Timberfill Sampler and Single Swatches are here! January 23 2020

After the PLA Extrafill Sampler and single Swatches, we are releasing Timberfill Sampler and single Swatches. It is going to be your new handy tool for color combinations and comparisons. The Timberfill Sampler includes a steel-string with practical closure, which makes adding more colors and changing possible.

Genuinely 3D printed swatches with labels specifying the color and material. This way, you can see the real color after printing making it possible well-suited for color combination and color comparison.

This is the complete list of all four Timberfill colors:

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Single PLA Swatches are here! September 17 2019

We are proud to announce that the Single PLA Swatches are here ready for you!

Now you are going to be able to add a single PLA swatch to your already existing Sampler as we release new materials and colors. You will also be able to create your own custom samplers with only blue colors, or any combination you will need.

There are over 40 colors in our PLA offer and therefore Single Swatches are a great way to determine if the color will be suitable for your project and a great way to combine and compare the colors.