BLACK FRIDAY FILLAMENTUM 2019 November 28 2019

 YES YES YES, it's here!

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*This article will be updated when we will find another Black Friday sale : )

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    • PLA & ABS in 2,85 (Basic colors) - 25 %
      • Valid also for 2.5 kg packaging
      • Not valid for already discounted products
    • PLA 1,75 (Basic colors) - 20 %
      • Valid also for 2.5 kg packaging
    • Everything else - 15 %
      • Valid also for 2.5 kg packaging
    • Not valid for Samples & Merchandise
    • Duration: Only 1 day - Friday,  November 29, 2019

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    • Info: - 15% on all Fillamentum
    • Duration: Already started, ending Friday, November 29, 2019 +

      • Link CZ, Link SK
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        • Info on their websites
        • Only on spools at the warehouse
      • Duration:  November 29 - December 1, 2019


      • Link (link will be activated during the sale)
      • Info:
        • -20% PLA & ABS Traffic Black 2.85mm 2.5kg
        • -10% CPE HG100
      • Duration: Only 1 day - Friday, November 29, 2019


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        • - 20% on all Fillamentum materials
        • Promo code: MOC_Fillamentum
      • Duration: November 29 - 30, 2019


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      • Info: Up to - 20% on Fillamentum materials
      • Duration: Already started, ending December 2, 2019

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      • Info: - 10% on PLA
      • Duration: Already started, ending December 3, 2019


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      • Info: - 10% discount & free shipping 
      • Duration: Already started, ending December 1, 2019


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          Best 3D prints of last week #2 July 31 2017


          A new week just started, so let's take look back on the best from the last. Of course from Fillamentum materials.

          Have a nice printing days!


          ▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Signal Red”, "Traffic Black”, "Traffic White" and "Melon Yellow"
          ▷ Printed by: Roman Tyr 
          ▷ Model: Bazinga! (multi-color) by Ronam Tyr on Thingiverse 


          ▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Luminous Green"
          ▷ Printed by: Nick Dimelow‏ 
          ▷ Printed on: CR-10
          ▷ Model: Pickle Rick! from Jon Cleaver on MyMiniFactory 


          ▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver" and "Vertigo Grey"
          ▷ Printed by: Chris Russell 
          ▷ Model: silver surfer by skipmontinola on Thingiverse 


          ▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Rapunzel Silver"
          ▷ Printed by: Kenneth Spicer 
          ▷ Printed on: custom d300vs Kossel
          ▷ Model: Adalinda: The Singing Serpent by Louise Driggers on Thingiverse 


          ▷ Material: PLA Extrafill Melon Yellow, Turquoise Blue, Traffic Black and Crytstal Clear
          ▷ Printed by: Makerslab
          ▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 MK2S 
          ▷ Model: Perry the Platypus Figure from iceberg on Thingiverse 


          ▷ Material: PLA Extrafill Vertigo Grey
          ▷ Printed by: Webberen
          ▷ Printed on: Wanhao duplicator



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          Best 3D prints of last week July 24 2017


          Take a look at the best 3D creations of last week printed from Fillamentum. Get inspiration and print something nice, useful or just fabulous for you too. Of course, if you print something from our materials, let us know by tagging us or send us photos via mail.

          So long and have a nice new printing week!


          ▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"
          ▷ Printed by: Ronald Jaramillo 
          ▷ Printed on: Prusa i3 Mk2
          ▷ Model: Ankly Robot - 3d Printed Assembled by Sonia Verdu on Pinshape


          ▷ Material: PLA Crystal Clear "Iceland Blue"
          ▷ Printed by: Tom Vit 
          ▷ Model: Tom's Raspberry Pi Zero W and Cam holder for Ultimaker on Thingiverse 


          ▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Vertigo Grey"
          ▷ Printed by: Arturo Anoni
          ▷ Model: Arturo Anoni


          ▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Gold Happens"
          ▷ Printed by: Nick Dimelow 
          ▷ Printed on: CR-10
          ▷ Model: Hydra Badge from Benjamin Krygsheld on tThingiverse 


          ▷ Material: PLA Extrafill "Turquoise Blue"
          ▷ Printed by: Ian B‏ 
          ▷ Printed on: cr-10


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          Real rapid prototyping story of design lighting "13" June 21 2017

          It's so nice to find through hashtags and tagging our product in use. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, we are all the time happy to see, that our work make sense and it's useful. Once we found Mimokolektiv and here is a interview of their latest project, using our PLA Crystal Clear on great design lamp with a real rapid prototyping story.


          Hello Mimokoletiv, was so nice to find you via Instagram! Please, can you introduce yourself?  

          Mimokolektiv is a group of an architect, product designer and a garden architect. It's an unlimited creative platform that connects us. Each of us come from a different field thus it  brings a new perspectives to our individual and collective projects.

          We mostly work within the field of architecture, interior design and product design, but every time we keep an extra space for something „mimo“, (outside our daily praxis), like the lighting project or the spatial interaction in the city.

          We find you through the hashtag #crystalclear. Tell us more about the project.

          People from Vault 42 asked us to prepare lighting for their new coworking centrum in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Our collective had to think in such a short time period what technology and filament we will use. At the end we are so proud, how amazing the outcome of our work is!

          Normally it is very hard, long lasting and very expensive to make a product from transparent materials, especially when you want to create a special shape. All of this was possible using crystal clear and 3D printing in just 13 days, during which we designed lighting  „13“ - a collection of 13 different lights.

          Only 13 days from brief to installation? WOW! Why the shape of bricks? Every one is unique...

          Yes, just 13!!! As I mentioned before, the lighting was specially designed for the opening of a new space and the brick is a symbol that is repeating here. We used the shape of a brick because it holds the traditional symbol creating a new idea. On the other hand, the lighting design is a combination of something what is traditional while using “new“ technology. There was a broader concept involved as well. A new lighting should be created for that space every year and the previous one will go for an auction. Half of the final price will be granted to charity and the other half to author. So if you have a spare money go for it!

          To the technical part - we know, you used our PLA Crystal Clear to create it. Which instruments did you used for modeling, slicing and printing?

          Normally, we use Rhinoceros for 3D modelling and Slic3r or Cura for slicing. We have Prusa i3 mk2 for printing in our studio, so we used it for the lighting. We had a time shortage, so we asked 3D Print Station, a company based in Brno, to print the rest.


          How much material did you get throug?

          For the lighting it was about 5 packagings.

          Do you have any other printing plans?

          Our studio is preparing a brand new series of products, so now we are using the printer mostly for prototyping. Except printing on demand we print products to sell in our design shop that we run in Olomouc, so there is always something printing on.



          Author of photos: Jakub Sratil


          Follow up Mimokolektiv:


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          What to print | Dota 2 June 09 2017

          Hello : )

          Weekend is here and we get this printing idea with Dota 2 characters and accessories. Because we do have friends, who play it almost every evening.

          If you like it, let's print it!


          Dota 2 keychain

          Dota 2 keychain from ytsejam06 on Thingiverse


          Phantom Assassin

          Dota 2 Phantom Assassin posed from Faster on Thingiverse 



          Meepo from dota2 from raidboss89 on Thingiverse 



          Dota 2 Doom from Daniel Schunemann on MyMinifactory



          Dota 2 Bristleback with Cosmetics from Gabriel Seltzer on Thingiverse



          Luna Model (from Dota 2) from thonghh_910 on Thingiverse



          Dota 2 Ursa from Daniel Schunemann on MyMinifactory


          PUDGE Bust

          DOTA 2 PUDGE Bust from Fabio Bautista on MyMinifactory


          Crystal Maiden

          Dota 2 Crystal Maiden from rado907 on Thingiverse



          Dota 2 Tiny from rado907 on Thingiverse



          Dota 2 Weaver With Cosmetics from Gabriel Seltzer on Thingiverse


          iPhone 6 Case

          DOTA 2 iPhone 6 Case from Mark Ledwold on MyMinifactory



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          3D Expo 2017 May 21 2017


          Hello there!

          This will be a long one, but we need to show you everything what we like on 3D Expo 2017 which took place in Prague, Czech republic.

          We are producing filaments, so our photographic skills need some improvement, but we take all the photos with love : ).


            • Our super handsome crew 

            Four really heavy days with great people. And here are heroes who survived it with a smile!


            • We get gifts ❤️

            This is a Knight printed by Roman Týr from PLA Rapunzel Silver. Model from Andreas B is on Thingiverse, printed on Original Prusa i3 MK2

            Mothers Day from N3DS on Thingiverse printed by our friend from PLA Vertigo Grey

            This is from MakersLab, printed during Expo. We gave him name Stepan : ). Printed on Prusa with PLA Crystal Clear Iceland Blue. Model White Bear at The Middelheim Museum, Antwerp from Scan The World on MyMiniFactory

            • How looks some nice multicolour prints from Prusa


            This is two news - a box for your printer with HEPA filter and a box for spool for staying dry

            Those printers doesn't print, they are dancing! : )

            • You should know about TriLab!

            Why? Because they won 1. place at 3D printers competition with their Kossel!

            They have also the biggest Pikachu from whole expo (from our PLA Melon Yellow). Model is from A. Flowalistic at Thingiverse

            And this awesome print of Wireframe skull from Ch. Nelson (PLA Vertigo Grey)

            • Mr. Doleček with awesome airplane

            "To be a part of 3D Expo in our homeland was a great opportunity for meeting our friends, collaborators and customers. Seeing all those cheerful users makes for us a commitment to work even harder on our products. This is what give us energy to look in the future and make the best what we can."

            Josef Doleček
            Founder of Fillamentum


            On the photo is wonderful model from Stepan Dokoupil from 3D LabPrint



            • And photos of nice people we met : )

             3D Station


            Prusa research

            Kryal cube


            Thank you for visiting or just going through photos.

            See you next time!


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