Fillamentum Industrial introduces Flexfill TPE December 06 2019

Fillamentum Industrial expands its product portfolio with new Flexfill TPE, a thermoplastic elastomer based on polypropylene.

In comparison to Flexfill TPU, which is thermoplastic polyurethane Flexfill TPE has an entirely different set of properties. We are offering two levels of hardness for the TPE – Shore 90A and Shore 96A.

The matte surface of TPE is pleasant to touch in compared to more technical material, the TPU, which has a glossy finish. Furthermore, the other indispensable qualities of this material also include a chemical resistance such is resistance to water, acids, alcohols, and alkalis. TPE is certificated for food and skin contact.
With excellent printability, Flexfill TPE is a high-quality 3D printing filament that keeps its dimensional stability with strong interlayer adhesion resulting in a sleek matte finish.

We strongly recommend printing temperature in a range of 225-245 °C, the temperature of hotbed 50-60 °C, and the printing speed in 15-25 mm/s, depending on the printer. 

Fillamentum brings this filament to the market in cooperation with Resitech GmbH, part of Westlake Global Compounds. 


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Maker Faire Rome 2019 Award November 08 2019

We are incredibly happy to be awarded a Maker of Merit Blue Ribbon at the Maker Faire Rome 2019. This certification of true esteem is awarded by the organizers, and the American parent company Make: Community.

"Maker Fair Rome was really exciting! Definitely one of the biggest shows for hobby makers. So many fantastic new ideas, projects and really a lot of visitors. We are very happy that we could be there, and thank you also for the Blue Ribbon!" says our CMO Laila.  

We are dighted to have the opportunity to showcase our products in events like Maker Faire Rome, where we could get together with our fans and introduce our materials to the makers. For this occasion, we brought the whole collection of our hobby materials, of which we gave out samples.


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First printable polypropylene by Fillamentum October 03 2019

Within few weeks Fillamentum Industrial will release new material under the name PP 2320. This polypropylene, which, thanks to its unique properties, will easily become an integral part of your production. It took nearly a year of development and technological testing to bring this material to perfection.


3D printing is no longer a privilege of hobby users and designers. Fillamentum Industrial aims at the field of industrial applications. Our Industrial materials will increase production efficiency, saving your time and costs. The clear evidence is this new polypropylene, which Fillamentum presented at TCT Show in Birmingham.

PP 2320 has excellent electrical insulation properties and will find its application as an alternative to PVC in the insulation of electrical cables. Like Vinyl 303, which was launched this March, it is not absorbent, so it's ideal as part of a pipeline, in making of tanks and sinks. The high temperature and chemical resistance make PP 2320 a structural component for chemical tools that also require high strength. PP 2320 by Fillamentum Industrial achieves high tensile strength over competing polypropylene filaments with greater elongation.

Polypropylene of Fillamentum Industrial has countless applications, but another unforgettable advantage is the ease of printing. PP 2320 is printed in the temperature range 225-245° C. For maximum strength we recommend printing at the upper limit of the printing temperatures (240–245 °C). Large objects should be printed in a heated chamber.

We offer a unique option for the pre-order of this material.
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