Quick and clean 3D printout removal! March 18 2017

We all know it, your printout is finally done - and firmly stuck. You are forced to use brute force to remove your object from the pad. Knives, spatulas, and other various metal tools are used that destroy your base. That’s history now!

Prototypum has developed a special press pad composed of two parts, ​a fixed lower layer and a flexible magnetic top.
After printing, the upper part held by magnets can easily be removed and the upper and lower part of the printer can be immediately separated.





The pad consists of two parts, the lower fixed part and upper removable holding magnet. The gentle tread design of the pad leaves a matte surface on the models


 The Prototypum pad package includes:

● A removable top section
● A fixed lower part
● Cleaning wipes
● Feeler gauge
● Flexible scraper


"We do collaborate with people from Prototypum a long time. Working with creative and technologically savvy partners is always a great joy."

Josef Doleček
Founder of Fillamentum


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