Three years of green energy in Fillamentum! August 09 2017

Every day many posts, blogs, articles and studies about getting green appear on the internet and social media. It’s really important not just for us, but for the whole planet to care about this wonderful place we live. Global pollution of air, water, and soil is a real struggle. 

We are happy that so many companies join in their part to change something. Separating waste is just the beginning. Here in the Czech Republic, the beautiful country in the heart of Europe, it is pretty common to do that since nursery. It is the minimum what we can do. But of course, separating and recycling are just a start. 

When we moved into our present place in Hulin, a small village near the modern student city Zlin, we were thinking a lot about what we could do better. We were thinking not only how effectively lay out our office, warehouse, and manufacture, but also how we could get greener. 

In Europe, it’s a common knowledge that you can install solar panels on your house by yourself. You can get your own green energy from almost every building. 

We decided to install solar panels in our area three years ago and it was a great decision! We build in 317 panels on our roofs. We and our mother company have been producing our own electricity already for three years!

Since the beginning of this year, only our area in Hulin, have produced 43 839 kWh from solar panels. As a result, we saved 152,06 t of CO2 which otherwise would be burned by normal electricity making, what was equal to almost 3 wagons of coal (1 wagon brings 52 tons of coal). 

And this is not the end, but only the beginning. We support and are grateful to all companies which are getting greener with us!

Together we can make more!


Think today about your future and make this planet a better and cleaner place to live in.


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