Supporting The Fight with 20% SALE! March 31 2020

We are continuing to support makers that want to help! We have sent out 1/4 ton of filament to support the continuous fight against Covid-19 already.
Now we are offering 20% OFF on CPE HG100 (modified PET-G), PLA Extrafill & Flexfill TPE.

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NEW CPE CF112 Carbon is here! January 08 2020

Carbon fiber reinforced CPE HG100, known as a CPE CF112 Carbon, was firstly presented at TCT Show in Birmingham in September 2019, followed by Formnext in November 2019. On both of these events, this material left a great impression with our customers, makers, and representatives of companies from various types of industries.

This highly technical material also preserves the ease of printing like with regular CPE HG100 with improved technical properties. Thanks to excellent interlayer adhesion the surface enables easy painting and priming.

Our CPE HG100 is a copolyester known for its excellent mechanical properties. With the carbon fibers reinforcement, this highly technical material improves even more in hardness, wear resistance, and pressure resistance. Noteworthy is the hardness that reaches 77 Shore D, which makes it comparable with Vinyl 303

CPE CF112 Carbon is a very hydroponic and moisture sensitive material. Please keep the spools in a protective sachet with silica gel. However, we recommend re-drying the material before use for the best results. The recommended printing temperature is between 255-275 °C and the hotbed between 70-85 °C. Due to the carbon fibers, this composite material is highly abrasive. The printing requires the use of abrasivity resistant nozzles.

We guarantee a high quality of printed objects when the following recommendations in the 3D Printing Guide are met. Find all the Datasheets here.

Please take a look at our chart comparing CPE HG100 with CPE CF112 Carbon.


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BLACK FRIDAY FILLAMENTUM 2019 November 28 2019

 YES YES YES, it's here!

Check out the full guide for Fillamentum materials at sales.
*This article will be updated when we will find another Black Friday sale : )

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    • PLA & ABS in 2,85 (Basic colors) - 25 %
      • Valid also for 2.5 kg packaging
      • Not valid for already discounted products
    • PLA 1,75 (Basic colors) - 20 %
      • Valid also for 2.5 kg packaging
    • Everything else - 15 %
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    • Not valid for Samples & Merchandise
    • Duration: Only 1 day - Friday,  November 29, 2019

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    • Duration: Already started, ending Friday, November 29, 2019 +

      • Link CZ, Link SK
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        • Info on their websites
        • Only on spools at the warehouse
      • Duration:  November 29 - December 1, 2019


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        • -20% PLA & ABS Traffic Black 2.85mm 2.5kg
        • -10% CPE HG100
      • Duration: Only 1 day - Friday, November 29, 2019


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        • - 20% on all Fillamentum materials
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          BTWhite... Ghost White in CPE! August 06 2019

          Something important was missing in our CPE HG100 portfolio. And it is not anymore! Please, welcome 23rd color in CPE portfolio on the stage - “Ghost White” (HEX #F8F8FF).

          CPE HG 100 is slowly but surely reaching the position of one of the most favorite technical material.

          Why choose CPE HG100:

          • It’s a modified PETG with better properties
          • Excellent impact resistance
          • Tensile strength is higher compared to usual PETG
          • Good heat and chemical resistance
          • Tough and long-life material
          • Great printing properties (interlayer adhesion, easy printing, no odor)

          When talking about the printing properties, we guarantee high quality of printed object with excellent functional properties. The recommended printing temperature is between 255–270 °C and the bed temperature 70-85 °C.

          Please notice that CPE HG100 is highly moisture-sensitive that is why we strongly recommend keeping the material in a protective sachet with silica gel. Otherwise the material loses its printing properties. In case this happens, you can easily dry your filament and use it again.


          And you know what is also great? We think green! This 3D printing filament is recyclable, bio-based, BPA and styrene free. Last but not least, CPE is food contact certified.

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