Best 3D prints of last week #3 August 07 2017


Have you noticed that it's August? The summer is getting so fast...
We are hoping that you are enjoying it and also that you are printing : ).

Let's take a look on the best of last week from our materials.


Have a nice printing days!


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Nick Dimelow 
▷ Model: Doctor Who Tardis by Kazzee on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver" 
▷ Printed by: SPANNERHANDS 
▷ Printed on: Printerbot Metal Plus 100
▷ Model: Rook by seechless on Thingiverse  


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Cobalt Blue" 
▷ Printed by: FilaFlip3D 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver" 
▷ Printed by: Hawk 3D Proto™‏ 
▷ Printed on: bcn3dtech Sigma R17


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Best 3D prints of last week #2 July 31 2017


A new week just started, so let's take look back on the best from the last. Of course from Fillamentum materials.

Have a nice printing days!


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Signal Red”, "Traffic Black”, "Traffic White" and "Melon Yellow"
▷ Printed by: Roman Tyr 
▷ Model: Bazinga! (multi-color) by Ronam Tyr on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Luminous Green"
▷ Printed by: Nick Dimelow‏ 
▷ Printed on: CR-10
▷ Model: Pickle Rick! from Jon Cleaver on MyMiniFactory 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver" and "Vertigo Grey"
▷ Printed by: Chris Russell 
▷ Model: silver surfer by skipmontinola on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver"
▷ Printed by: Kenneth Spicer 
▷ Printed on: custom d300vs Kossel
▷ Model: Adalinda: The Singing Serpent by Louise Driggers on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill Melon Yellow, Turquoise Blue, Traffic Black and Crytstal Clear
▷ Printed by: Makerslab
▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 MK2S 
▷ Model: Perry the Platypus Figure from iceberg on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill Vertigo Grey
▷ Printed by: Webberen
▷ Printed on: Wanhao duplicator



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*NEW* PLA Vertigo Grey February 03 2017

Do you love Rapunzel silver? Fillamentum now introduces a new
shade PLA Vertigo gray.

This new member to our range of PLA materials can depose the
iconic color of the top of popularity.

This new filament is interested not only in his physical characteristics but also
"galactic" dark gray metallic color. Luxury finish of this material is therefore
perfectly suited not only to futuristic models, but also for designers and automotive
industrie. It is intended for all those who appreciate quality and detail.

Printed by Miroslav Mihálik on modified Zortrax. The Impulse model was designed
by Devin Montes, during making a VR sculpturing video. This video and whole
Youtube channel from Make Anything is here.

A good choice for PLA
PLA is a great material for novice and experienced printers. Working with him
does not require a heating bed and is suitable for more demanding printing details.
Compared with ABS he can be printed in larger angles and his composition ensures
greater flexibility. And bonus, it is biodegradable


Print of a lion from 3D maker Noob, printed on Original Prusa i3 Mk2 with layer
hight 0.20mm


"At Fillamentum we believe in the knowledge of our experts. We are bringing 
the highest quality filaments to the market. It is important for us to prepare
for printers stable technical characteristics of our products. I am glad that
I can introduce our new product - PLA Vertigo gray."

Josef Doleček
Founder of Fillamentum