly and at a point we were so frustrated with prints constantly failing and warping. The next step was to try what was available on the market. In all cases we weren’t satisfied. Some stuck to much, other not enough, some annoying to apply, others toxic and so on. Having tested everything else we knew exactly what we wanted and what we did.

Keith, one of the founders, is PhD in material sciences and decided to make a smart glue - something that would be easy to apply and that would release the print fairly easily at the same time allowing easy cleaning. This was initially just made for internal use, nothing fancy just a liquid in an old nutella jar in our printing lab, but it worked!!

It was only later that we decided to share it with others and transformed it from a ‘nutella jar’ to a market ready product. Now we had also finally given it its appropriate name ‘Magigoo’. So in all, we’d say Magigoo is done with a lot of care, by professionals specifically with 3D printing use in mind. Here extensive testing was done that batches are always giving the same sure adhesion and release. Some reformulations were done since its launch based on customer feedback and also to make sure it fits with the latest legislations and also keep safe to use.

From our users we have learned that Magigoo is not only used as a glue, but also due to its easy release as a release agent on PEI sheets or other beds which over-adhere. For example PEI sheets when printing using TPUs or PET.


There is some special legislation rules for “printing glue”?
Being a glue it falls within chemical legislations. This is predominantly the REACH regulation in Europe. If a product was to use biocides there would also be other restrictions in place.

You do have an upgraded new “head”, how did you come with this idea and why did you choose this form of it?
Actually the whole bottle has changed. With our last container with rubber applicator we gathered a lot of user feedback. In most of the cases what we heard is that user love Magigoo and it works as promoted, but the user experience of applying it was not that simple as we wished for.

So we tried out tens of applicators, spoke to multiple packaging companies worldwide and found what we think an ideal solution. The foam on a tip was chosen by us after going through months of research, testing on different surface at different surface temperatures and considering a whole list of other variables based on the previous lessons learnt.

The new applicator allows to distribute Magigoo in consistently even layer, something that would make Magigoo work even better. The flexible bottle gives you that extra control to squeeze more Magigoo if necessary.

We left a small part of our label transparent so that users could see how much of the glue is remaining, and to remind them to ‘shake it like they mean it’ before use.

I know it looks like a simple bottle, but in essence it is a two year evolution fueled by all the experiences and feedback. Here we have to be thankful to all our patient users and fans.  


Is Magigoo suitable for every material? And for every bed?
Magigoo as far as we are concerned should work on all the heated surfaces. We have tried it extensively on the glass and aluminium plates. We have reported results that it had worked well with ceramic beds as well. It will work less on the perforated beds - although this has been through customer feedback as we haven’t tried it much internally.

Many will ask, whether it works with cold bed. We have users who report it’s working, but without the change in temperature, there will be no easy release mechanism.

For materials, Magigoo covers majority of the materials. PLA, ABS, HIPS, PETG. In most of the cases we have really wonderful results. Then again, as anything in 3D printing, it may work less reliably with a mix of material (where PLA or ABS are mixed with other materials for extra effect, such as ABS/PC), or with material which is of bad quality or full of moisture.

Does the bed need to be cleaned after every print?
Well - what we keep saying is for really sure adhesion, one should clean the plate and re-apply Magigoo, but in reality many users don’t like doing that. We have heard users who are printing so many prints on one application that it would make our product the most cost effective than any other product out there. Good for the users for sure.

Will it stay sticky after printing? What to use to clean it?
The surface of the print should not be sticky to the touch. The bed can be easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth after use. Just water is enough to remove Magigoo.

Does it smell? Is it toxic to inhale?
Magigoo is a water based product and has been designed specifically to be non toxic and to not make use of hazardous chemicals. The odour should be faint if at all noticeable. This makes our product safe to use and also pleasant. In an effort to make the product even safer, apart from not having any solvents we also do not use any preservatives! This means that in rare occasion there might be some product spoilage. The Magigoo will still work fine but in such a case an odour will develop. If you notice this problem just get in touch and we will be happy to help!

What would you love to say to people who are reading this? : )
From our end we just want people to be printing like crazy and pushing the boundaries as much as possible!!! We have a new amazing tool within our grasp let’s make sure we make the most of it. If anyone ever needs our input on their project we are always ready to help.



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Best 3D prints from Fillamentum #9 October 30 2017

Hello there,

Here are top prints from Fillamentum materials, which you need to check out. For inspiration or as a challenge : ).

Have a nice printing days!


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Orange Orange"
▷ Printed by: Roman Týr
▷ Printed on: Prusa MK2 multi material
▷ Model: Striped lizard (multi-color) by Roman Týr on Thingiverse


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Galaxy" 
▷ Printed by: MakerInnovations3D 
▷ Printed on: Creality CR-10
▷ Model: Mermaid by Geoffrey Marchal on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Galaxy" 
▷ Printed by: NoGimmicks3DP 
▷ Printed on: CraftUnique CraftBot2 
▷ Model: Bold Machines: Margo's Dog named Eddie by Bold Machines on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill “Vertigo Galaxy“
▷ Printed by: Leonardo Delgado 
▷ Printed on: BQ Hephestos
▷ Model: Thing (FF4) by Geoff.W /Hex3D on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey”, "Vertigo Galaxy” and “Light Ivory”
▷ Printed by: Nic Dimelow 
▷ Printed on: cr-10
▷ Model: Skulls by David Hagemann on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Galaxy" 
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson aka Filament Frenzy 
▷ Printed on: Anycubic I3 Mega
▷ Model: Random Octopus Generator by Fernando Jerez on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: 3DPrintingTips! 
▷ Printed on: TEVO Tornado
▷ Model: Skull Island by Jukka Seppänen on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver"
▷ Printed by: Leonardo Delgado 
▷ Printed on: BQ Hephestos
▷ Model: Colossus Bust by Geoff.W /Hex3D on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Galaxy" 
▷ Printed by: Vlad Hernandez
▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 MK2S
▷ Model: Three Cube Gears by Emmett Lalish on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Orange Orange"
▷ Printed by: Roman Týr
▷ Printed on: Prusa MK2 multi material
▷ Model: Clownfish (multi-color) by Roman Týr on Thingiverse


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NEW PLA Extrafill Orange Orange! October 24 2017

What’s the color of an orange? Orange!

PLA Extrafill Orange Orange is here! We are extremely pleased to introduce you our latest addition of our PLA Extrafill family!

As we are continuously increasing our large selection of colors, true orange color is something that was on the wish list of many makers for a long time. This new filament color was simply developed to match an orange color and has all the excellent features of our PLA Extrafill. Orange Orange is a great color and can be used for many applications.

Don't wait and start printing with the PLA Extrafill Orange Orange today!



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Best 3D prints of last weeks #8 part 2 October 11 2017


After the strong 1st part, here is the second one!

Selection of the best prints from the last weeks. Check it out, take some inspiration and get your printer ready. Autumn is here, we are preparing a lot of new materials and we are hoping you will love them as we did while we were creating them.

OK, no more long words, here is the best of the best!

Have a nice printing day : )


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Galaxy"
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson‏ aka Filament Frenzy 
▷ Printed on: Anycubic I3 Mega
▷ Model: Gothic Lantern by Sonia Verdu on Thingiverse


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Luminous Green" and "Vertigo Grey"
▷ Printed by: Leonardo Delgado
▷ Printed on: BQ Hephestos
▷ Model: Boneheads: Skull Box w/ Brain by 3DKitbash on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Crystal Clear "Iceland Blue" 
▷ Printed by: Fernando Jerez 


▷ Material: Flexfill 92A "Traffic Black"
▷ Printed by: Chris Lee 
▷ Printed on: Folger Tech FT-5
▷ Model: Karcher Pressure hose joint protector by Chris Lee


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Gold Happens" 
▷ Printed by: Leonardo Delgado 
▷ Printed on: BQ Hephestos
▷ Model: Zombie Hunter Head by Ola Sundberg on Thingiverse

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill “Vertigo Galaxy”, “Gold Happens” and "Natural", Primaselect PVA+
▷ Printed by: Roman Tyr
▷ Printed on: Prusa I3 with multimaterial upgrade
▷ Model: Fly (multi-color) by Roman Tyr on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Galaxy" 
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson aka Filament Frenzy 
▷ Model: Aztec god Quetzalcoatl Charm by Cesar Rodriguez on Thingiverse 


And btw., this is not all what we received in our mailbox and on social media. We will add more and more to the next round : )


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Best 3D prints of last weeks #8 part 1 October 09 2017


We have been pretty busy here recently (not that we’re complaining, that is definitely a good thing). TCT in Birmingham was amazing and it was great to be part of such an interesting and well attended show.

Here is the latest best prints blog. We don't say “of the week” this time because they are from the last few hectic weeks and this is only part one!

There were so many amazing prints that we had to divide it into parts : ).

So scroll down for the first instalment and keep your eyes peeled for part two!

Have a nice printing day


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Galaxy" 
▷ Printed by: Tom Vit 
▷ Printed on:
▷ Model: Let's Rock!


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver" 
▷ Printed by: Ronnie‏ Three_Dee_Kid 
▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 MK2
▷ Model: Viking Warrior by lloyd chidgzey on Thingiverse


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Concrete Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Chris of 
▷ Printed on: CR10 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver" 
▷ Printed by: Innovaland (
▷ Printed on: Witbox2 BQ_3d 
▷ Model: Dragon Door Knocker by Sonia Verdu on Thingiverse 

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Signal Brown" and "Light Ivory"
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson 
▷ Printed on: CR-10
▷ Model: The Drakkar by MakerBot on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: ASA Extrafill "Traffic red"
▷ Printed by: JATMN - CaptainBAWLS 
▷ Printed on: Ultimaker 2
▷ Model: SQUIZZLE! A NO SUPPORTS SQUIRREL SCULPT by Louise Driggers on Cults3D 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill Vertigo Galaxy
▷ Printed by: Staal3D 
▷ Printed on:
▷ Model: T-800 Terminator Exoskull by Andrew Diehl on Thingiverse 

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill Vertigo Galaxy
▷ Printed by: 3D Maker Noob 
▷ Printed on: Anycubic I3 Mega at 100 microns
▷ Model: Faceless V2 by fantasygraph on Pinshape 


▷ Material: Flexfill 98A "Powder Beige" 
▷ Printed by: 
▷ Printed on: Ultimaker 2+
▷ Model: Flexy-Hand by Steve Wood on Thingiverse 


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See who packed your order with ♥️ October 04 2017

We have some great news!
All orders from now with special care.

From now, we are sending your orders not just with love, but with special stickers that will inform you which of our charming ladies from warehouse packed them for you.

Stickers are made from photos edited by Prisma app, which can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

“Neural networks and artificial intelligence help you turn memorable moments into timeless art.”

Have a nice printing day : )


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PLA Extrafill Vertigo Galaxy is here! September 19 2017

We are happy to announce a new addition to our best selling PLA Extrafill Vertigo series. A new elegant and sparkling member of our highest quality PLA Extrafill series!

 Vertigo Galaxy is engineered for quality and superior galactic finish. Its decent and elegant color in a shadow and fantastic shine on the light make your project look fabulous.

 Experience the excellent detail, iconic color and the outstanding printing quality.


Follow the 3D printing color trend by Fillamentum

Because everything is better in Vertigo


Throws multi color reflections depending on lighting

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Best 3D prints of last week #7 September 04 2017


Looks like another strong 3D printing week is behind us. Let's take a look on best prints which you send us! If you want to show us your work from Fillamentum materials, don't hesitate and tag us on social networks or sed us photos via mail

Thank you all, we are so happy here!

Have a nice printing days


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Turquoise Green" 
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson 
▷ Printed on: Creality CR-10
▷ Model: Dragon Egg Case by Nathan Squire on Thingiverse 


We just found we forget to show you Ruby Red Batman from Leonardo Delgado. So sorry for waiting to this nice print : ).

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Pearl Ruby Red" 
▷ Printed by: Leonardo Delgado 
▷ Printed on: modified BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos
▷ Model: Another Batman Bust by Geoff.W /Hex3D on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Light Ivory”, "Traffic White”, PLA Extrafill "Signal Brown"
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson 
▷ Printed on: Creality CR-10
▷ Model: Lion Pendant - two versions 3D print model by clayguy on cgtrader 

▷ Material: PLA Crystal Clear "Iceland Blue" 
▷ Printed by: Fernando Jerez 
▷ Model: Skyscrapers by Fernando Jerez on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Leonardo Delgado 
▷ Printed on: modified BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos
▷ Model: Eruptron the Volcano Dragon by MakerBot on Thingiverse


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Fernando Jerez 
▷ Printed on: Anet E10
▷ Model: Futuristic city builder generator by Fernando Jerez on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Everybody's Magenta”, "Traffic Yellow”, "Traffic Black”, "Metallic Grey"
▷ Printed by: 3lobit 
▷ Model: 3lobit 


There was made very nice review by 3DPrintingTips! about Vertigo Grey. Remember his name. We think we will hear about him a lot in the future : ).



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Best 3D prints of last week #6 August 28 2017

Hello everybody!

New Monday is here and that's the perfect time to look for the best prints of last week. We are so excited to get emails, notifications with tags or messages with all this wonderful prints. Thank you.


Enjoy our selection of the best and have a nice printing week! 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill Traffic White, Traffic Black and Traffic Red
▷ Printed by: Daniël Drobinski 
▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 MK2
▷ Model: BULLET BILL / BANZAI BILL by Martin Moore on MyMiniFactory

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Luminous Yellow" 
▷ Printed by: Staal3D 
▷ Printed on: Ultimaker 2 Plus
▷ Model: Staal3D

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Metallic Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson 
▷ Printed on: Anet E10
▷ Model: Dragon Wine Glass - House of Targaryen by Cemal Cetinkaya on MyMiniFactory

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Gold Happens" 
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson‏ 
▷ Model: The Twisted Recorder by Michal Fanta on MiMiniFactory 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Gold Happens" 
▷ Printed by: Hawk 3D Proto™ 
▷ Printed on: BCN 3D Sigma R17 
▷ Model: Dragon Door Knocker by Sonia Verdu on Thingiverse 

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Jimmy Selgen Nielsen‏ 
▷ Printed on: Prusa mk2S
▷ Model: Rolf the Wizard from MakerBot on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: 3DPrintingTips! 
▷ Model: Chromatic Quantum Vase by Devin Montes on MyMiniFactory 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Leonardo Delgado 
▷ Printed on: modified BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos
▷ Model: Captain America bookend by Laura Pantaleone on MyMiniFactory


Maybe you noticed, there is a new review of our PLA filaments by 3D Printed Aspie for 3D With Us, so check it out!

You can read it here



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Best 3D prints of last week #5 August 21 2017


This was a strong week. Was really complicated to choose the best. And that is awesome! Interesting was the increasing amount of Honeycomb vase prints. For honour of this we made from it short video (down below).

Big thumb up goes this week to Tom Jackson. He is an artist, not a printer. Keep up the good work!

Also, don't miss prints from Tom Vit and 3D Maker Noob.

The best selling material of week is as usual PLA Extrafill Vertigo Grey.


Enjoy and have a nice printing day!


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill
▷ Printed by: Tom Vit 
▷ Model: Triangulated Dress by Natalie Rodriguez 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Noble Blue" 
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson‏ 
▷ Printed on: XYZprinting Jr Pro
▷ Model: SPANNERHANDS Spool System on Thingiverse


▷ Material: PLA Crystal Clear "Iceland Blue" 
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson‏ 
▷ Printed on: XYZprinting Jr Pro
▷ Model: Y.A.V. 2 by Ian B on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: Flexfill 98A Powder Beige
▷ Printed by: Tom Vit 
▷ Printed on: Prusa I3 MK2
▷ Model: Female Torso 1 by figure on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver"
▷ Printed by: 3D Maker Noob 
▷ Printed on: Anycubic i3
▷ Model: Crow by Eva K Sbaraini on MyMiniFactory 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Light Ivory" 
▷ Printed by: TriLab 
▷ Printed on: TRILAB DeltiX 
▷ Model: Humerus Bone -Right Human Upper Arm by Guy McCann on MyMiniFactory 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Traffic Black" 
▷ Printed by: Márcia Anaf by manaf3D 
▷ Printed on: FELIX Pro 
▷ Model: Maria Elisa Vianna 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Pearl Ruby Red" 
▷ Printed by: Leonardo Delgado 
▷ Printed on: modified BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos
▷ Model: Another Batman Bust by Geoff.W /Hex3D on Thingiverse 


Btw. Tom told on Twitter it's because it will be a rainbow lamp. OK Tom, we will try to trust you : ).

▷ Material:
PLA Extrafill "Pearl Violet"
PLA Extrafill "Noble Blue"
PLA Crystal Clear "Iceland Blue"
PLA Extrafill "Pearl Ruby Red"
PLA Extrafill "Turquoise Blue"
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson‏ 
▷ Printed on: XYZprinting Jr Pro 
▷ Model: Honeycomb vase by radus on Thingiverse 

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Traffic White” 
▷ Printed by: Valerij Semënov 
▷ Printed on: Selfmaid
▷ Model: Roshan Dota 2 by tomatecherry on Thigiverse 



▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Leonardo Delgado 
▷ Printed on: modified BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos
▷ Model: Origami Carabiner by ddf3d .com on Thingiverse


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Best 3D prints of last week #4 August 14 2017


We do have new material here, the Flexfill 98A Powder Beige, but no prints from you, our fans form it. So we are waiting! Take it like a challenge : ). But we received through social media and mail awesome prints from others.

Let's take a look on the best of last week from our materials.


Have a nice printing days!


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Melon Yellow"PLA Extrafill "Traffic Black" 
▷ Printed by: MakersLab
▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 MK2S 
▷ Model: RC Tank by O.T. Vinta on Thingiverse

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Pearl Ruby Red" 
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson
▷ Printed on: XYZ printing jr pro
▷ Model: Ian B 


▷ Material: Flexfill 98A "Metallic grey" & PLA LA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson 
▷ Printed on: Creality cr-10
▷ Model: SPANNERHANDS Spool System by Spanner Hands on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Purple Red" & "Vertigo Grey"
▷ Printed by: Rachael Broughton 

▷ Material: PLA Crystal Clear "Iceland Blue"
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson‏ 
▷ Printed on: XYZprinting Jr Pro
▷ Model: Honeycomb vase by radus on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"
▷ Printed by: Ronnie the Three_Dee_Kid 
▷ Printed on: Creality CR-10
▷ Model: Screwless Cube Gears by Emmett Lalish on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver" 
▷ Printed by: Chris Russell 
▷ Printed on: Blocks Zero 
▷ Model: Schrödinger's Cat Cube by Tim Keeley on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: si.3dprinting 
▷ Model: Dragon head hair pin by Allen Engelhart on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Pearl Violet"
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson‏ 
▷ Printed on: XYZprinting Jr Pro
▷ Model: Honeycomb vase by radus on Thingiverse 



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Three years of green energy in Fillamentum! August 09 2017

Every day many posts, blogs, articles and studies about getting green appear on the internet and social media. It’s really important not just for us, but for the whole planet to care about this wonderful place we live. Global pollution of air, water, and soil is a real struggle. 

We are happy that so many companies join in their part to change something. Separating waste is just the beginning. Here in the Czech Republic, the beautiful country in the heart of Europe, it is pretty common to do that since nursery. It is the minimum what we can do. But of course, separating and recycling are just a start. 

When we moved into our present place in Hulin, a small village near the modern student city Zlin, we were thinking a lot about what we could do better. We were thinking not only how effectively lay out our office, warehouse, and manufacture, but also how we could get greener. 

In Europe, it’s a common knowledge that you can install solar panels on your house by yourself. You can get your own green energy from almost every building. 

We decided to install solar panels in our area three years ago and it was a great decision! We build in 317 panels on our roofs. We and our mother company have been producing our own electricity already for three years!

Since the beginning of this year, only our area in Hulin, have produced 43 839 kWh from solar panels. As a result, we saved 152,06 t of CO2 which otherwise would be burned by normal electricity making, what was equal to almost 3 wagons of coal (1 wagon brings 52 tons of coal). 

And this is not the end, but only the beginning. We support and are grateful to all companies which are getting greener with us!

Together we can make more!


Think today about your future and make this planet a better and cleaner place to live in.


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NEW | Flexfill 98A Powder Beige August 08 2017

Tough, but still flexible Flexfill 98A series has brand new color!
Pleasure to introduce you Flexfill 98A Powder Beige. 

After an incredible success of our Flexfill 98A series, we're happy to announce a brand new color - Flexfill 98A Powder Beige!

Flexfill 98A series (Shore hardness 98A (50D)) is combining medium elasticity while maintaining incredible structure and the strength to withstand the toughest work environments. Incredible layer to layer bonding, excellent resistance to wear and tear, and ease of use make this filament a great choice for the production of stressed parts.

Flexfill 98A Powder Beige is produced in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter.

TPU aka Thermoplastic polyurethane is a class of plastics with great properties, like resistance to oil, grease, UV resistance and abrasion. Flexfill 98A series is simply the new standard for high quality TPU filaments.

We do know what are you thinking about with this flexible material, but we warn you, this material is not suitable for contact with food or usage for adult toys.


Product page: Flexfill 98A Powder Beige 


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Best 3D prints of last week #3 August 07 2017


Have you noticed that it's August? The summer is getting so fast...
We are hoping that you are enjoying it and also that you are printing : ).

Let's take a look on the best of last week from our materials.


Have a nice printing days!


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Nick Dimelow 
▷ Model: Doctor Who Tardis by Kazzee on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver" 
▷ Printed by: SPANNERHANDS 
▷ Printed on: Printerbot Metal Plus 100
▷ Model: Rook by seechless on Thingiverse  


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Cobalt Blue" 
▷ Printed by: FilaFlip3D 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver" 
▷ Printed by: Hawk 3D Proto™‏ 
▷ Printed on: bcn3dtech Sigma R17


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Best 3D prints of last week #2 July 31 2017


A new week just started, so let's take look back on the best from the last. Of course from Fillamentum materials.

Have a nice printing days!


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Signal Red”, "Traffic Black”, "Traffic White" and "Melon Yellow"
▷ Printed by: Roman Tyr 
▷ Model: Bazinga! (multi-color) by Ronam Tyr on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Luminous Green"
▷ Printed by: Nick Dimelow‏ 
▷ Printed on: CR-10
▷ Model: Pickle Rick! from Jon Cleaver on MyMiniFactory 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver" and "Vertigo Grey"
▷ Printed by: Chris Russell 
▷ Model: silver surfer by skipmontinola on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver"
▷ Printed by: Kenneth Spicer 
▷ Printed on: custom d300vs Kossel
▷ Model: Adalinda: The Singing Serpent by Louise Driggers on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill Melon Yellow, Turquoise Blue, Traffic Black and Crytstal Clear
▷ Printed by: Makerslab
▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 MK2S 
▷ Model: Perry the Platypus Figure from iceberg on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill Vertigo Grey
▷ Printed by: Webberen
▷ Printed on: Wanhao duplicator



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Arturo Anoni 3D printed his own glasses July 26 2017

It’s really nice to print all those characters and toys, but we appreciate when 3D printing helps in a real struggle too. For instance, when you break a part of your electronics and you want to make your own gadgets or you need a holder for something that you can’t buy online. 3D printing is here to create all real necessities and we love it!  That’s the story behind this interview about new spectacle frames.

Hello, Arturo. How do you greet in Mexico?

You printed your own eyeglasses frames. How did you come up with this idea?
It is incredible to be able to change frames and color whenever you want.

Are you planning to make more of them? Maybe something more extravagant?
I would love to do more and better ones. Of course, it would be great to do more extravagant shapes too. <3.

Which software do you use for modeling?
I use Fusion 360. You must measure the width and height of the lenses, then you cover it with blue tape and take photos. Finally, the photo is vectored in Illustrator or Fusion 360. The most important thing is that people can have access to a low-cost frame for their lenses or in case of an accident. 

By taking a photo, you mean from a front, side and top view?
Just from the front and that’s it.

How did you print it?
I did it on Original Prusa i3 mk2. Parameters are for PLA Vertigo Grey of Fillamentum. I use Simplify 3D 100% infill 215 degrees and 60 in bed. No more support needed. Folding the lenses with a hot air gun is enough if it is required :).

Did you use something special for finishing?
It does not need any finishing since the filament is beautiful. The pieces are assembled and they do not require any screws.

Are you really wearing it?: )
I have them right now.


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Best 3D prints of last week July 24 2017


Take a look at the best 3D creations of last week printed from Fillamentum. Get inspiration and print something nice, useful or just fabulous for you too. Of course, if you print something from our materials, let us know by tagging us or send us photos via mail.

So long and have a nice new printing week!


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"
▷ Printed by: Ronald Jaramillo 
▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 Mk2
▷ Model: Ankly Robot - 3d Printed Assembled by Sonia Verdu on Pinshape


▷ Material: PLA Crystal Clear "Iceland Blue"
▷ Printed by: Tom Vit 
▷ Model: Tom's Raspberry Pi Zero W and Cam holder for Ultimaker on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"
▷ Printed by: Arturo Anoni
▷ Model: Arturo Anoni


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Gold Happens"
▷ Printed by: Nick Dimelow 
▷ Printed on: CR-10
▷ Model: Hydra Badge from Benjamin Krygsheld on tThingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Turquoise Blue"
▷ Printed by: Ian B‏ 
▷ Printed on: cr-10


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What to print | Lamps July 21 2017


Weekend printing time is here and what about pimping up your flat, office or any place with nice new 3D printed lamp?

So here you go! Various designs for anybody from simple lines to something for kids.

Check out our Crystal Clears for sheer look, or non transparent materials. Don't forget to take good look on safety! Best way is to use LED lights, because they aren't going to be hot.

If yo print something nice, don't forget to send us images.


Enjoy and have a nice printing days!




RIBONE STRAIGHT from M. Zampach on Cults3D 



ANTENNAE LAMP from Shookideas on Cults3D


Pyramid Light

Pyramid Light Black & White from M. Fanta on MyMiniFactory 



VooV from Castomizes on Pinshape



KINOKO LAMP from Tofuji on Cults3D


LED bridge lamp

LED bridge lamp from Opossums on Thingiverse 


The Seed Lamp

The Seed Lamp - 3DLamPrint from A. Gallon on MyMiniFactory



ART NOUVEAU LOTUS LAMP 2 from Toolmoon on Cults3D


Glowing Twist Lamp

Glowing Twist Lamp (Dual Twist Container) from D. Montes on MyMiniFactory



Lampshade#1 from MakeALot on Pinshape 






WIRE LAMP 02 from Robs_3D on Cults3D


Blooming Flower 2.0

Blooming Flower 2.0 from J. Suter on MyMiniFactory



Vega - The LED-lit Christmas Star from on MyMiniFactory


kyoto Cat

kyoto Cat from m3dw on Pinshape


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What to print | TOP Benchy models and accessorise July 14 2017


Making a big Benchys is a thing right now, so don't hesitate and heat the nozzle! 
We had selected the best Benchy models and accessorise to make your sail easier to start.


Make a bigger one

Beat Joe, the 3D Maker Noob and print it bigger! This one is from Vertigo Grey 

What is a Benchy?

"3DBenchy is a 3D model specifically designed for testing and benchmarking 3D printers. It is a small recognizable object that you can download for free, make and share.
Please visit for more information."


Have a nice printing weekend! ⚓️








Wave stand for the #3DBenchy

Wave stand for the #3DBenchy - The jolly 3D printing torture-test from Darren Furniss on MyMiniFactory

Make Benchy Float Accesories

Make Benchy Float Accesories from dsb007 on Thingiverse






LOW-POLY BENCHY from Danish Bajwa on MyMiniFactory


Wiggly Benchy

Wiggly Benchy from DIZINGOF on Thingiverse


Screwable Benchy stand

Screwable Benchy stand from gomadin on Thingiverse


Groot i am Benchy i ride

Groot i am Benchy i ride from Craig Garrard on Thingiverse


Baby Groot dancing Benchy

Baby Groot dancing Benchy from T-E-C on Thingiverse 


Be ready, it's in 5 months! : )





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What to print | Mobile phone accessories July 07 2017

Hello : )

This week we bring you the mobile phone accessories selection. So pick your favourite and let's print it! 

As usual, if you print something nice from our materials, don't forget to tag us or send us photos.


Have a nice printing day!






Smartphone Photo Studio

Smartphone Photo Studio for #3DBenchy and tiny stuff from CreativeTools on Thingiverse


One Plus X - Car Holder

One Plus X - Car Holder from Helder L. Santos on MyMinifactory 









KIWI BIRD from BS3 on Cults3D



SMARTPHONE HUGGER from Shira on Cults3D


Camera Phone Stand

Camera Phone Stand from blincoln on Thingiverse 


Keychain / Smartphone Stand

Keychain / Smartphone Stand from Sonia Verdu on MyMiniFactory


Phone Stand Foldable

Phone Stand Foldable from makerslabcz on Thingiverse



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What to print | Sand castles June 30 2017

Weekend printing time is here!

Ready? Extruders clean, filaments ready and now you are thinking what to print? We are here to help you : ). What about having some fun on the beach? Holiday season is starting, so its time to become king of the beach with the best sand castles or to print something nice for children.

Enjoy and have a nice printing days ☀️


Btw. if you print something nice from our materials, don't hesitate to send us photos, we would share them : )








Customizable Sand Sundial

Customizable Sand Sundial - (easy & accurate) from Neon22 on Thingiverse 





Sand castle molds

Sand castle molds from luciaBG on Thingiverse



MARVIN MOLD from 3DHUBS on Cults 3D


Sand Castle Mold

Sand Castle Mold from bbalogh on Thingiverse


Nautilus Shell Castle

Nautilus Shell Castle (Fabonacci/Logarithmic Spiral) from cstarrman on Thingiverse


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What to print | Multi material indeas June 23 2017


We received photos from Roman Tyrs work of some multi-color prints and they are so awesome, we made this selection for you : ).

There are also many others, so if you would like to contribute, please, send us a link, and we will add them to the collection. You can also find interesting multi-color prints on the Thingiverse group Multi-Filament Prints.

If your printer doesn't have dual or multi-color possibilities, there are many which you can print by parts and glue them together. Just search for multi-material, multi-color, dual etc. 


Let the color printing weekend begin! 



Clownfish (multi-color) from Roman Tyr on Thingiverse 


Water Dragon

Material: PLA Extrafill "Metallic Grey”, PLA Extrafill "Green Blue”, PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey”, PLA Extrafill "Gold Happens"

Water Dragon (multi-color) from Roman Tyr on Thingiverse


Demon Girl

Demon Girl 4 color (dressed) from Jin Be on Thingiverse


Multi-color Sioux Falls Cathedral

Multi-color Sioux Falls Cathedral from Mosaic Manufacturing on Thingiverse 


Multi-color Citrus Coaster

Multi-color Citrus Coaster from Mosaic Manufacturing on Thingiverse


Multi-Color Clover

Multi-Color Clover from Mosaic Manufacturing on Thingiverse


Knight of Egypt

Knight of Egypt - Anubis 4 color from Jin Be on Thingiverse


Aztec Chief

Aztec Chief (multi-color version) from Roman Tyr on Thingiverse


Bender Bust

Bender Bust (multi-color) from Roman Tyr on Thingiverse


Multi-Color World

Multi-Color World with Stand Mosaic Manufacturing on Thingiverse



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Real rapid prototyping story of design lighting "13" June 21 2017

It's so nice to find through hashtags and tagging our product in use. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, we are all the time happy to see, that our work make sense and it's useful. Once we found Mimokolektiv and here is a interview of their latest project, using our PLA Crystal Clear on great design lamp with a real rapid prototyping story.


Hello Mimokoletiv, was so nice to find you via Instagram! Please, can you introduce yourself?  

Mimokolektiv is a group of an architect, product designer and a garden architect. It's an unlimited creative platform that connects us. Each of us come from a different field thus it  brings a new perspectives to our individual and collective projects.

We mostly work within the field of architecture, interior design and product design, but every time we keep an extra space for something „mimo“, (outside our daily praxis), like the lighting project or the spatial interaction in the city.

We find you through the hashtag #crystalclear. Tell us more about the project.

People from Vault 42 asked us to prepare lighting for their new coworking centrum in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Our collective had to think in such a short time period what technology and filament we will use. At the end we are so proud, how amazing the outcome of our work is!

Normally it is very hard, long lasting and very expensive to make a product from transparent materials, especially when you want to create a special shape. All of this was possible using crystal clear and 3D printing in just 13 days, during which we designed lighting  „13“ - a collection of 13 different lights.

Only 13 days from brief to installation? WOW! Why the shape of bricks? Every one is unique...

Yes, just 13!!! As I mentioned before, the lighting was specially designed for the opening of a new space and the brick is a symbol that is repeating here. We used the shape of a brick because it holds the traditional symbol creating a new idea. On the other hand, the lighting design is a combination of something what is traditional while using “new“ technology. There was a broader concept involved as well. A new lighting should be created for that space every year and the previous one will go for an auction. Half of the final price will be granted to charity and the other half to author. So if you have a spare money go for it!

To the technical part - we know, you used our PLA Crystal Clear to create it. Which instruments did you used for modeling, slicing and printing?

Normally, we use Rhinoceros for 3D modelling and Slic3r or Cura for slicing. We have Prusa i3 mk2 for printing in our studio, so we used it for the lighting. We had a time shortage, so we asked 3D Print Station, a company based in Brno, to print the rest.


How much material did you get throug?

For the lighting it was about 5 packagings.

Do you have any other printing plans?

Our studio is preparing a brand new series of products, so now we are using the printer mostly for prototyping. Except printing on demand we print products to sell in our design shop that we run in Olomouc, so there is always something printing on.



Author of photos: Jakub Sratil


Follow up Mimokolektiv:


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How to get a perfect Groot with Rachael code10100 Broughton June 11 2017

We get in touch online, because she tag us in post. We talked about her wonderful work on Groot model, so you can now read, how she get this nice result.


Is printing your hobby or is it a full time job? Because we checked your Instagram and it looks pretty good there.
3D printing is a hobby at the moment although it takes up most of my free time..... but I totally love it. I bought my first printer in May 2016 and it just went from there. I've learned tons in the last year and there is such a great 3Dprinting community out there. I can honestly say I've met some great people on forums and especially on instagram. If I've had a problem I need help with, I've never been stuck for long, theres always someone there ready to jump in and help. And people are out there posting some great content, its really inspiring. So many great ideas and designs being brought to life, meaning that its one of the most exciting communities out there.

So where to go for those people? Give us please any tips for groups, webs etc 
A lot of the help I’ve received is from others on instagram. If I post a pic about a particular problem, people are really quick to jump in and offer advice - it’s great. @print_itsolid really helped me out when I was struggling to get through my first prints on the Wanhao, helped me dial it in until i got the quality I was looking for.
I also joined the facebook group ‘Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus’ which has also been really helpful. Not only with troubleshooting but also being able to see what upgrades people are doing to their machines and which are worthwhile. Thingiverse also has a lot of useful groups focused on specific printers or areas. These can be really great too. I used youtube videos to help me upgrade the hotend on my printer. At the end of it you come away feeling like you’ve learnt alot more and it builds confidence. You can then go on and share knowledge with others needing advice.

There was a big “Groot boom” in the beginning of this year. This one is one of the best and complex we have seen. Have you seen the film/films?
Thank you. I'd finally gotten around to watching the first film a few weeks back. No idea why I hadn’t watched it sooner as I loved it! Sadly by this point I missed the chance to catch the second film at the cinema. So now I can’t wait to watch it when it’s released!


Which printer did you used for Timberfill, which is the print made of? In which settings?
I printed the Baby Groot (from thingiverse - thing number 2014307) on my Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus, using Fillamentum Timberfill in the light wood colour. The model prints in two parts - the head and the body. I actually scaled both parts down to 90% - mainly due to the time it was going to take to print them. I used 20% infill and 0.20mm layer height. The first print of the body failed as I;d forgotten to amend my retraction settings. But this kinda worked out well as it meant I had a piece to test painting on later. After I amended my retraction settings - reduced retraction distance and speed a little, it had no further issues and came out great. I printed the first 2 layers at 190 degrees and the rest at 185 degrees.

Which tools are you using to post process?
The only sanding I did to the model was around the neck where it had to slot into the body. I left the rest of the model as it was because it came out so well. I didn’t want to lose any of the wood feel, or any of the detail on the design. Other than that, I had a little bit of string to clear up and for this I used a sharp hobby knife. This helps keep the print clean and defined. But honestly I didn’t have a lot to do before I painted it.

We do see also some post process with coloring and moss addition. Which type of color did you used? Any sanding? How did you make the moss?
To finish the model I wanted to fully paint it. I used a combination of airbrushing and hand painting. I've always had success using Tamiya Acrylic model paints, so I went with those again for this. I started with black and hand painted all the crevices and lines with this colour. I then airbrushed the entire model in brown. This gave it some depth in the lines where the black made it look darker. Once it was dry I mixed up a lighter brown and dry brushed the over the surface. This gave the wood effect I was looking for, and because I used wood timberfill it looked and felt realistic. Once it was dry I applied an olive green to parts of the model to give it a living feel. I then added in a few more shades of green to try and add more depth and then sprayed the entire model with a clear matt varnish coat to protect the paint. Finally I used some coarse light turf I picked up from a craft shop to add the moss effect. I used a hobby tool to apply some poly cement and then carefully add in tiny bits of the moss and that was it finished. It was a really fun project, and this little guy is just too cute :).



Thank you Rachael to share your skills with us!
You are very welcome. Thanks for having me!


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What to print | Dota 2 June 09 2017

Hello : )

Weekend is here and we get this printing idea with Dota 2 characters and accessories. Because we do have friends, who play it almost every evening.

If you like it, let's print it!


Dota 2 keychain

Dota 2 keychain from ytsejam06 on Thingiverse


Phantom Assassin

Dota 2 Phantom Assassin posed from Faster on Thingiverse 



Meepo from dota2 from raidboss89 on Thingiverse 



Dota 2 Doom from Daniel Schunemann on MyMinifactory



Dota 2 Bristleback with Cosmetics from Gabriel Seltzer on Thingiverse



Luna Model (from Dota 2) from thonghh_910 on Thingiverse



Dota 2 Ursa from Daniel Schunemann on MyMinifactory



DOTA 2 PUDGE Bust from Fabio Bautista on MyMinifactory


Crystal Maiden

Dota 2 Crystal Maiden from rado907 on Thingiverse



Dota 2 Tiny from rado907 on Thingiverse



Dota 2 Weaver With Cosmetics from Gabriel Seltzer on Thingiverse


iPhone 6 Case

DOTA 2 iPhone 6 Case from Mark Ledwold on MyMinifactory



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What to print | Headphones holders June 02 2017

Hello there!

We do love What to print blogs, because it means the weekend printing time is here. Last week we get photo of this elegant designers headphones holder printed by Tomáš Vít for Yes, everything looks better in Vertigo grey and we are amazed how this stand from Holger Cederberg looks like.


Here are some more ideas for headphone holders.

So long and have a nice printing weekend!


Headphone Stand

Headphone Stand from Bruno M. on Youmagine


Headphones holder

Headphones holder from Nick Rimmer on Pinshape



STAND BY ME: HEADPHONE HANGER from Eumakers on Cults3D


Headphone Holder

Headphone Holder from Raied Hasan on Thingiverse


Headphone Holder

Headphone Holder 1 (Wall mounted) from Kayle-Ann Lee Chee on Youmagine


Desktop Headphones Stand

Desktop Headphones Stand from Chris Milnes on Pinshape





Headphone Stand

Headphone Stand from MakerBot on Thingiverse


Headphones holder

Headphones holder from Nadar on Youmagine


Tantō Headphone Stand

Tantō Headphone Stand from Adam Molnar on Pinshape


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Spin & vape - ultimate geek relaxing combo by Staal June 01 2017

The man who introduce to us like one of the best printer in Denmark. And like we see from his work, he really is. He tried basically all of our materials and print it great. Peter Staal Hansen is working in his free time on many projects from drones to some nice gifts for friends. The man who smiles all the time, especially with emoticons.


Hello Staal, how are you?
Hello I'm fine. How are you?

Awesome! Which printers do you use for your work?
Ultimaker 2+, Ultimaker Original +, Afinibot A31 and Prusa i3 MK2.

We send you some materials for testing and like a joke one special PLA color for you. Was it a great choice?: )
I don't really know if it was a "good" color but everything looks good in PINK I guess?

That’s the sentence for Vertigo Grey. But Everybody's Magenta is pretty intense pink. What do you print out of it? It is a little challenge to send a man real pink PLA : )
I have made some fidget spinners and some tray holders for my vape juices and batteries.


Which printer did you used?
The Prusa i3 MK2
Hotend : 212 °C
Bed: 55 °C
Layer 0.3
Simplify3D for slicer.

You also did those models.... Why not just download something? Do you like to make your own models?
It's more fun to make you own models, and when you own 3D printers then why not? You will always learn something new when modelling. It should in my personal opinion be something every 3D printer owner should do.

What did you learn on this project?
To keep it simple and don't over do it when there is no need to do that.

What do you use for modeling?
I use Fusion 360. It’s a very powerful CAD program when you get to know it, and it's somewhat free to use. You can get a one year free license. I highly recommend it for anyone.

The stand for juices looks pretty easy to do, just some basic shapes boolean. But how to make the spinner shape, are there any recommendation you will give us?
For the spinners, get the basic shape down first (bearings) and then have fun with the other shape on it, and try to make one that don't look like all the other spinners. Make some patterns and see what happens. If you want to go discount on them use nuts on the arms instead of bearings. But keep in mind the heavier the arms are the faster and longer it will spin. Use a good bearing for the center.

Where is the central bearing from? Everybody are asking for where to get those...
They are from Aliexpress just search for Ceramic Bearings.

Did you use any special tricks to get nice prints from PLA? Its maybe the easiest material for printing, but do you have any tips for it?
I prefer to print in PLA. There really is no need to print in other type of filament for things that only have no other function than to stand still. PLA gives the best print result in my opinion, and is really easy to print with. If you have a good brand that is, and Fillamentum is a good PLA brand. I haven't had any issues with it yet.

Thank you, that's nice to hear. So any tips for beginners?
That's a tough question, since no printer is the same . A good first layer and speed is key to a good print. Keep first layer slow. If you want the good looking print don't print too fast with a Prusa styled printer even if it can.

How many vape juices do you have?
Way too many, or not enough I don't know, haven't counted them . ATM I like the Bubble Trouble from Big Mouth the most. I'm still "new" at vaping and need to test more flavours.

Are you the person who loves to make tricks with the smoke?
Not yet, but I do like big clouds.

And what the hell is this?:D
I know you have big hands so I printed a oversized spinner for 2 hands for you . Model made by Adriansm and almost scaled to max (270mm).

How much material did you used?
Over 300 gram.

Model of the big spinner:
Info: The big one is printed on Afinibot A31 (cr-10) the white one on Ultimaker 2+

So..... spin & vape. Ultimate geek relaxing combo.


Thank you, have a nice printing day and say hello to your boys (french bulldogs) : )
Your welcome and have a nice one.


Staal's Facebook page and Instagram

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What to print | We love Simpsons! May 26 2017


Weekend is here and we wont let your printer be "alone and hungry". So here, like every Friday, printing inspiration.
Who loves Simpsons? No this is a joke to asking, there aren't people who doesn't like them : ).

So check this ideas and have a nice printing weekend! 







Marge with integrated support from Udo Graf on MyMiniFactory



Donut from timrbsnow on Thingiverse 






Pieman from jose antonio dominguez on MyMiniFactory


Homer Simpson multicolor

Homer Simpson multicolor from Jonas Hansen on Thingiverse






Homer with integrated support from Udo Graf on MyMiniFactory



KANG AND KODOS from MAJS84 on Cults3D


Homer Grim Reaper

Homer Grim Reaper from jose antonio dominguez on MyMiniFactory 





Octopus + Maggie Simpson

Octopus + Maggie Simpson from Aurore DUDU on MyMiniFactory


If you printed some nice from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!


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Webberen vs Prototypum pad (review) May 24 2017

Niels Oestbjerg aka Webberen is a 3D printing and design enthusiast from Denmark. He loves to test materials and everything new. So we send him Prototypum adhesive pad and this is an interview about it.


Hello Niels, thank you for your time how are you? : )
Hello, no problem, I'll gladly assist you with your questions.

What kind of printer/s do you have?
Currently I have a Wanhao Duplicator i3, the first version. It is heavily modded, and I am glad to see, that Wanhao have made a lot of the changes on their newest models.

I am working on getting the final pieces together on my own 3d printer. A 30x30cm diy-beast. I have designed it from scratch, but it's still a work in progress.

I hope to have a real Prusa i3 machine in my printroom real soon, also I think that I need some more, and different machines overall, to be able to make some better tests of filaments and other 3D-print stuff. Also I run into prints queuing up with just the one working printer.

What were the first impressions about the Prototypum pad?
First unboxing, you get this amazing packaging, and working in the packaging industry every day, I was very pleased to see that Prototypum knows, that this is the first way to interact with your customers. In the package I then found this cool pad that looked like it was made from very high quality materials, and I then realized that it was with a magnetic slipmat making it easy to remove after each print. This feature is fantastic, I know I lot of printers where it's not easy to access prints when they sit on the printbed, and this takes care of that. They also include a cool scraper and a meassure-piece for bed leveling.

On which material types did you try the pad?
I started with the Fillamentum Timberfill which is a PLA-like filament of which I know makes some great looking prints, also I just made the exact same model on my kapton-tape fitted heated bed, so that made it easy to compare the two types of print surfaces. It went very good, and the first layer had a bottom finish that was matte and looked like the rest of the print, where as the kapton tape makes it all glossy on the bottom.

However, I do a lot of prints in ABS-filament, and I really wanted to see how it would work with this, the higher temperature, and ABS-filament being a very lively material. First impressions was poor, I tried to print with no help on the printed piece and it came of halfway in the print. But I jumped on the horse again and gave it a little brim, and this made the world of difference, now I could have a nice stable print, but still I have the ability to remove the entire pad after printing, and by the way, wait until it has cooled down, I print ABS with a bed temperature of 100°C which is extremely hot for your fingers. ;)

We were watching you on your Instagram and it seems there was some problems with ABS…
Yes but as stated earlier, I found a good solution for the issue, and it is actually one I always used my self, I just wanted to put some pressure on the product, it was a test after all. ;)

Can you tell us how it goes to use it?
I am still going to be testing it with other filaments like some flexible filaments, but I am sure that it will be good for this too. Also I unfortunately have made some small burned markings in the pad from when I aborted a print with a nozzle temperature of 245°C, the nozzle was on first layer, and when it stood still it made a little mark, this should be taken into account with the pad, the surface is not rated for that high temperature when it stands still in the same spot.

What about PLA, did you try it too?
Yes in fact I did a fidget spinner in iceland blue PLA. And as I expected it worked very fine on the Prototypum Pad. But then again, PLA is, in my opinion, the easiest filament to lay down.

Is there anything what need to be said about the Prototypum pad?
I have a few things you need to know about the pad:

  • Make sure that when printing in ABS, not to make a too thin brim, or first layer that is. First of all, you should keep the nozzle at least 0.2mm away from the pad when it's hot, otherwise it will burn a line or hole in the Pad. Also it’s a pain to remove leftover on the pad if it’s not thick enough.
  • Never use acetone on the pad. When using for instance, kapton tape or just a glass surface, you can gain a good grip by rubbing some acetone on the build plate, but you should NEVER do that to your Prototypum Pad, it will dissolve the surface.
  • Take your time when placing the tape on your build plate. You don't want any bubbles to lift the pad, making for an uneven printbed. If you end up with bubbles, you can of course, use a very sharp knife to puncture them without making any issues afterwards.

    How many stars is the pad worth?
    I'll rate it with **** (4 stars), if the surface could withstand higher heat, like say, kapton tape, it would get 5. It’s is a very good product.


    Thank you Webberen for testing and your opinion!


    More about Webberen - Youtube & Instagram
    More about the Prototypum 3D printing adhesive pad.

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    3D Expo 2017 May 21 2017


    Hello there!

    This will be a long one, but we need to show you everything what we like on 3D Expo 2017 which took place in Prague, Czech republic.

    We are producing filaments, so our photographic skills need some improvement, but we take all the photos with love : ).


      • Our super handsome crew 

      Four really heavy days with great people. And here are heroes who survived it with a smile!


      • We get gifts ❤️

      This is a Knight printed by Roman Týr from PLA Rapunzel Silver. Model from Andreas B is on Thingiverse, printed on Original Prusa i3 MK2

      Mothers Day from N3DS on Thingiverse printed by our friend from PLA Vertigo Grey

      This is from MakersLab, printed during Expo. We gave him name Stepan : ). Printed on Prusa with PLA Crystal Clear Iceland Blue. Model White Bear at The Middelheim Museum, Antwerp from Scan The World on MyMiniFactory

      • How looks some nice multicolour prints from Prusa


      This is two news - a box for your printer with HEPA filter and a box for spool for staying dry

      Those printers doesn't print, they are dancing! : )

      • You should know about TriLab!

      Why? Because they won 1. place at 3D printers competition with their Kossel!

      They have also the biggest Pikachu from whole expo (from our PLA Melon Yellow). Model is from A. Flowalistic at Thingiverse

      And this awesome print of Wireframe skull from Ch. Nelson (PLA Vertigo Grey)

      • Mr. Doleček with awesome airplane

      "To be a part of 3D Expo in our homeland was a great opportunity for meeting our friends, collaborators and customers. Seeing all those cheerful users makes for us a commitment to work even harder on our products. This is what give us energy to look in the future and make the best what we can."

      Josef Doleček
      Founder of Fillamentum


      On the photo is wonderful model from Stepan Dokoupil from 3D LabPrint



      • And photos of nice people we met : )

       3D Station


      Prusa research

      Kryal cube


      Thank you for visiting or just going through photos.

      See you next time!


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      What to print | Frogs May 19 2017

      Weeeeeekend! : )

      Hello everyone, this time we are bringing some printing ideas with this cute little creature - frog 🐸

      If you know of any great one, that we are missing, please let us know and we can add it. Similarly, if you manage to print out of Fillamentum some nice prints, send photos, we share them on the web and social networks! 




      Made by: Morena Protti
      Link: Treefrog on Thingiverse


      Polygon Frog on Pinshape

      Made by: bchan
      Link: Polygon Frog on Pinshape


      The Frog Dissection Kit

      Made by: MakerBot
      Link: The Frog Dissection Kit on Thingiverse


      Lily Pad Leap: An Altoid Tin Game

      Made by: Chad Ruble
      Link: Lily Pad Leap: An Altoid Tin Game on Thingiverse


      Musical Frog

      Made by: pmoews
      Link: Musical Frog on Thingiverse


      Coffee Stencils


      Made by: id. arts
      Link: Coffee Stencils Latte Art Template - Frog & Rose on Thingiverse



      Made by: SHIGE
      Link: FROG PENDANT on Cults3D


      2-color tree frog

      Made by: Nervous System
      Link: 2-color tree frog on Thingiverse


      Flippy Frog Finger Game

      Made by: Conor Devine
      Link: Flippy Frog Finger Game on MyMiniFactory


      Garden Toad

      Made by: Bernie Solo
      Link: Garden Toad on Thingiverse


      Frog Riding Gnome

      Made by: Tony Buser
      Link: Frog Riding Gnome on Thingiverse




      If you printed some nice frogs from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!

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      What to print | Mother's Day May 11 2017

      Hello there!

      Mother's Day it's here, so heat your extruders and make something nice for those we love : ).


      if you print out of Fillamentum some nice prints, send us photos, we share them on the web and social networks! 







      Earring Tree

      Earring Tree on Thingiverse from Alex G Mendoza





      Purple set

      Purple set on Thingiverse from Tetiana Bulgakova


      Love my mom keychain

      Love my mom keychain (mothers day) on Thingiverse from Natty De Paepe


      Parrot brooch

      Parrot brooch on MyMiniFactory from Vít Rychlý






      Mother and Child

      Mother and Child on Thingiverse from Brian Weston


      Wave Lemon Slayer

      Wave Lemon Slayer on MyMiniFactory from Cemal Cetinkaya



      Flower on Thingiverse from Vladimir Mariano


      Mothers Day


      Mothers Day on Thingiverse from Nilssen 3D Service

      This one we get like a gift from our fan on 3D Expo. It's from Vertigo grey. But we forgot to ask for some contact, so we hope we get in touch somehow and write him here with this wonderful print!


      If you printed some nice gifts from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!


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