What to print | Voxel mania April 27 2017

Hello there!

Do you have plans for weekend printing? No?! What about something from voxels

If you know of any great model, that we are missing, please let us know and we can add it. Similarly, if you print out of Fillamentum some nice prints, send us photos, we share them on the web and social networks! 




VOXEL TURTLE on Cults3D from PJ_

David in 16bits

David in 16bits on MyMyniFactory from MoggBomber


Pixel Octopus

Pixel Octopus - Minimal Voxel Octopus Tutorial on Thingiverse from Agustin Flowalistik

A Discretized Hyperbolic Paraboloid

A Discretized Hyperbolic Paraboloid on Thingiverse from cody18


VOXEL SHARK on Cults3D from PJ_

Low-Voxel Stanford Bunny

Low-Voxel Stanford Bunny + Voxelization/Minecraft Tutorial on MyMyniFactory from mathgrrl

Minecraft castle

Minecraft castle on MyMyniFactory from athgrr

Voxel Moai

Voxel Moai on Thingiverse from Johann Joe


VOXEL WHALE on Cults3D from PJ_

Voxel Elephant V2

Voxel Elephant V2 on Thingiverse from PJ_

Don't forget these cute pokemons!


BulbasaurPikachuCyndaquilCharmanderTotodileSquirtle, all on Thingiverse from Johann Joe


If you printed some nice voxels from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!


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