Arturo Anoni 3D printed his own glasses July 26 2017

It’s really nice to print all those characters and toys, but we appreciate when 3D printing helps in a real struggle too. For instance, when you break a part of your electronics and you want to make your own gadgets or you need a holder for something that you can’t buy online. 3D printing is here to create all real necessities and we love it!  That’s the story behind this interview about new spectacle frames.

Hello, Arturo. How do you greet in Mexico?

You printed your own eyeglasses frames. How did you come up with this idea?
It is incredible to be able to change frames and color whenever you want.

Are you planning to make more of them? Maybe something more extravagant?
I would love to do more and better ones. Of course, it would be great to do more extravagant shapes too. <3.

Which software do you use for modeling?
I use Fusion 360. You must measure the width and height of the lenses, then you cover it with blue tape and take photos. Finally, the photo is vectored in Illustrator or Fusion 360. The most important thing is that people can have access to a low-cost frame for their lenses or in case of an accident. 

By taking a photo, you mean from a front, side and top view?
Just from the front and that’s it.

How did you print it?
I did it on Original Prusa i3 mk2. Parameters are for PLA Vertigo Grey of Fillamentum. I use Simplify 3D 100% infill 215 degrees and 60 in bed. No more support needed. Folding the lenses with a hot air gun is enough if it is required :).

Did you use something special for finishing?
It does not need any finishing since the filament is beautiful. The pieces are assembled and they do not require any screws.

Are you really wearing it?: )
I have them right now.


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