Fillamentum Stickers 2020! January 10 2020

We are happy to introduce you our new stickers for season 2020! We love to make our fans part of our products, so we involved them.

By submitting a suggestion, you could be a part of the new Fillamentum Stickers 2020. It wasn't easy to pick up the best ones from more than 200 submissions! Thank you all! We are so happy for such a creative community and that we received a ton of great ideas! Most of the ideas came from Jarda, Shea Street, Big Nick Dimelow, 3Dbecks199, and of course, many more. 

The final selection is a mix of our internal ideas and tips from Big Nick Dimelow, 3dbecks199, Tauryn_3d_prototyping, Teh, Filip K., Carina, and MrKominek.

Check out the new stickers for your favorite filament:

Btw. it's your last chance to get Fillamentum Stickers 2019! Get them here 

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NEW CPE CF112 Carbon is here! January 08 2020

Carbon fiber reinforced CPE HG100, known as a CPE CF112 Carbon, was firstly presented at TCT Show in Birmingham in September 2019, followed by Formnext in November 2019. On both of these events, this material left a great impression with our customers, makers, and representatives of companies from various types of industries.

This highly technical material also preserves the ease of printing like with regular CPE HG100 with improved technical properties. Thanks to excellent interlayer adhesion the surface enables easy painting and priming.

Our CPE HG100 is a copolyester known for its excellent mechanical properties. With the carbon fibers reinforcement, this highly technical material improves even more in hardness, wear resistance, and pressure resistance. Noteworthy is the hardness that reaches 77 Shore D, which makes it comparable with Vinyl 303

CPE CF112 Carbon is a very hydroponic and moisture sensitive material. Please keep the spools in a protective sachet with silica gel. However, we recommend re-drying the material before use for the best results. The recommended printing temperature is between 255-275 °C and the hotbed between 70-85 °C. Due to the carbon fibers, this composite material is highly abrasive. The printing requires the use of abrasivity resistant nozzles.

We guarantee a high quality of printed objects when the following recommendations in the 3D Printing Guide are met. Find all the Datasheets here.

Please take a look at our chart comparing CPE HG100 with CPE CF112 Carbon.


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Maker Faire Rome 2019 Award November 08 2019

We are incredibly happy to be awarded a Maker of Merit Blue Ribbon at the Maker Faire Rome 2019. This certification of true esteem is awarded by the organizers, and the American parent company Make: Community.

"Maker Fair Rome was really exciting! Definitely one of the biggest shows for hobby makers. So many fantastic new ideas, projects and really a lot of visitors. We are very happy that we could be there, and thank you also for the Blue Ribbon!" says our CMO Laila.  

We are dighted to have the opportunity to showcase our products in events like Maker Faire Rome, where we could get together with our fans and introduce our materials to the makers. For this occasion, we brought the whole collection of our hobby materials, of which we gave out samples.


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Best 3D prints of last week #6 August 28 2017

Hello everybody!

New Monday is here and that's the perfect time to look for the best prints of last week. We are so excited to get emails, notifications with tags or messages with all this wonderful prints. Thank you.


Enjoy our selection of the best and have a nice printing week! 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill Traffic White, Traffic Black and Traffic Red
▷ Printed by: Daniël Drobinski 
▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 MK2
▷ Model: BULLET BILL / BANZAI BILL by Martin Moore on MyMiniFactory

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Luminous Yellow" 
▷ Printed by: Staal3D 
▷ Printed on: Ultimaker 2 Plus
▷ Model: Staal3D

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Metallic Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson 
▷ Printed on: Anet E10
▷ Model: Dragon Wine Glass - House of Targaryen by Cemal Cetinkaya on MyMiniFactory

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Gold Happens" 
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson‏ 
▷ Model: The Twisted Recorder by Michal Fanta on MiMiniFactory 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Gold Happens" 
▷ Printed by: Hawk 3D Proto™ 
▷ Printed on: BCN 3D Sigma R17 
▷ Model: Dragon Door Knocker by Sonia Verdu on Thingiverse 

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Jimmy Selgen Nielsen‏ 
▷ Printed on: Prusa mk2S
▷ Model: Rolf the Wizard from MakerBot on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: 3DPrintingTips! 
▷ Model: Chromatic Quantum Vase by Devin Montes on MyMiniFactory 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Leonardo Delgado 
▷ Printed on: modified BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos
▷ Model: Captain America bookend by Laura Pantaleone on MyMiniFactory


Maybe you noticed, there is a new review of our PLA filaments by 3D Printed Aspie for 3D With Us, so check it out!

You can read it here



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Best 3D prints of last week #5 August 21 2017


This was a strong week. Was really complicated to choose the best. And that is awesome! Interesting was the increasing amount of Honeycomb vase prints. For honour of this we made from it short video (down below).

Big thumb up goes this week to Tom Jackson. He is an artist, not a printer. Keep up the good work!

Also, don't miss prints from Tom Vit and 3D Maker Noob.

The best selling material of week is as usual PLA Extrafill Vertigo Grey.


Enjoy and have a nice printing day!


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill
▷ Printed by: Tom Vit 
▷ Model: Triangulated Dress by Natalie Rodriguez 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Noble Blue" 
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson‏ 
▷ Printed on: XYZprinting Jr Pro
▷ Model: SPANNERHANDS Spool System on Thingiverse


▷ Material: PLA Crystal Clear "Iceland Blue" 
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson‏ 
▷ Printed on: XYZprinting Jr Pro
▷ Model: Y.A.V. 2 by Ian B on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: Flexfill 98A Powder Beige
▷ Printed by: Tom Vit 
▷ Printed on: Prusa I3 MK2
▷ Model: Female Torso 1 by figure on Thingiverse 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver"
▷ Printed by: 3D Maker Noob 
▷ Printed on: Anycubic i3
▷ Model: Crow by Eva K Sbaraini on MyMiniFactory 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Light Ivory" 
▷ Printed by: TriLab 
▷ Printed on: TRILAB DeltiX 
▷ Model: Humerus Bone -Right Human Upper Arm by Guy McCann on MyMiniFactory 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Traffic Black" 
▷ Printed by: Márcia Anaf by manaf3D 
▷ Printed on: FELIX Pro 
▷ Model: Maria Elisa Vianna 


▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Pearl Ruby Red" 
▷ Printed by: Leonardo Delgado 
▷ Printed on: modified BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos
▷ Model: Another Batman Bust by Geoff.W /Hex3D on Thingiverse 


Btw. Tom told on Twitter it's because it will be a rainbow lamp. OK Tom, we will try to trust you : ).

▷ Material:
PLA Extrafill "Pearl Violet"
PLA Extrafill "Noble Blue"
PLA Crystal Clear "Iceland Blue"
PLA Extrafill "Pearl Ruby Red"
PLA Extrafill "Turquoise Blue"
▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson‏ 
▷ Printed on: XYZprinting Jr Pro 
▷ Model: Honeycomb vase by radus on Thingiverse 

▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Traffic White” 
▷ Printed by: Valerij Semënov 
▷ Printed on: Selfmaid
▷ Model: Roshan Dota 2 by tomatecherry on Thigiverse 



▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey" 
▷ Printed by: Leonardo Delgado 
▷ Printed on: modified BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos
▷ Model: Origami Carabiner by ddf3d .com on Thingiverse


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What to print | We love Simpsons! May 26 2017


Weekend is here and we wont let your printer be "alone and hungry". So here, like every Friday, printing inspiration.
Who loves Simpsons? No this is a joke to asking, there aren't people who doesn't like them : ).

So check this ideas and have a nice printing weekend! 







Marge with integrated support from Udo Graf on MyMiniFactory



Donut from timrbsnow on Thingiverse 






Pieman from jose antonio dominguez on MyMiniFactory


Homer Simpson multicolor

Homer Simpson multicolor from Jonas Hansen on Thingiverse






Homer with integrated support from Udo Graf on MyMiniFactory



KANG AND KODOS from MAJS84 on Cults3D


Homer Grim Reaper

Homer Grim Reaper from jose antonio dominguez on MyMiniFactory 





Octopus + Maggie Simpson

Octopus + Maggie Simpson from Aurore DUDU on MyMiniFactory


If you printed some nice from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!


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Webberen vs Prototypum pad (review) May 24 2017

Niels Oestbjerg aka Webberen is a 3D printing and design enthusiast from Denmark. He loves to test materials and everything new. So we send him Prototypum adhesive pad and this is an interview about it.


Hello Niels, thank you for your time how are you? : )
Hello, no problem, I'll gladly assist you with your questions.

What kind of printer/s do you have?
Currently I have a Wanhao Duplicator i3, the first version. It is heavily modded, and I am glad to see, that Wanhao have made a lot of the changes on their newest models.

I am working on getting the final pieces together on my own 3d printer. A 30x30cm diy-beast. I have designed it from scratch, but it's still a work in progress.

I hope to have a real Prusa i3 machine in my printroom real soon, also I think that I need some more, and different machines overall, to be able to make some better tests of filaments and other 3D-print stuff. Also I run into prints queuing up with just the one working printer.

What were the first impressions about the Prototypum pad?
First unboxing, you get this amazing packaging, and working in the packaging industry every day, I was very pleased to see that Prototypum knows, that this is the first way to interact with your customers. In the package I then found this cool pad that looked like it was made from very high quality materials, and I then realized that it was with a magnetic slipmat making it easy to remove after each print. This feature is fantastic, I know I lot of printers where it's not easy to access prints when they sit on the printbed, and this takes care of that. They also include a cool scraper and a meassure-piece for bed leveling.

On which material types did you try the pad?
I started with the Fillamentum Timberfill which is a PLA-like filament of which I know makes some great looking prints, also I just made the exact same model on my kapton-tape fitted heated bed, so that made it easy to compare the two types of print surfaces. It went very good, and the first layer had a bottom finish that was matte and looked like the rest of the print, where as the kapton tape makes it all glossy on the bottom.

However, I do a lot of prints in ABS-filament, and I really wanted to see how it would work with this, the higher temperature, and ABS-filament being a very lively material. First impressions was poor, I tried to print with no help on the printed piece and it came of halfway in the print. But I jumped on the horse again and gave it a little brim, and this made the world of difference, now I could have a nice stable print, but still I have the ability to remove the entire pad after printing, and by the way, wait until it has cooled down, I print ABS with a bed temperature of 100°C which is extremely hot for your fingers. ;)

We were watching you on your Instagram and it seems there was some problems with ABS…
Yes but as stated earlier, I found a good solution for the issue, and it is actually one I always used my self, I just wanted to put some pressure on the product, it was a test after all. ;)

Can you tell us how it goes to use it?
I am still going to be testing it with other filaments like some flexible filaments, but I am sure that it will be good for this too. Also I unfortunately have made some small burned markings in the pad from when I aborted a print with a nozzle temperature of 245°C, the nozzle was on first layer, and when it stood still it made a little mark, this should be taken into account with the pad, the surface is not rated for that high temperature when it stands still in the same spot.

What about PLA, did you try it too?
Yes in fact I did a fidget spinner in iceland blue PLA. And as I expected it worked very fine on the Prototypum Pad. But then again, PLA is, in my opinion, the easiest filament to lay down.

Is there anything what need to be said about the Prototypum pad?
I have a few things you need to know about the pad:

  • Make sure that when printing in ABS, not to make a too thin brim, or first layer that is. First of all, you should keep the nozzle at least 0.2mm away from the pad when it's hot, otherwise it will burn a line or hole in the Pad. Also it’s a pain to remove leftover on the pad if it’s not thick enough.
  • Never use acetone on the pad. When using for instance, kapton tape or just a glass surface, you can gain a good grip by rubbing some acetone on the build plate, but you should NEVER do that to your Prototypum Pad, it will dissolve the surface.
  • Take your time when placing the tape on your build plate. You don't want any bubbles to lift the pad, making for an uneven printbed. If you end up with bubbles, you can of course, use a very sharp knife to puncture them without making any issues afterwards.

    How many stars is the pad worth?
    I'll rate it with **** (4 stars), if the surface could withstand higher heat, like say, kapton tape, it would get 5. It’s is a very good product.


    Thank you Webberen for testing and your opinion!


    More about Webberen - Youtube & Instagram
    More about the Prototypum 3D printing adhesive pad.

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    What to print | Dinosaurs May 06 2017

    Weekend printing time is here!

    You ask us for some more inspiration, so here you go. This weekend it will be about dinosaurs.

    If you know of any great model, that we are missing, please let us know and we can add it. Similarly, if you print out of Fillamentum some nice prints, send us photos, we share them on the web and social networks! 







    ROBBER REX on Cults3D from ZHENG3


    Dinosaur Planter

    Dinosaur Planter on MyMiniFactory from Marco Villa


    Low Poly T-Rex Skull

    Low Poly T-Rex Skull on Thingiverse from Anthony 3P3D


    Dino Claws

    Dino Claws on MyMiniFactory from Evavooo





    T-Rex of Iron Sky

    T-Rex of Iron Sky on MyMiniFactory from Corey Boland



    ANKYLOSAURUS on Cults3D from BS3


    Dinosaurs Skulls

    Dinosaurs Skulls on MyMiniFactory from Alicia Keizer






    Uni-rex on Thingiverse from Peter Hjorth Olsen



    If you printed some nice voxels from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!


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    What to print | Voxel mania April 27 2017

    Hello there!

    Do you have plans for weekend printing? No?! What about something from voxels

    If you know of any great model, that we are missing, please let us know and we can add it. Similarly, if you print out of Fillamentum some nice prints, send us photos, we share them on the web and social networks! 




    VOXEL TURTLE on Cults3D from PJ_

    David in 16bits

    David in 16bits on MyMyniFactory from MoggBomber


    Pixel Octopus

    Pixel Octopus - Minimal Voxel Octopus Tutorial on Thingiverse from Agustin Flowalistik

    A Discretized Hyperbolic Paraboloid

    A Discretized Hyperbolic Paraboloid on Thingiverse from cody18


    VOXEL SHARK on Cults3D from PJ_

    Low-Voxel Stanford Bunny

    Low-Voxel Stanford Bunny + Voxelization/Minecraft Tutorial on MyMyniFactory from mathgrrl

    Minecraft castle

    Minecraft castle on MyMyniFactory from athgrr

    Voxel Moai

    Voxel Moai on Thingiverse from Johann Joe


    VOXEL WHALE on Cults3D from PJ_

    Voxel Elephant V2

    Voxel Elephant V2 on Thingiverse from PJ_

    Don't forget these cute pokemons!


    BulbasaurPikachuCyndaquilCharmanderTotodileSquirtle, all on Thingiverse from Johann Joe


    If you printed some nice voxels from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!


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    What to print | Gears April 21 2017

    Hello there!

    What will you print during this weekend? 
    If you don't know, here are some ideas for gears in things.

    If you know of any great model, that we are missing, please let us know and we can add it. Similarly, if you print out of Fillamentum some nice prints, send us photos, we share them on the web and social networks! 



    Functional Differential Gear System

    Made by: Thing-O-Fun
    Model: Functional Differential Gear System on Thingiverse (on the picture printed by Bernie Solo)



    Made by: 3DP_PARK
    Model: SAKURA GEAR RING on Cults3D


    Math Gear(s)

    Made by: Bernie Solo 
    Model: Math Gear(s) on Thingiverse



    Made by: BUBOLZ
    Model: KINECT GEAR TOY on Cults3D



    Made by: 86DUINO



    Made by: Cults
    Model: TRIPLE GEAR on Cults3D



    Made by: SHOOKIDEAS



    Model: METRONOME ENGINE on Cults3D



    Made by: VLADIMIR310873


    If you printed some nice gears from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!


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    What to print | Easter bunny April 07 2017

    Ready for Easter? No?! Here, take some inspiration and be ready on the end of the weekend.

    Let's print some bunnies : )

    If you know of any great one, that we are missing, please let us know and we can add it. Similarly, if you manage to print out of Fillamentum some nice prints, send photos, we share them on the web and social networks! 



    Made by: OogiMe


    Stanford Bunny


    Made by: Adam phooky Mayer
    Link: Stanford Bunny on Thingiverse


    Bunny with a Attitude

    Made by: Tanya Wiesner
    Link: Bunny with a Attitude on MyMiniFactory



    Made by: TOOLMOON


    Flatpack Bunny

    Made by: Bre
    Link: Flatpack Bunny on Thingiverse


    Eggy Easter Bunny

    Made by: Mario de Baseggio
    Link: Eggy Easter Bunny on Thingiverse



    Made by: UGLY
    Link: BUNNY on Cults3D



    Made by: BS3
    Link: MYTHICAL BUNNY on Cults3D


    Beefy Bunny

    Made by: Angelo Tartanian
    Link: Beefy Bunny on Thingiverse


    If you printed some nice bunnies from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!


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    What to print | Fidget spinners March 24 2017

    We are often asked what you have to print. So we decided to give you a little inspiration. Today special edition fidget spinners.

    If you know of any great one, that we are missing, please let us know and we can add it.

    Similarly, if you manage to print out of Fillamentum some nice prints, send photos, we share them on the web and social networks! 


    Customizable Yin-Yang Fidget Spinner

    Made by: Lucina M
    Link: Customizable Yin-Yang Fidget Spinner on Myminifactory


    Crown spinner

    Made by: erik
    Link: crown spinner on Pinshape


    Twist Fidget Spinner

    Made by: Daniel Parker
    Link: Twist Fidget Spinner on Pinshape


    Knurled Tri-Spinner EDC Fidget Widget

    Made by: 3D Central
    Link: Knurled Tri-Spinner EDC Fidget Widget on Myminifactory


    Marble Spinner

    Made by: tiaka
    Link: Marble Spinner on Youmagine


    Triple Hex Nut Cat Spinner

    Made by: Lucina M
    Link: Triple Hex Nut Cat Spinner on Myminifactory


    Sun Spinner

    Made by: Brentox
    Link: Sun Spinner on Thingiverse


    Fidget Tri-Spinner with Themed Bearing Caps

    Made by: Spiraldox
    Link: Fidget Tri-Spinner with Themed Bearing Caps on Thingiverse


    Pick-a-weight Fidget Spinner

    Made by: Lucina M
    Link: Pick-a-weight Fidget Spinner on Myminifactory


    Dragon Fidget Spinner 

    Made by: James Robison
    Link: Dragon Fidget Spinner on Myminifactory


    If you printed some nice spinners from Fillamentum materials and want to share it with us, you are welcome here!


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    10 best prints from Fillamentum (February) March 06 2017

    Hello there!

    Thank you for sending us photos of your wonderful prints. We are so happy here to see you like out materials and appreciate the effort we give to theirs quality. 

    Continuously we publish them on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We chose the top 10 prints of February.

    Here they are!


    Marwari Horse Head sculpture by 3D Maker Noob

    Printed by: 3D Maker Noob
    Printer: Tronxy P802MA at 200 degrees in 0.20mm layer height
    Model: Marwari Horse Head Sculpture at Marble Arch, London from Scan the world project at My Mini Factory
    Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"


    SpannerHands Spool System by SpannerHands

    Printed by: SpannerHands
    Printer: The main parts - Original Prusa MK2, flexable parts - Printrbot Plus with E3D Titan Extruder + E3D V6 Mod
    Model: SPANNERHANDS Spool System Wall Mounted Spool Holder & Dust Cover V2.0 on Thingiverse
    Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey",  Flexfill 92A & 98A


    Tatra 607 by David Cwx37 Řehoř 

    Printed by: David Cwx37 Řehoř
    Printer: Felix
    Model: David Cwx37 Řehoř
    Material: Timberfill "Cinnamon"


    Sea Lion by 3D FilaPrint

    Printed by: 3D FilaPrint
    Printer: Upgraded Wanhao 4
    Model: Sea Lion inspired by two sculptures from Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires from Bankito on Thingiverse
    Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"


    Akiko by Roman Týr

    Printed by: Roman Týr
    Printer: Original Prusa i3 MK2
    Model: Akiko Remix by colonel89 on Thingiverse
    Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver"


    Pirates coin by Tom Vít

    Printed by: Tom Vít for
    Printer: Ultimaker 3
    Model: Pirates of the Caribbean Coin 1 piece by cyclone on Thingiverse
    Material: PLA Extrafill "Gold Happens" & PVA supports from Ultimaker


    Wreck it Ralph by iDevelo

    Printed by: iDevelo
    Printer: Custom built printer
    Model: Wreck-It Ralph Print & Paint Toy - Support Free from Evavooo on Myminifactory
    Material: PLA Extrafill "Light Ivory"


    Darth Vader by D

    Printed by: D
    Model: Low-Poly Darth Vader by Agustin Flowalistik on Myminifactory
    Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"


    Steampunk Lady: Lenora by Dustin the JAT.MN

    Printed by: Dustin the JAT.MN
    Printer: Ultimaker 2 Clone
    Model: Steampunk Lady: Lenora by fantasygraph on Pinshape
    Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"


    Bust of Eleonora Duse by 3D Maker noob

    Printed by: 3D Maker Noob 
    Printer: Emotiontech Microdelta at 0.20mm layer height
    Model: Model by Scan the World on My Mini Factory
    Material: PLA Extrafill "Green Grass"


    We would like to see your prints from Fillamentum!
    Send us photos to with your name, used printer and material, add model maker and we would love to share it with community.