Magigoo, trustworthy adhesion for perfect results November 06 2017

Do you know Magigoo? No? So let’s read this interview with nice guys from the company, which is producing this 3D printing adhesive. How they made products from their own needs and about the last upgrade for better usage.


Hello Magigoo! How are you?
Hi, we are excited to tell our story.

Your first product were born like two years ago. Everybody remember that time of creativity needed to fix prints to bed. Stick glue, super glue, hair spray etc. For those who don’t know you, why is Magigoo so effective print adhesive?
Initially as part of our offering we were providing 3D printing services.
This meant that we were printing constantly and at a point we were so frustrated with prints constantly failing and warping. The next step was to try what was available on the market. In all cases we weren’t satisfied. Some stuck to much, other not enough, some annoying to apply, others toxic and so on. Having tested everything else we knew exactly what we wanted and what we did.

Keith, one of the founders, is PhD in material sciences and decided to make a smart glue - something that would be easy to apply and that would release the print fairly easily at the same time allowing easy cleaning. This was initially just made for internal use, nothing fancy just a liquid in an old nutella jar in our printing lab, but it worked!!

It was only later that we decided to share it with others and transformed it from a ‘nutella jar’ to a market ready product. Now we had also finally given it its appropriate name ‘Magigoo’. So in all, we’d say Magigoo is done with a lot of care, by professionals specifically with 3D printing use in mind. Here extensive testing was done that batches are always giving the same sure adhesion and release. Some reformulations were done since its launch based on customer feedback and also to make sure it fits with the latest legislations and also keep safe to use.

From our users we have learned that Magigoo is not only used as a glue, but also due to its easy release as a release agent on PEI sheets or other beds which over-adhere. For example PEI sheets when printing using TPUs or PET.


There is some special legislation rules for “printing glue”?
Being a glue it falls within chemical legislations. This is predominantly the REACH regulation in Europe. If a product was to use biocides there would also be other restrictions in place.

You do have an upgraded new “head”, how did you come with this idea and why did you choose this form of it?
Actually the whole bottle has changed. With our last container with rubber applicator we gathered a lot of user feedback. In most of the cases what we heard is that user love Magigoo and it works as promoted, but the user experience of applying it was not that simple as we wished for.

So we tried out tens of applicators, spoke to multiple packaging companies worldwide and found what we think an ideal solution. The foam on a tip was chosen by us after going through months of research, testing on different surface at different surface temperatures and considering a whole list of other variables based on the previous lessons learnt.

The new applicator allows to distribute Magigoo in consistently even layer, something that would make Magigoo work even better. The flexible bottle gives you that extra control to squeeze more Magigoo if necessary.

We left a small part of our label transparent so that users could see how much of the glue is remaining, and to remind them to ‘shake it like they mean it’ before use.

I know it looks like a simple bottle, but in essence it is a two year evolution fueled by all the experiences and feedback. Here we have to be thankful to all our patient users and fans.  


Is Magigoo suitable for every material? And for every bed?
Magigoo as far as we are concerned should work on all the heated surfaces. We have tried it extensively on the glass and aluminium plates. We have reported results that it had worked well with ceramic beds as well. It will work less on the perforated beds - although this has been through customer feedback as we haven’t tried it much internally.

Many will ask, whether it works with cold bed. We have users who report it’s working, but without the change in temperature, there will be no easy release mechanism.

For materials, Magigoo covers majority of the materials. PLA, ABS, HIPS, PETG. In most of the cases we have really wonderful results. Then again, as anything in 3D printing, it may work less reliably with a mix of material (where PLA or ABS are mixed with other materials for extra effect, such as ABS/PC), or with material which is of bad quality or full of moisture.

Does the bed need to be cleaned after every print?
Well - what we keep saying is for really sure adhesion, one should clean the plate and re-apply Magigoo, but in reality many users don’t like doing that. We have heard users who are printing so many prints on one application that it would make our product the most cost effective than any other product out there. Good for the users for sure.

Will it stay sticky after printing? What to use to clean it?
The surface of the print should not be sticky to the touch. The bed can be easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth after use. Just water is enough to remove Magigoo.

Does it smell? Is it toxic to inhale?
Magigoo is a water based product and has been designed specifically to be non toxic and to not make use of hazardous chemicals. The odour should be faint if at all noticeable. This makes our product safe to use and also pleasant. In an effort to make the product even safer, apart from not having any solvents we also do not use any preservatives! This means that in rare occasion there might be some product spoilage. The Magigoo will still work fine but in such a case an odour will develop. If you notice this problem just get in touch and we will be happy to help!

What would you love to say to people who are reading this? : )
From our end we just want people to be printing like crazy and pushing the boundaries as much as possible!!! We have a new amazing tool within our grasp let’s make sure we make the most of it. If anyone ever needs our input on their project we are always ready to help.



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