The Fillamentum company succeeded in the START Prague Market May 25 2018

Yesterday the Žižkov television tower became the place where the 14-day period of subscription period peaked. Investors had the opportunity to place their demand for the purchase of shares in our company, FILLAMENTUM a.s., specialising in the production of special polymer products used in automobile, engineering, and food industries, as well as in the area of hobby and design.

Historically first Start Day lasted only six hours – it was enough for final presentations for all three companies applying for investors’ interest, finalising noting, price setting, and releasing final results. Our company, FILLAMENTUM a.s., has succeeded in closing the book of orders as the first! In short time, we reached the maximum of subscriptions of all planned 28 800 shares! The price of one stock was set to 825 CZK and the issues, managed by Roklen Corporate Finance, even ignited such interest among investors that the demand for our shares exceeded the offered amount by 1,021 times.

“When we saw the Fillamentum company last Autumn, we were sure that it would work out,” says the boss of the Prague’s market Petr Koblic.

“The success of Fillamentum proves confidence of Czech investors in the domestic technology company that is expanding to foreign markets this way. We are witnessing an iconic milestone for the Czech capital market and also for the company itself. The impact of the issuance is not only economic, but it also regards marketing,” summarised the Managing Director of Roklen Corporate Finance, Jakub Burda.

We are planning to use the funds raised as a part of the public offering to invest in expanding domestic production capacities and building production and business facilities in the USA which makes up and essential part of the 3D printing global market. Our presentation to investors is available to watch at the page

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