3D Expo 2017 May 21 2017


Hello there!

This will be a long one, but we need to show you everything what we like on 3D Expo 2017 which took place in Prague, Czech republic.

We are producing filaments, so our photographic skills need some improvement, but we take all the photos with love : ).


    • Our super handsome crew 

    Four really heavy days with great people. And here are heroes who survived it with a smile!


    • We get gifts ❤️

    This is a Knight printed by Roman Týr from PLA Rapunzel Silver. Model from Andreas B is on Thingiverse, printed on Original Prusa i3 MK2

    Mothers Day from N3DS on Thingiverse printed by our friend from PLA Vertigo Grey

    This is from MakersLab, printed during Expo. We gave him name Stepan : ). Printed on Prusa with PLA Crystal Clear Iceland Blue. Model White Bear at The Middelheim Museum, Antwerp from Scan The World on MyMiniFactory

    • How looks some nice multicolour prints from Prusa


    This is two news - a box for your printer with HEPA filter and a box for spool for staying dry

    Those printers doesn't print, they are dancing! : )

    • You should know about TriLab!

    Why? Because they won 1. place at 3D printers competition with their Kossel!

    They have also the biggest Pikachu from whole expo (from our PLA Melon Yellow). Model is from A. Flowalistic at Thingiverse

    And this awesome print of Wireframe skull from Ch. Nelson (PLA Vertigo Grey)

    • Mr. Doleček with awesome airplane

    "To be a part of 3D Expo in our homeland was a great opportunity for meeting our friends, collaborators and customers. Seeing all those cheerful users makes for us a commitment to work even harder on our products. This is what give us energy to look in the future and make the best what we can."

    Josef Doleček
    Founder of Fillamentum


    On the photo is wonderful model from Stepan Dokoupil from 3D LabPrint



    • And photos of nice people we met : )

     3D Station


    Prusa research

    Kryal cube


    Thank you for visiting or just going through photos.

    See you next time!


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    New material - Nylon CF15 Carbon April 12 2017

    We introduce the latest product in the portfolio of cutting-edge filaments for 3D printing from Fillamentum company.

    Nylon CF15 Carbon is enriched with additional ingredients to improve physical properties of the filament. The new composition gives the material a new aesthetic quality.


    • With addition of carbon particles into the fibre, we achieved an increased prints impact resistance, which will be appreciated by serious printers. We tested this property on prints and no destruction occurred even at 20 °C bellow zero, so the material does not become brittle when cold as other plastics.
    • Resistance to abrasion increased and therefore the fibre Nylon CF15 is a great choice, for example, to print the gears and other machine parts, which require a functionality, durability and strength.

    • It is known that nylons readily absorb moisture from the environment, which can cause print defects. Carbon Fibre CF15 has a much lower moisture absorption than regular nylon.
    • Other no less interesting properties of the filaments are its thermal and chemical resistance.
    • This nylon has not only interesting physical properties, but also its aesthetic matte black finish of carbon. It is therefore also suitable for use in architecture and design.

    • This maerial is due to the adition of carbon abrasive. Therefore use them only with nozzle suitable for this purpose - hardened steel or ceramic.



    Nylon CF15 Carbon is a technical material with easy processing in printers and reinforcement physical features. I am glad that I can introduce it to you.

    Josef Doleček
    Founder of Fillamentum

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    *NEW* PLA Vertigo Grey February 03 2017

    Do you love Rapunzel silver? Fillamentum now introduces a new
    shade PLA Vertigo gray.

    This new member to our range of PLA materials can depose the
    iconic color of the top of popularity.

    This new filament is interested not only in his physical characteristics but also
    "galactic" dark gray metallic color. Luxury finish of this material is therefore
    perfectly suited not only to futuristic models, but also for designers and automotive
    industrie. It is intended for all those who appreciate quality and detail.

    Printed by Miroslav Mihálik on modified Zortrax. The Impulse model was designed
    by Devin Montes, during making a VR sculpturing video. This video and whole
    Youtube channel from Make Anything is here.

    A good choice for PLA
    PLA is a great material for novice and experienced printers. Working with him
    does not require a heating bed and is suitable for more demanding printing details.
    Compared with ABS he can be printed in larger angles and his composition ensures
    greater flexibility. And bonus, it is biodegradable


    Print of a lion from 3D maker Noob, printed on Original Prusa i3 Mk2 with layer
    hight 0.20mm


    "At Fillamentum we believe in the knowledge of our experts. We are bringing 
    the highest quality filaments to the market. It is important for us to prepare
    for printers stable technical characteristics of our products. I am glad that
    I can introduce our new product - PLA Vertigo gray."

    Josef Doleček
    Founder of Fillamentum