Interview: Printing magic with Nacho & Lamborghini Miura wheel rim October 30 2018

It’s amazing! We’re just looking at one of your prints and… it’s really a beautiful piece of work.
Thank you so much!!
It’s printed on Ultimaker 2+ and modeling is mine with Catia V5. It's a CAD 3D software like the SolidWorks.

How much does it take to print it?
Approximately 30 hours.

Why did you choose this model? We remember you from the watches series..
I like the motor-sport world, I’ve already done the McLaren F1 steering wheel.
This time, I wanted to make a design easier to print and assemble but iconic at the same time.
The Lamborghini Miura was the first mass-manufactured supercar and the design of the rim is spectacular – for me.

We’ve met on Twitter because you’d tagged us in your posts. How did you find our brand and why did you choose it for your projects?
I’ve discovered you thanks to the distributor you have in my city – Innovaland 3D ( They recommended me your filaments for their quality.
I bought a Rapunzel Silver spool PLA and since then, I’ve been limited to buying only your products because they give me quality, easy printing (temperatures, removal of supports), and above all – assembling precision.

Since you’ve mentioned temperatures, what setup did you use for printing this model?
For the body rim printed in Fillamentum Gold Happens PLA, I used the 0,4 nozzle with a 0,2 height layer, the speed of 30mm/seg, 50º supports overhang angle and nozzle at the temperature of 210°C.
For the central wheel wing nut, I printed with Fillamentum Rapunzel Silver PLA and used the same settings as for the body rim.
And for the brand shield, I printed with Fillamentum Traffic Black and Gold Happens PLA I used the 0,25 nozzle with a 0,15 layer, the speed of 20mm/seg and at the temperature of 195°C.

Is it possible to download the model?
Yes, it is available in Thingiverse, I’m dropping the link to my account here:
And for the model:

What are your future plans?
I have many plans, right now, I have two tough bosses – my sons – they’re demanding a scary mask for Halloween.
On the other hand, I'm trying to simplify the watch design to reduce the number of mounting parts and maybe I can make a short production for some interested friends. I hope to get it using the filament change technique during printing.
I also want to make some relief map of the terrain using digital terrain models and I need to learn to design with Blender to make more artistic designs and less industrial.
Besides all this, I have to finish the design of a watch, I want to design another Formula 1 steering wheel more and continue with the design of luminous marquee letters and with the architectural recreations… I need more time. (I wish a day had 36 hours?)


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